DC Comics character Circuit Breaker wielding the colorful, green and pink energy of the Still Force.
Image via DC Comics

DC Comics is just days away from releasing its new Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate issue. As hyped as fans are to get deeper into the Lazarus Planet saga, one particularly dashing LGBTQ+ character set to debut in Dark Fate is garnering plenty of attention.

Jules Jourdain, a transmasculine nonbinary character, uses the power of the infamous Still Force — as well as “he/they” pronouns — and also goes by the name Circuit Breaker. Fans have been waiting to fan over him since his design reveal last month, and with his first issue due out on Valentine’s Day, they won’t have to wait much longer.

He’s got the Nightwing-esque IG-baddie posing down pat:

Fingers crossed that the not-quite-caped crusader is still in need of a valentine.

DC Comics editor Andrea Shea writes that the hero is “gonna be your new favorite character!” Though he’s equally “blessed (and cursed?)” by his powers, Jourdain is apparently poised to become a fan-favorite among readers with an even slightly open mind.

When approached by Shea to create a hero to wield the Still Force (the cosmic antithesis to the Speed Force used by heroes like The Flash), artist A.L. Kaplan became a man on a mission.

His mission statement is admirable:

He ended up being pretty loose on the “boy” portion, but heavy on the “pretty”.

Some fanboys are disguising their distaste for the character’s diversity behind criticism of their name. Apparently, “Circuit Breaker” is also the name of a Marvel Comics supervillain who opposes the Transformers. Besides being a small character, one has to assume any company would have a hell of a time trying to copyright the words “circuit breaker”.

Outlets on the right are, as if on schedule, railing against the “wokeness” of having a character with any characteristics even slightly outside of the norm. The Blaze said the character is “pushing woke agendas and transgender ideology,” while The Post Millennial accuses both Shea and Kaplan of being “radical trans activists” plotting to bring about the “medicalized gender transitioning of children.”

For anyone deeply offended by this character: your legislative faves are openly calling each other pedophiles in public. How about you go worry about that and leave this fictional hero/theyro alone.

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