Jared and Ivanka have both kept low profiles since leaving Washington, D.C. in disgrace in January 2021. And while Ivanka has publicly sworn off politics for good (for now), Jared recently hinted in an interview that he might still be interested in working in government, should Donald Trump win back the presidency in 2024.

Speaking to pocaster Lex Fridman on The Lex Fridman Podcast, which is known for amplifying the voices of people like anti-LGBTQ+ extremist Ben Shapiro, Twitter transphobe Elon Musk, and antisemitic rapper Kanye West, Jared teased a potential political comeback while talking about the crisis in Israel.

“I do think that the job [Trump] did as a foreign policy president was tremendous. Now, more and more people are beginning to recognize that,” he said over the weekend. “Under President Biden, this is the second war that’s broken out in the world, and when you have weak leadership, the world becomes a less safe place.”

Just a reminder: In addition to staging a failed coup, we now know that, upon Trump stole government documents, including nuclear secrets and military plans, from the White House and refused to return them when asked then shared them with Australian billionaire, Anthony Pratt, who went on to tell at least 45 people, including more than a dozen foreign officials.

If the world is a “less safe place,” as Jared puts it, his 77-year-old father-in-law is a huge reason why. But we digress.

But the 42-year-old, who served as a senior advisor to Trump from 2017 to 2021 despite having absolutely no prior experience in politics or government (other than donating to Hillary Clinton‘s 2008 primary campaign before endorsing Barack Obama over John McCain in the 2008 general election), wasn’t finished yet. He concluded the soundbite by giving a full-throated endorsement of his quadruply-indicted father-in-law in 2024.

“My hope and prayers are that President Trump is reelected and that he’s able to then restore calm and peace and prosperity to the world,” he said.

As you may recall, while working in the Trump White House, one of Jared’s many important responsibilities was bringing peace to the Middle East (in addition to improving Veterans Affairs, helping with government I.T. systems, managing COVID-19 communications, and tackling the opioid crisis. Oh, and brokering the sale of $100+ billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia).

So, naturally, he also had a lot to say to Fridman about Israel!

“I do think that the region has tremendous potential,” he opined. “It’s just been held back by bad policy, bad leadership, bad objectives. When President Trump left office in 2021, the Middle East was really on a very positive trajectory, and if the right things happen, it can continue to be so.”

It sure sounds like Jared is trying to butter Trump up and position himself for a potential job in the future, should the one-term, twice-impeached, quadruply-indicted ex-president somehow avoid prison, win the Republican nomination, and get reelected president in 2024.

As for Ivanka, she said last November that she’s “choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family” rather than supporting her father’s 2024 campaign. But rumors began swirling in August that she was cozying back up to him after seeing how strong his poll numbers were among potential Republican primary voters. Trump continues to lead the GOP field by double digits.

“They’ve been spotted more frequently this summer,” one top campaign strategist told Vanity Fair when asked about Jared and Ivanka reentering Trump’s inner circle. “They’ve made it clear they’re supportive. They pop into meetings to say hi.”

In other Trump news, the ex-president was just gag-ordered (again) by a judge, this time by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who’s overseeing his trail in Washington, D.C. about his failed attempt to overthrow the 2020 election.

Chutkan just restricted his ability to publicly comment on court personnel, potential witnesses, and special counsel Jack Smith and his staff after he repeatedly made disparaging remarks about them on Truth Social and at campaign rallies.

“This is not about whether I like the language Mr. Trump uses. This is about language that presents a danger to the administration of justice,” Chutkan ordered. “His presidential candidacy does not give him carte blanche to vilify public servants who are simply doing their jobs.”

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