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  • K

    Really? Champion? Really?

    Uh, Not so much

    Don’t forget America votes, I think

    You know I don’t even watch so what am I talking about

  • alan brickman

    still should dance with amale dancer for acceptance…

  • topsyturvy8

    Cloris has it won. All you other bitches can hang up your shoes and go on home. Lars would be so proud!

  • REBELComx

    That’s a really cool picture. His pose is just dramatic and he looks damn fine. I doubt this will be much of a challenge for him, having spent at least a few years dancing alongside the other members of N*SYNC.

  • Cambo Soup

    I don’t like her, and I definitely don’t like him. EPIC FAIL.

  • Charley

    He is really cute and the public doesn’t care about his sexual orientation. He is a token sweet gay man and the media loves him. He is a gay male “Ellen” template. Looks like he has talent on the dance floor also.

  • EdWoody

    He’s already looking pretty good – he’s got strong arm and leg lines there. We gays just have the instinct.

  • todd

    I wish Lance all the best, but I will be watching for Rocco…

  • Geode

    I can’t stand him, but I love the pose. Sweet :)

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