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Dan Choi Gets a Chuckle Out Of C-SPAN Caller’s Gay Barracks Sex Questions

Answering viewers’ live questions on C-SPAN, Dan Choi answers a woman who wants to know whether repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is going to mean men are having sex with other men. Simple answer: It’s happening already, lady.

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  • Kev C

    When did Maryland become the deep south?

  • SF Dragon

    Help support Dan Choi and GetEQUAL by making a donation today. We need this group to keep the pressure on Obama and the Democrats, especially when we get this new Republican Congress.

    This year we took the fight to the streets and we are beginning to see the results. Please help GetEQUAL hire more fierce activists.

    DONATE NOW: and get off you lazy asses and FIGHT!

  • Bruno

    Nice job, Dan.

  • Mike

    Not the biggest fan of Dan Choi, but he handled that question and answer well

  • Brian

    Oh SNAP, old lady!

  • Cung Vo

    I think inside this lady’s mind is empty but full of sex

  • Michael

    He knocked that one out of the park. Let’s make him
    the head of HRC. Solomonese can go work for the
    White House, just like he does now.

  • CW

    Damn homegirl got told.

  • Ran

    I of course agree with his answers, but I don’t think he completely understood or addressed the callers questions or dilemma. Her understanding is that women and men are segregated (in living and showering, etc) because of the potential of a sexual relation. So she doesn’t understand why that would be different for, I guess, a straight and gay person. The answers seems obvious to me, but a lot of people who aren’t necessarily “evil” have the same questions because they don’t know much about us and they’re just not thinking it through correctly. Sorry, no, we don’t go around raping everyone or anyone. They also might not really know the complete reasons why the military separates men and women. We still need to respond just to do away with the misunderstanding.

  • Daez

    @SF Dragon: Fight for the right to serve a country that treats me as less than human? I’m sorry, but my priorities will never be that screwed up. Once the USA starts treating gay people as equal to straight people I will start fighting for the right to get involved in GW’s war effort. Until then, take the money Dan Choi charges for speaking fees and use that to fund GetEqual, or is even Mr. Choi not willing to put his money where his mouth is? Nice of you to consider me lazy, when I work for many different causes that allow me to affiliate myself in a community that sees me not as a gay man but as a man and in return see other gays not as gays but as men.

    The only way you will ever win gay rights is to stop forcing the issues by identifying first as gays and second as people.

  • Daez

    @Michael: Actually, he totally dropped the ball here. Do we really need to be even more divisive? What he managed to do is piss off even more people. When will people learn that insulting and irritating people will never be the way to get what we want? Most of us should have learned that in Kindergarten. While it might feel good to tell someone off on national television, its not the smartest thing to do.

  • jason

    If you’re in the barracks, you shouldn’t be having sex with anybody, period. I don’t care whether you’re opposite-sex or same-sex. There should be a strict code of conduct preventing such activity.

  • Herbert Wassinger

    Sex In The Barracks. What a great cocktail name.

  • B-Rock

    Well, OBVIOUSLY if there is a HOMO in the army barracks then y’all better hide your kids,
    hide your husband,
    hide your marines,
    ’cause they’ll be raping EVERYBODY out there!

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