No child or parent wants to walk in on the other with their pants down, but that nightmare scenario is even more anxiety-ridden when one of them is closeted about their sexuality. Luckily, some parents are PFLAG-ready, like the father who found out his son is gay in an embarrassing moment that could have gone so much worse.

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On Reddit, the father explained that he came home early from work one day recently and accidentally walked in on his 16-year-old son looking at gay porn while naked, suffice it to say.

“When I walked in our eyes met, and we both sort of froze,” the father wrote. “He quickly grabbed a nearby blanket to cover himself. I made a hasty apology and fled from the room. When next I saw him, he was dressed and avoided eye contact. I made no mention of the incident, though this weekend has been a bit awkward.”

The father asked his fellow Redditors for advice. Should he talk to his son about the incident? Is his son’s choice of visual aid a clear indicator that his son is gay? And should he talk to him about that? “Ironically, this isn’t my first rodeo in that department,” he added. “I have a much younger brother (in his twenties) who is openly gay. I love him dearly, of course, and I would love my son regardless of his sexuality.”

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Reddit users chimed in to say that the father should absolutely have an open and affirming chat with his son — and should perhaps learn to knock before entering — and the guy posted an update hours later.

“This evening, he came in,” he wrote. “I was in the living room and patted the seat next to me, indicating for him to sit down. I told him I was sorry for walking into his room without knocking, and he did nothing wrong. Then he was silent for a couple minutes before he told me he’s gay. This wasn’t a surprise, but I hadn’t expected him to just tell me like that.”

“I gave him a hug and a kiss on the side of his head, told him I loved him, then we watched some TV.”

“My older son came home and my [16-year-old] told him that he told me!” he continued. “I hadn’t expected that his older brother already knew, but I’m glad he felt comfortable sharing with him. So he plopped down on my other side, and we just relaxed. Easier than I thought it would all be.”

From cringeworthy crisis to Christmas miracle!

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