Continuing To Be The Year’s Most Loved Romantic Film, Weekend Wins Big At Dorian Awards

WeekendX390The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association’s Dorian Awards are kind of like the gay version of the Oscars. So it’s no surprise the  group gave its top honors to the acclaimed gay romance Weekend, naming it both Film of the Year and LGBT Film of the Year. Like she did at last night’s Golden Globes, perennial gay fave Meryl Streep won Film Performance of the Year for playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, while Michael Fassbender took home a special honor at the Dorians, the clunkily named We’re Wilde About You Rising Star of the Year. NEXT: The complete list of winners.


Midnight in Paris / Sony Pictures Classics 

The Artist / The Weinstein Company 

The Descendants / Fox Searchlight 

The Skin I Live In / Sony Pictures Classics 

The Tree of Life  / Fox Searchlight 

Weekend / IFC Films


Christopher Plummer / Beginners (Focus Features)  

Leonardo DiCaprio / J Edgar (Warner Bros.) 

Janet McTeer / Albert Nobbs (Liddell Entertainment) 

Meryl Streep / The Iron Lady (The Weinstein Company) 

Michael Fassbender / Shame (Fox Searchlight) 

Rooney Mara  / The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Sony/Columbia) 



Carol Channing: Larger Than Life / Entertainment One 

Cave of Forgotten Dreams / Sundance 

Page One: Inside the New York Times / Magnolia Pictures 

Pina / IFC Films 

We Were Here / Red Flag Releasing 



Albert Nobbs / Liddell Entertainment 

Beginners / Focus Features 

Pariah / Focus Features 

Tomboy / Rocket Releasing 

Weekend / IFC Films



Becoming Chaz / World of Wonder 

Bill Cunningham New York / Zeitgeist Films 

Making the Boys / 4th Row Films 

Vito / HBO

We Were Here / Red Flag Releasing 



Justin Bieber: Never Say Never / Paramount 

Kaboom / Desperate Pictures 

The Muppets / Disney 

Thor / Paramount 

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 / Summit 



50/50 / Summit Entertainment 

Insidious / FilmDistrict 

Jane Eyre / Focus Features 

Warrior / Lionsgate 

Win Win / Fox Searchlight 



American Horror Story / FX 

Downton Abbey / PBS 

Homeland / Showtime 

Mildred Pierce / HBO 

The Good Wife / CBS 



Modern Family / ABC 

Louie / FX 

30 Rock / NBC 

The Big Bang Theory / CBS 

Happy Endings / ABC 



A Very Gaga Thanksgiving / ABC 

Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must Go On / HBO 

Glee / Fox (TIE)

Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour / HBO (TIE)

The Voice / NBC 



Bryan Cranston / Breaking Bad / AMC 

Claire Danes / Homeland / Showtime 

Jessica Lange / American Horror Story / FX 

Kate Winslet / Mildred Pierce / HBO 

Madeleine Stowe / Revenge / ABC 



American Horror Story / FX 

Happy Endings / ABC 

Modern Family / ABC 

RuPaul’s Drag Race / Logo 

True Blood / HBO 



American Horror Story / FX 

Hot In Cleveland / TV Land 

Revenge / ABC 

The A List New York / Logo 

True Blood / HBO 



Enlightened / HBO 

Happy Endings / ABC 

Louie / FX 

Pan Am / ABC 

Parenthood / NBC 

Suburgatory / ABC 



Elizabeth Olsen 

Jessica Chastain 

Melissa McCarthy 

Michael Fassbender 

Tom Hardy 



Kathy Griffin 

Kristen Wiig 

Louis C.K. 

Rachel Maddow 

The Staff Writers of Happy Endings 



Betty White

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  • Cam

    Great movie

  • Isaac C

    @Cam: It was a movie about being in-the-moment slutty and doing drugs. It’s a shame this passes for gay romance.

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Isaac C: “Slutty”? Who are you, some girl from the ’50s named Peggy-Sue? Were you shocked–just shocked!–that two gay men had sex in a movie? Apparently you live in a fantasy world of cotillions and chaperoned dances, but the rest of us are grown men. Care to join us?

  • Mike UK

    @Isaac C: if this had been a straight film it would have been classed as “love at first sight”, this happens in the gay world as well, I knew after the first date with my partner that I’d found someone I wanted to be with and we’ve been together nearly 5 years and yes we got slutty on that first night as well, no drugs though, don’t do drugs!

  • Cam

    @Isaac C: said…

    “@Cam: It was a movie about being in-the-moment slutty and doing drugs. It’s a shame this passes for gay romance.”

    No, actually Isaac, it was a movie about two people not expecting or at least with one, not wanting to be in a relationship, or two fall in love continually being surprised at how close they felt and how a relationship was rising up where neither was expecting one.

    About how they both changed each others lives for the better with just a brief time of knowing each other. The one reopened himself to the possibility of a loving relationship, and the other took the first steps to being more open with his best friends about who he really was and what he wanted out of life.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get that out of the movie, but I thought that the overall theme was very apparent to anybody watching.

  • Mike UK

    @justinbeibereatsdick69: fat!!! I think you need to visit an optician!

  • Isaac C

    @Mike UK: @Cam: If you all say so. The meaning may be “deep,” but the film’s path to it is shallow.

  • Cam

    @Isaac C:

    No more shallow than thinking somebody is ugly because they are wearing a pair of glasses and you can’t see beyond them.

  • Joseph

    One of the best movies of the year, a challenging, daring, original, deeply felt movie that pushes all kinds of emotional buttons. Brilliantly directed, written, acted, photographed and acted.

  • Mike UK

    @Isaac C: what is shallow about it? millions of people go out every night of the week and pick up people in bars and clubs and have one night stands, some see that person again some don’t! personally can’t see the problem with how they met or what they got upto and certainly don’t consider it shallow!

  • Isaac C

    @Cam: Are you accusing me of doing that? Because I’ve never done that. I don’t understand your point or what it has to do with my comment.

  • Isaac C

    @Mike UK: You have your opinion and I have mine.

  • Cam

    @Isaac C:

    Just like you didn’t understand the movie.

    You said that the meaning may be “Deep” but they path they chose to get there was shallow.

    The path is irrelevent, you stated that the movie was only about the drugs and sluttyness. I am saying that your missing the meaning because of a few plot areas, was no different than missing somebody’s beauty because they were wearing glasses or a shirt you don’t like.

    You say the movie was shallow, I was merely saying that in my opnion, missing the greater meaning of the movie because of a few areas that you find upsetting is no different.

  • Isaac C

    @Cam: The path is relevant to me. Sometimes it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. A shallow means doesn’t justify a deep end, IMO. Besides, how realistic is it in the first place to go from such a shallow place to something deeper? I just don’t buy it.

    We can agree to disagree on the merits of the film.

    And I would never be so shallow to miss someone’s beauty because of an accessory like glasses or a shirt. It’s interesting that you are trying to compare that to the way I feel about the shallowness of the film, but I don’t think the comparison is apt.

  • Erich

    @justinbeibereatsdick69: Are you f’in serious you troll? Your comment embodies everything makes dislike the gay community. You don’t find the guys hot so you dismiss the film entirely without actually watching it and seeing what they’re actually saying. That’s like summarizing a movie about the holocaust as, “Ewww, dirty, scrawny guys with bad haircuts, didn’t like it.”

  • ian

    A wonderful film. I found it very true to life. Clubs and Bars are still very much social hubs for gay men. That these two characters are out for a toss, no strings attached is pretty much normal behavior. The pleasure and delight is in watching how feelings develop unexpectedly between our two protagonists in such a natural and unforced way; beautifully done, acted, scripted, filmed etc. and how each is challenged and changed by the other. Love comes so unexpectedly, and sometimes just isn’t meant to be, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be savored.

  • Interesting

    If falling in love with one guy and having sex with him is slutty, then I want to be slutty.

  • Interesting

    @Isaac C: You are a certified nut job.

  • Interesting

    @ian: I see them one day getting back together, but the one guy definitely needed to find himself first. Although he was in love, he clearly wasn’t ready for it, and his friends were less than stellar.

  • Lefty

    Thanks for the SPOILERS, guys!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

  • R.A.

    Don’t worry.
    This film is so amazingly real, it is bound to touch you.

  • Mike UK

    @Isaac C: you should get out more, there’s a big wide world out there!

  • Joetx

    @Isaac C: “The path is relevant to me. Sometimes it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. A shallow means doesn’t justify a deep end, IMO. Besides, how realistic is it in the first place to go from such a shallow place to something deeper? I just don’t buy it.”

    FWIW, I agree with you, Isaac.

  • Jon

    I just wish they’d release the darn thing in more locations. I’m in Amsterdam for crying out loud and it’s still not here.

  • Charles in Bloomington

    I agree with Isaac C; it was a cheap and boring movie. How would those drunken, drug-addled characters even recognize “love at first sight?”

  • Interesting

    @Charles in Bloomington: The same way that moralizing douche bags like you do. The worst kind of movie goer is the one looking to find a movie that’s about their ego rather than exploring something different. i am not into drugs, but I liked the movie because it let me see people different from myself. In other words, the very fact you ask “how could … even recognize love at first sight” and the fact that this is unexpected, is the exact opposite of “boring’ You are contradicting yourself without knowing it. You found something unexpected, but that bored you. I am not buying it. Your problem with it was your fake sense of morals. Fake because there’s no real substance to it other than what you would have the world be rather than pointing out why exactly it should be that way.

  • Cam

    @Charles in Bloomington: said…

    “I agree with Isaac C; it was a cheap and boring movie. How would those drunken, drug-addled characters even recognize “love at first sight?””

    It wasn’t love at first site, it was “Something is growing and feels like it could be heading towards love after a weekend.”

    Did anybody actually watch the movie?

  • Astro

    just saw it this week. Amazing film..real, honest, well acted and directed. It reminded me a lot of Before Sunrise

  • Charles in Bloomington

    @Cam: I said “love at first sight (not “site”), because I was quoting Mike, no. 4 above. Yes, I watched it. It reminded me that everyone is attractive to a drunk.

  • Isaac C

    @Joetx: Thanks. Some people get it, and others clearly don’t. I don’t care for the people who don’t.

    @Charles in Bloomington: Egggggsactly. You’d need to have values and maturity first to do so.

    This movie’s premise only makes sense to people who believe in screwing at first sight and asking questions later…going in without any standards and waiting to see what happens. In other words, being extended whores. It *just* so happens that this weekend of being druggie whores seems more promising to the immediate future. It’s aptly titled “Weekend” exactly because that’s the most they can tolerate before they have another “Weekend” next weekend with someone new.

  • FunMe

    I’m watchin on Netflix tonight. 🙂

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