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Derrick Burts Is Porn’s Patient Zeta, And He Wants The Entire Industry To Start Wrapping It Up

The same week we learn bareback porn studio Treasure Island Media was fined for maintaining unsafe (read: condomless) work environments, HIV-positive adult performer Derrick Burts — he’s the straight and gay porn star whose positive HIV test in October threw Smut Inc. into a tailspin this fall — has come out in support of mandatory rubbers for all porn productions. And it took the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer just hours to connect the scandal surrounding Burts — who is straight, and whose girlfriend also works in porn — to once again argue why sodomy should be criminalized, a view the Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg shares.


Burts, who performed under the names Cameron Reid and Derek Chambers, calls the HIV testing clinics assertion that he contracted HIV via “private, personal activity” to be bullshit; he says the transmission likely occurred during a gay porn shoot, but there’s no way to be certain. “There is no possible way. The only person I had sex with in my personal life was my girlfriend.” He also managed to pick up chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes before testing positive for HIV.

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    Gee what a suprise, the terrorist org AFA is spewing assinine poo from their mouths!! Please do outlaw sodomy because these assholes do not even know the definition of the word. Each time they get a sloppy hummer they will be liable for arrest………

    sod·omy noun \?sä-d?-m?\
    Definition of SODOMY
    : anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex;

  • -DC05-

    Wait…wait….hold up! Forget the Familyskrewed up Council. This ignorant, backward porn star thinks “the transmission likely occurred during a gay porn shoot, but there’s no way to be sure”
    …where do I start here?

    A.) In the past decade, more STRAIGHT porn stars have tested positive for HIV than gay.

    B.) Get this, straight people are far more effected by HIV/AIDS than gays.

    C.) Gay porn is about the safest porn you can do now considering there’s been a grassroots imbeded movement strong in numbers for condom only gay porn. How many straight porn stars do you know that do condom only?

    This d-bag is going to walk around saying he caught HIV from having gay sex yet is a PORN STAR who has sex with more straight females than gay males and has a girl friend who is also a porn star, and yet forget that, he still isn’t afraid to make a quick snap assumption on how he got it. “Ohh, well, I’m having sex for a living, it COULD be one of the chicks I’m skrewing, nah…AIDS=GAY so it must be that.”


  • Xtincta

    Ummm call me crazy but if I contracted any STD while doing porn I think it would be time for me to stop. He just kept going until he caught the BIG one….

  • Jon B

    @-DC05-: I agree with your general premise that it’s fucked up to just assume he got HIV on a gay shoot… however, your post is absurd. HIV affects gays at much higher rates than straights, at least in America. In certain cities, HIV rates for gay men, or MSM is nearly 40%. In total, a recent survey estimated that 20% of gay men in the US have HIV, and half of them don’t know it. The numbers are nowhere close to that for straight people in the US. I’m not sure what being honest about it will do, but I’m pretty sure it’s a better approach than hiding your head in the sand and farting up false facts.

    Furthermore, while this kid was irresponsible and took risks that ended up leading to his testing positive, he himself did not say he assumed it was from gay porn, the HIV counselor told him that. Also, I think it’s good that he’s speaking up for manditory condom use in porn… yeah, I watch bareback, because it’s slightly more exciting, but in my own life, I only use condoms. I shouldn’t expect something else from porn stars. They should be as safe as possible. And if his speaking out for that can help… well, good for him.

  • Joe

    Interesting..there he is with the “pseudo-intellectual” porn star Mr. Conner Habib.
    Very interesting!

  • BB

    @Jon B: You’re in ignorant fool in bliss, subscribing to nothing short of anti gay myths. Cancel your subscription because aside from your commentary being bigoted and skewed toward an agenda (gay=aids) it is also pretty alarming and hurtful to your straight BFFs. Where is the link to your empty stats? Link it. Amongst your bevy of blanket statements, I’m surprised you didn’t back up your post by suggesting AIDS comes directly from gay sex. African-American and Hispanic women together represent less than one-fourth of all U.S. women, but account for more than three-fourths (76%) of AIDS cases among women in this country (CDC Update, 6/98)…let me guess, those are all due to bisexual men practicing gay sex. Keep the drivel going, it’s only further hurting YOUR hetrosexual people. Women now account for 43% of all HIV infected people over the age of 15 (New York Times, 11/98). Part of that is due to the fact that douching among woman has a negative impact on vaginal flora, which is helpful in being a remedy. Another reason? Hetrosexuals DO NOT, and I repeat do NOT exercise risk reductions during intercourse (condoms) as they often have the misguided theory that AIDS is a gay disease, much like your preaching suggests. That flippant way of approaching HIV & AIDS has a direct correlation to why HETROSEXUALS frequently contract HIV. Your honesty requires gay people being the poster child of AIDS while straight people are given a free pass. Your honest overlooks the MANY straight people who have straight sex and get AIDS all because you’re more concerned by linking AIDS with a gay disclaimer. If it affects one single hetrosexual person, it is suddenly not a gay only issue. If you believe that it isn’t an issue independent to gays than I fail to see your overly excited way of linking gay sex to AIDS other than advocating straight men to not engage in gay sex.

  • gustav

    Blame the gays. I’m sorry, but please.
    Men work in straight porn and get paid next to nothing compared to what the women get paid. Guys figure if they watch straight porn on a tv; just off set, that they can perform in gay porn and get paid some more. If working both sides were a violation within the industry, then any outbreaks would be more contained and easier to trace.

    He works both sides of the industry and dates a woman who also does porn. He has had every STD known to mankind prior to getting HIV. Condom use; or lack there of, in either side of the porn industry is the LEAST of his issues.

    For some reason, I feel there is way more to this story.

  • -DC05-

    @Jon B:
    you don’t make any damn sense. you agree with me that it’s foolish, idiotic, weak, lazy and damn backward to automatically equate being HIV to the gay partner as opposed to the many straight partners, then you go on a pointless rant about how HIV cases are higher with gays vs. hetros? whats your point ding dong? how does what you said support the idea that this video prostitute who has sex with females far more times than he has sex with males- on and off camera- did not catch his status from one of those females? you wanna put your fingers in your ears and say “neener, neener, neener, it can’t be, it just can’t be” like this clown, do so all you want but Hetros are becoming HIV + right here in America, right as we speak and sorry to disappoint but a gay person didn’t have a thing to do with it either. but like this Burts character, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make the connection. dangerous message my friend. if anything, until hetros start seeing HIV for what it is and realizing it does not discriminate and they are just as easily likely to get it if they act irresponsible, all you’re doing is giving them the green light for their irresponsibility reaffirming gay sex equates to aids and meanwhile they get a cycle of becoming HIV positive and never addressing their own issue. we have a good handle on HIV/AIDS. it’s the hetros who don’t want to talk about it because it’s too taboo and their damn father of all things Holy (pope) tells them to not mother f’ing use condoms!!!!!! cycle continues. fool.

  • SteveAtlanta

    @gustav: I too feel like we’re being made the scapegoats to this wreckless porn star. He is in a relationship with someone who has sex to pay the bills, and he partakes in the same activity and he admitedly said in another interview that he exponentially has had higher female partners on film far more so than male partners yet assumes that it was the gay sex that birthed the transmission. You know what they say about assuming.

  • Cam

    One thing that the “Porn Star” seems to be missing.

    He had clamydia, Gonnoreah, and Herpes. When you’ve got that grab bag of issues down there, you are MUCH more likely to pick up something like HIV from hetrosexual sex. He would have sores and would me very suceptable to picking up anything his girlfriend happened to bring home.

  • Michelle

    @Cam: The girlfriend is a porn star herself and her man is doing porn and they tackle the assumption that it was the gay sex that tipped the scale after he has a laundry list of infections. Whatever helps ignorance sleep well at night.

  • 2 cents

    Here’s the REAL story on this incident. The Sherman Oaks clinic in which he got tested did their own investigation and concluded he got HIV based on a personal sexual encounter OUTSIDE of work. They were definitive about that and he rejects that notion. He held an hour long press confrence today to which the right wingers are RUNNING with this story making that ill informed immediate reactionary link of gay sex and HIV + status, because this child and I use the term fittingly is so quick to write off the Sherman Oak clinics assertion that the transmission did not occur on a set but in his private life.

    ALSO, Burts even admited himself wearing condoms on gay porn sets is mandatory and is very rarely used on the set of straight porn films.

    What a cop out to point the finger at the gays. All signs point to this guy, and his straight relationship testing for HIV. Don’t drag us into it.

  • 2 cents

    At the press confrence a journalist asked him “If you say they use condoms on gay sets, and not nearly as prone to use it only straight sets, what makes you believe you become HIV positive from the gay encounters?”…..his response? “Well, there’s oral sex”

    How fast can you say deluded?

  • wildwildwest

    Come on now, do we really think that we can trace seroconversion back to a single, specific act? Especially in a young man who is most likely extremely sexually active, has sex with his porn-star girlfriend, and gay sex as well?

    I don’t care what anyone says. Who knows if that on any given day in the past, he had sex with more than partner (girlfriend included) and we can figure out the exact moment of infection?

    I will never believe it.

  • alesa

    an adult film actor who tested positive for HIV says he now wishes he had known more about the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases in the industry and is calling for mandatory condom use in porn films.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I wonder who’s paying him to say it was gay sex, and nothing else?.

  • Ryan

    He’s an idiot. Sorry, I don’t have sympathy for him. He was basically asking for it.

  • Joe

    2 Cents:
    Thanks for bringing that point up. I thought that he said that he wore a condom on gay sets. I am glad I am not the only one who heard it that way.

    Case closed.
    It didn’t come from the gays!

  • PantsOnFire

    He lies and contradicts himself a number of times. First he says that he didn’t have sex with anyone off camera other then his girlfriend. That is a lie. He was escorting on Rentboy.

    He also told the LA Times that he got it through oral sex on a gay porn shoot despite the fact that his partner didn’t cum in his mouth. Now he says he got it from semen leaking inside of his rectum, then says it could have been from a straight porn shoot as well. Despite the fact that he already said that he gave AIM the names of the performers he worked with and ALL of them according to him turned up negative. Then he reverses himself and says that AIM told him he got it from a known HIV+ performer despite the fact that he already said none of the talent he worked with tested positive.

  • Brutus

    1. I wonder if he picked up gay voice from all the gay porn he’s done.

    2. I’m all for mandatory testing, but you can take my bareback porn from my cold, dead hands.

  • jason

    HIV doesn’t affect you because you’re gay, it affects you because you’re promiscuous. It’s an important distinction. You should never attribute an illness to your sexual orientation. It’s factually incorrect and plays into the hands of homophobes.

    Being gay does NOT put you at higher risk of catching anything. Being gay plus promiscuous WILL put you at higher risk than someone who is gay but not promiscuous. This needs to be drummed into every single person out there. Again, being gay by itself will NOT put you at high risk.

  • jason

    This HIV scare is simply a cover. It’s been put out by the straight porn industry because it hates bisexual men working in their business, even healthy bisexual men. On porn message boards, you should see the amount of vitriol that is flung at bisexual men who work in straight porn.

    One of these bisexual men goes by the name of Christian XXX. He’s been the victim of constant homophobic comments by both men and women in the straight porn industry. And, yes, many of the hateful comments have come from the promiscuous bisexual female performers who work in straight porn. These women are molls and sluts and whores, and yet they have the temerity to attack a healthy bisexual male performer.

    Again, this HIV porn scare is a cover. Don’t fall for it.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    1. He had unprotected sex on straights sets and used condoms on gay sets.
    2. There is nothing gay people do in bed that straight couples can’t do either.
    3. Contracting HIV from oral sex is rare. Those who have contracted HIV from oral sex previously had oral surgery or deep cuts in their mouth.

    What an ass hat.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I’m trying to find the link to a story I read lastnight, where he said in an interview that he did escort work with men, and occasionally barebacked. So the story about him becoming infected in private, is clearly true.

  • Greg Garavani

    :O This is the guy who caused all the commotion? I used to enjoy SOME of his videos but gross! He so needs to be voted off the island!

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