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Davey Wavey Daily: The Hot Factor of the Craigslist Killer

Accused Craigslist Killer Philip Markoff showed he doesn’t just go after women — he has a penchant for men, too. Maybe that’s why Queerty YouTube favorite Davey Wavey doesn’t just have a crush on the guy, but thinks he’s hot? “Physically, he blows my skirt up a little bit.”

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  • rogue dandelion

    I won’t attack davey, he is just an idiot. Queerty though is shameful. SHAME. This is garbage.

  • hardmannyc

    This post is pretty stupid even by your standards.

  • walt zipprian


    Ever hear the expression, “he opened his mouth and his tits fell out”?


  • Dennis

    Too bad that poor whore had to die and this big-tittied moron still walks the planet…Davey Wavey, maybe there’s a nice, hot serial killer out there who would find YOU attractive…why don’t you try and find out? UGH!

  • Chloe


  • Sam

    Why is Queerty posting this bullshit? There is some much better stuff online that is entertaining and informative. To wit, I love this guy and all his videos:

  • HayYall

    What a fucking moron.

  • Anonymous

    Girly Whirley

  • Tintin Malfoy

    @Anonymous: LOL!!!

  • myrios123

    I generally like Davey… but this is not entertaining.

  • TANK

    Minimizing rape and murder. Some things shouldn’t be said, I think. Of course you have the right to say them, but nonetheless, they shouldn’t be said. Like, for example, if someone were to tell you that they’d never kill you. I wouldn’t trust a person who told me that, because it occurred to them in the first place as an option; and that’s the kind of person they are…

    Similarly, voicing your opinion about the aesthetic merit of the physical features of a psychopathic killer for the world to hear–going out of your way to post this video on youtube for all to see…welllll, that expresses a similar lack of scruple and character…because instead of seeing this person for the monster that he is, davey wavey zeroed on what’s more important to davey wavey…and clearly resonates with him; appearances. No mystery, he’s shallow…but there’s nothing wrong with that. This, however, is more than just shallow; it’s pathological…

  • jake

    I’m sure he would stop thinking he was cute the moment he pulled out a gun.

  • Trent

    @Sam: They’re publishing this bullshit because the pathetic ones adding these posts fawn over this mess.

    This is no different from the women who write to and profess their love to serial killers in prison! They ALL need therapy, including Miss Davey! She, sorry he lack the ability to look inside himself to explain these dysfunctional thoughts.

  • Thom Freeheart

    It’s all just fun. Not everything has to be so serious.

    More Davey Wavey please.

  • Rasa

    vapid. insensitive….

    Yes, “all in good fun” can be great, but really, when a woman was murdered and other peoples’ lives are absolutely shattered by the actions of Philip Markoff, this posting is saddening.

    And yes, I would prefer that Queerty not support this point of view by giving it such a wide distribution.

    Queerty, you’re not THAT desperate for attention, are you?

    (you don’t need to be)

  • Huh

    Good Lord – you’re all so serious. The craigslist killer is hot. I don’t say that to take away from the horribleness of what he did – but he is a good looking guy.

  • Phoenix (Displeased Political Donor)

    I don’t think he’s hot. He’s attractive, but not hot. There’s something plastic, ken-dolly about him. He’s like a plastic plant. At a distance he looks real but when you get up close, he’s just a nice looking fake. Perfectly groomed but completely artificial.

  • HaplessOrphan

    Like many of the posters above, I fail to see why Queerty continues to support the “work” of this fame-whore with absolutely nothing to say. I mean, honestly, is there anyway AT ALL to see this as something other than his desperate attempt to get his twitter follower count up?

    There are plenty of other fame whores who have more talent and more substance. This guy is a joke, and a disingenuous joke at that. Is someone at Queerty HQ sleeping with Davey Wavey, or has been promised sexual favors in exchange for web play? Otherwise, I can’t imagine why you keep promoting this vapid drivel.

    I only regret that I have added another page view to this sad trash.

  • Nick

    Davey has the pecs of a Greek god and the IQ of cheese. If I see one more post of his on this site, I’m done.

  • Tonic

    The “pecs of a Greek god” that he has are implants.

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  • flipsy

    What a moron.

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