Davey Wavey’s Underwear Campaign Features Real Bodies, Real Stories

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Though it seems a counter-intuitive fit (no pun intended), YouTuber Davey Wavey — known for frequently showing off his shirtless chiseled exterior — has come out with an underwear line targeting queers of every shape and size.

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Where the typical gay underwear brand favors lean six-packs and unrealistic sexual fantasy to entice shoppers, Davey’s promo video for his DirtyFit Cosmic Collection features gender nonconforming types who prove that there’s no law you have to look a certain way to feel sexy.

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We completely agree, which isn’t to say we don’t also have an appreciation for the idealized aesthetic.

Here’s the video Davey put out:

“Celebrating every body,” Davey wrote to accompany the promotion.

Of course, once you click through to the brand’s website, some familiar waistlines appear to assist you through the shopping experience:



But we don’t see why you can’t have it both ways.