Did Anderson Cooper Come Out To Stop From Being Outed By His Ex-Boyfriend?

One of our New York spies sent us a tantalizing tip about everyone’s favorite silver fox, Anderson Cooper. The DILFy newscaster has opened up about his sexuality, but it seems he might be a little on the D.L. about his dating life.

Some have claimed Cooper came out to boost ratings for his CNN show and daily chat fest, but our mole says it was more personal than that: He made his admission to put the kibosh on a tell-all article from a scorned lover. “The article is supposed to come out in the next few months when Anderson comes back on the air,” our source says.

Is this alleged ex nightclub owner Benjamin Maisani (with Cooper, above), who’s been spotted with the Coop by, like, every single homo in the Tri-State area?

We can’t say.

But there are those pesky rumors that Cooper has been squiring around aspiring actor Gavin Hammon, who coincidentally posted photos of Botswana’s Zarafa Camp (below)—the same resort Cooper visited recently.  Was Hammon there with Cooper or just envious?

Here’s more from our spy:

[Maisani] was also very upset when Anderson came out because Gavin posted similar wording to what Anderson said, on the same day around the same time period.

Anderson wrote “I love and I am loved.” Gavin posted, “you know you are loved when you get this picture,” about a photo a friend had sent.

Of course we’re not casting aspersions on anyone here: Whether Maisani and Cooper are together, broken up or don’t even know each other, it’s all good. And if Cooper doesn’t want to broadcast his romantic life that’s cool, too.

But celebrity dish is celebrity dish, gay or straight. If we’re gonna talk about Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Brangelina, then AC is fair game too.

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  • Ben

    I sure hope he is single…so I wont feel as bad drooling over his pictures.

  • AJB

    um….where’s the GUN SHOW???

  • Roxorz

    And let it begin…
    He did it for ratings
    He did it because a tell all was coming
    He did it because he is getting married soon..

  • mk

    Seeing as Anderson is still being spotted visiting Maisani’s bar and going to the gym with Maisani I would say this is very unlikely.

    The tabloids are all saying Anderson and Ben are very much together. The National Enquirer is saying they are planning marriage. They would not be doing that if he and Maisani were broken up and Maisani had been shopping around his story.

    Is Gavin Hammon sending you this stuff to promote his own name? The Anderson-takes-Gavin-home-to-firehouse “scoop” would really only make sense as coming from Anderson or Gavin, and Anderson keeps quiet.

  • mc

    Gavin Hammon’s Tweet was: “You know you are loved when a friend sends you this picture and asks if you forgot your ID in a taxi….” And under it was a photo of a taxi cab driver id. That’s hardly a romantic tweet especially as his friends wrote under it, don’t worry we don’t think you’re fat.

    I don’t see how that relates to Anderson Cooper I love and am loved in his coming out statement.

    It is interesting that while all the tabloids are saying Anderson Cooper is planning a labor day wedding with Ben Maisani & that’s why he came out publicly, Queerty is going with the scorned lover blackmail scheme.

  • Delius

    Obviously Coop didn’t do it for altruistic reasons…or he’d have done it already.
    It was a calculated move either for ratings or to beat someone else to the punch.

    He’s certainly not a nice guy…he is a blue blood that could care less about anyone else.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

  • Delius

    As for Gavin, word is he is HIV +.
    So, perhaps that is Coops real reason for coming out..having something to do with the politics behind being positive and the lack of funding.

  • TJ

    I agree Delius. AC is a douchebag.

    So is AC poz then too? I’m sure they did it raw.

  • mc

    I would say Tj & Delius are the douchebag for spreading hearsay gossip or even just making up crap in their sick heads about someone’s HIV status.

    What harm exactly has Anderson Cooper done to attract the hatemongers on here?

  • James Peron

    There are days, many of them in fact, where Queerty is the gay equivalent of The Daily Mail.

  • Mitch

    It’s not hearsay/gossip mc it’s the truth. Anderson only plays a “nice guy” on TV but in reality is a total cunt. Rosie O’Donnel is the same way.

  • Barca

    @Delius: The same reason when you came out? It wasn’t for altruistic reasons, but because someone else was going to out you or you wanted ratings? Sheesh, can’t someone come out publicly because it’s the right thing to do? Have you met him and he told you he hates anyone who isn’t a blue blood? He told you that verbatim? Before throwing out accusations be able to back them up.

    So much hate on here. Be happy for him, we have another high profiled person out and on our side.

  • Mitch

    It’s not hearsay/gossip mc it’s the truth. Anderson only plays a “nice guy” on TV but in reality is a total c.unt. Rosie O’Donnel is the same way.

  • Occupy everywhere!

    AC is NOT on our side he’s part of the 1%!

  • Barca

    @Mitch: please give an example…because i’d like to know what proof you have. It may change opinions if you can give an example for why he is a cunt. Calling someone a cunt doesn’t make them a cunt, so please, an example?

  • Barca

    @Occupy everywhere!: You can’t be on our side unless you’re in the 99%. Makes zero sense. You can’t fault success, but you can’t fault what one does with success.

  • Barca

    *can fault

  • Delius

    @Barca: what do you mean you can’t fault success?
    his success was not his own..its was his mothers and the Vanderbilt family success..his success is inherited.
    you think he paid for his ivy league education from bagging groceries?
    you are a dolt.

  • Barca

    @Delius: So it’s his fault he was born into that family? He was given more opportunities to financial success, yes, obviously. It’s a lot easier to be financially successful when your parents have money, no one disagrees there, but should he sell all his possessions and live as a pauper and then try to make it? That’s absurd.

  • Delius

    @Barca: @Barca: Thats not what I am saying. But, he certainly would not be where he is were is not for his name and family money, I dare say that a journalist would have more in common with the people of the word were he not part of the .0000001% -End of.

  • Barca

    @Delius: I go back to your original post, he doesn’t care about anyone else? What proof do you have? Because he was born to a Vanderbilt he therefore doesn’t care about anyone else? Is that your only proof? One can’t make assumptions without proof or you look like a fool.

    Not everyone in public media was born to the same lineage as Cooper was and they became successful.

  • Shawn Fletcher

    @JT: Really!!!?? Shitty journalist? To the man who spent his own money proving himself as a journalist because networks wouldn’t provide him the opportunity. You have room to talk. He is one of the most profound journalists of all time. He has covered stories that many networks refuse to broadcast. You should be ashamed for making such a comment!!!

  • Matt

    Not every gay man in the media was once a closeted whiny b itch like Anderson Cooper was, oh my bad he’s still a whiny b itch.

    Don Lemon had a lot more to lose with coming out as a black man, yet he did it years before closet queen Cooper did.

  • Delius

    @Barca: But, were not discussing Ann Curry…were talking about Coops.
    How can someone truly empathize with a gay kid or a homeless person when this guy has a bank account of 100m.
    I much does he need to live on? Why not donate most of it away.
    That kind of money can do some serious good whether its to help out gay kids who are homeless because they got kicked out for being gay, or for the animals killed in shelters, etc.
    Enough, of your star stuck mentality and thinking these people are icons or Gods because they are rich.
    As for this guy personally..he is NOT a nice guy…he is similar to Rosie O as someone posted out..he’s very, hard to work for.
    And when his name had some cache he could have been honest about himself. His whole excuse was that it’s is personal life…well, he spoke about his brother who committed suicide…and thats not personal? He is a complete opportunist..and is not “out” to help his sagging ratings…or something to do with someone who is supposedly poz. So, if he helps out the stigma of AIDS, I’d support that..but, he won’t.
    He’s a fraud.
    Today I heard that Gandhi was gay….you know he is someone I look up to much more than Coop…and you should too..but, you’re obsessed with celebrity and the wealthy….people like you make it hard for the average person to get anywhere…without a family fortune you can not run for political office..nor can you apparently get where Coop has without all of his family benefit. I mean truly its not as if he is handsome…he has the ugliest nose I’ve ever seen. He’s got nothing going for him except his money that he inherited and got simply because of his family name.

  • Drew

    Shawn Fletcher-Yet whenever the topics of LGBT issues or LGBT suicide came up on his show or in the media closet queen Cooper stayed completely silent.

    His shitty memoir came out and he wrote about all sort of personal things that had happened to it but he couldn’t just write “I’m gay.” in it at all.

    As for Cooper’s journalism yeah it is shitty and he only came out just for ratings and even more media attention but he’s a media and fame whore.

  • Delius

    @Shawn Fletcher: his own money? or you mean his mother and family money? you’re a mental case.
    This guy was too scared to even stay in Egypt and report on the revolution..he got out ASAP..while real reporters like Lara Logan almost died in Tahrir Square.

  • Delius

    Where are Coops front line stories about being gay and living in a Muslim country?
    Lara Logan as a woman wanted to bring her unique reporting skills about how women are treated in such a society.
    But, Andy didn’t go underground and talk to gay people who have been suppressed etc in Egypt..and what Sharia would mean to the nascent gay scene in Cairo.

    He is a wimp.

    This guy reports from Haiti wearing Prada Shoes and Dior clothing…how the hell can someone like that reach out to the people in Port-au-Prince? He doesn’t even have the good sense to try to not bring the Upper East Side with him while reporting from the biggest disaster in our hemisphere.

  • Carlo

    No wonder AC didn’t want to come out. What’s the point when he still gets raked over the coals by a bunch of bitter people who probably don’t even know him.

  • Dave

    Like you do Carlo? A friend of mine knows a man who AC was involved with and he told me how AC is a bottom, nellie, and loves to take raw loads from multiple men as a lot of bottoms like to do.

  • mc


    Don Lemon came out exactly one year ago so he did not come out years before Anderson Cooper so your little theory is shot to hell! Don Lemon was 45 when he came out last year. Anderson Cooper is 45 as he came out this year. Wow so different — NOT!

    Dellus sounds like a raving lunatic on here. AC needs to give away his money to make you feel better about him????

    Anderson Cooper owes the public squat including information about his private life. If he decided to come out or not, that was strictly his business. The nastiness of the posts on here would make ANYONE not want to come out ever.

  • Barca

    @Delius: jealous…plain and simple what you are. I am far from a celebrity sympathizer, I live in LA and hate the entire industry. Never moved here for the industry and stay away from the “Hollywood” scene. I tried to work in it for a year and absolutely hated it.

    I won’t, however, fault anyone for any success the were born in to if they prove themselves after. Do you know where his money has gone? Are you his accountant? Did you go to Haiti after the earthquake and help? To Egypt during the Arab Spring to raise awareness? To NOLA after Katrina? He came out publicly only days ago, one can’t expect him to be on the front lines of the HIV/AIDS epidemic or marriage equality fight seconds later. He has continuously, however, brought the issue to his news program many times on CNN before coming out.

    I know and respect Gandhi for what he did. Not everyone can do what he did, nor should they.

    “Without family fortune you cannot run for political office” HA! Ex. 1: President Obama. “nor can you apparently get where Coop has without all of his family benefit” – but apparently you can if you’re Ann Curry?

    Won’t even go after your attempt to slander him because of his nose. Grow up.

  • Barca

    @Dave: BAHAHA. So what is that, four degrees of separation? Clearly reliable sources to create slander.

  • DJ

    MC STFU why are you making excuses for AC being a closet queen, and arguing that LGBT people and even AC should remain closeted? LMAO oh because of his “privacy”? Such BS! Cooper is a household name and someone in the media so he has no privacy at all. Even when he was a major closet queen for decades and spotted with a boyfriend he still wouldn’t come out which shows you how much of a pussy he is.

    Arab Spring was a total mistake and we have Obama to blame for it, as well as fools in the media like Cooper. Now Fundamentalist Islamic people are taking over the government of Egypt and going to make it into another Afghanistan or Iran and lots of gay and bisexual men will be put to death.

  • Jason

    I’ve been to a sex club where a young AC was in a sling and getting gang fucked raw by men. No I did not partake as the entire scene was nasty.

  • vixlad

    @JT: Bitter Much?

  • vixlad

    @Jason: LIAR!

  • JT

    I’m not being bitter, just being honest.

  • Chris

    Why do people obsess over Anderson Cooper and think he’s actually nice, has never been closeted, worship him, and that he’s actually a good journalist?

  • andy_d

    Who cares WHY? He came out. That in itself will help many other GLBT people in acquiring self respect, self confidence and, most importantly, self respect.

  • Cam

    Look, if he was going to come out for Altruistic reasons he would have come out ages ago. WHATEVER reason he came out, whether it was because of bad publicity, dropping ratings, publicity, or because the gay community was tiring of his act and calling him out as a coward, he finally came out. And that is a good thing.

  • MikeOH

    Andy_D-We LGBT people can do this all on our own WITHOUT the help of that coward Anderson Cooper.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Good grief! The shade-throwing over Anderson Cooper in here is so thick it makes the back room at Max’s Kansas City in the 70’s look like High Tea with Queen Elizabeth during Jubilee week.

    Will you bitter queens get over yourselves?

  • samwise

    Ugh. When gay people become gossip mongers about our people, that’s when I say check please.



  • shannon

    smh who cares he’s a gay white male and most gay white men hate LGBT people of color, including AC!

  • rrr

    Jesus, the man takes a big personal step and a career risk in coming out and immediately Queerty tries to smear him with some bullshit and haters come out in droves with ridiculous attacks.

    Why is the stupid ‘he did it for ratings! he just wants attention!’ claims originating from homophobes like Rush Limbaugh even being brought here as though it could be rational? Homophobes can’t get away with calling us evil in public so easily now so they’ve shifted to trying to keep us quiet, in the closet and disempowered by attacking celebrities who come out as attention seeking and people who step up to support us like Obama as popularity seeking. It’s more right wing double talk and manipulation, trying to twist gays coming out and gay supporters standing up for civil rights into being somehow being the shameful things to do instead of the brave things to do. If Anderson Cooper wanted ratings or attention he wouldn’t have come out by email right before the 4th of July on the media’s “taking out the trash” day when his talk show will be in reruns for months and someone else hosts his CNN show while he checks out to Africa. That is clearly choreographing to minimize fall out not to bring attention, because coming out is still seen as risky and potential career disaster for public figures. There were about four celebrities who all chose this 4th of July time period for for coming out for the same reason of minimizing the media glare.

  • Chadboy


    If it were the right thing to do, Anderson would have done it back in the 90s when he was going out to gay bars. He did it to get publicity for his terrible talk show.

  • Tylertime

    @Shawn Fletcher:

    A real journalist would have never hosted a reality show…. remember ABC’s THE MOLE? I can’t imagine Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Brokaw or Jennings doing that. Let’s keep things in perspective. Cooper is 45 and his journalism career has been in the past 10 years.

  • rrr

    @Cam: What? Most of the celebrities who have come out were many years into their career before they did it and the eventual timing coincided with some personal events or public outing that convinced them that the time was right. So by your reasoning none of those people can be considered to have any altruistic motives involved.

    It was probably some combination of motives and thoughts and feelings and events that determined his coming out the same as it is for regular people when they decide to take a big step in their coming out process. I do think he cares about the bullying issue, so that probably factored in there somewhere. He’s done a lot of work calling attention to the issue of bullying that extended to long before and after it was a hot botton issue, and that was done despite costs to him in terms of criticism of gay agenda and drawing attention and fire over his then closeted sexuality.

  • adam

    @Tylertime: Anderson’s career as a reporter is about 20 years long and started shortly after he finished college. He’d already worked as a war and disaster correspondent freelancing and for Channel One, been a correspondent and anchor for ABC News, and worked as a correspondent for 20/20 Downtown before he took a year off to host the Mole in the early days of reality TV.

    Edward R. Murrow balanced doing a fluffy daytime celebrity chat show at the same time as he was CBS’s main evening hard hard news guy.

  • Sw4087

    Wow……what a bunch of fucking haters. No wonder he didn’t come out sooner.

  • rrr

    @Chadboy: Coming around to the opinion that action is the right thing to do and bringing yourself to do it can take a long time. Almost no national or global public figures were out in the 90s, and the ones that were were in avant guarde creative sort of professions like musician and comedian not conservative ones like TV news person. Musicians Elton John and Freddie Mercury weren’t American and claimed bisexuality not homosexuality. Ellen waited until 1997 and was hit by a firestorm of media attention, right wing boycotts, and falling ratings before her show was cancelled and her career was to all appearances dead for good for many years. The relationship between the public and news people has changed in recent years too with the closer relationship brought by things like twitter and the move away from the idea of the possibility of total objectivity.
    If he wanted to bring in ratings for his talk show he would have come out on his talk show or at least right before the new season of the talk show. He came out in the way least likely to have any effect on his talk show ratings. His talk show is in reruns and won’t restart until mid September when the buzz will have long died out. He was obviously worried like other celebrities with active careers about coming out damaging his career and making people hate him. He’s not a kid, he grew up and built is career under the longstanding old mentality.

  • B

    Interesting that, with all the mindless speculation, nobody is considering the possibility that he came out for the reason(s) he stated. I won’t bother adding yet another conjecture about it. As Clark Gable said at the end of “Gone With The Wind”, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

  • Lenny

    With the exception of a few sensible comments, this entire thing is a really nasty display of jealousy and bitterness. So Anderson didn’t come out on someone else’s timeline, that’s still no reason to attack him the way some people are doing here, save that for the evil right wingers who are ought to destroy the LGBT community.

    Why would Queerty even put up a “report” like this? The whole idea was cooked up by a bunch of crazed AC-hating-but-insanely-obsessed-with-him nutjobs on Datalounge. What Queerty has posted about Anderson and Ben is the same “theory” those nutty people have been posting on DL for a few weeks now. Not the most reliable source I’d say.

  • Ramon H.

    Why is it that all of the ACooper Fanbois are making up excuses for the fact that he stayed completely closeted for decades, and pretending that he’s actually a skilled journalist?

    No I am not envious of Anderson Cooper. Unlike Cooper I’ve been out for most of my life and came out when I was young. Why should I be envious of a closet queen like Cooper?

    To me Cooper comes off as the typical GWM who if you’re not a rich urban GWM, or A-Gay like he is he won’t really care about you as a person.

  • Ramon H.

    Also I might add that I came out to a Roman Catholic Latino family in the early 70s.

    I worried and prayed that I would not get kicked out of home or disowned by my parents or siblings-this did not happen since they love me; but I had a lot more to risk by coming out than Cooper did yet I did it anyway, yet he stayed completely closeted for decades even when pretty much all LGBT people and even a lot of heterosexuals knew that Cooper is gay.

  • Seattlequeer

    RRR-Actually Freddie Mercury was bisexual, Freddie Mercury was not gay. To suggest that Freddie Mercury was gay is bisexual erasure and biphobia.

    Elton John on the other hand is gay, and has never been bisexual even if he pretended he was in the 70s when he had a marriage of convenience with a woman music producer.

  • Clay

    Anderson Cooper go back into the closet! We (the larger LGBT community) don’t want you out!

  • Pathetic

    @Ramon I agree with you. Andy is probably just like the majority of other GWM who look down on minorities and think they’re better than everyone else. Plus, what’s so great about him? He’s boring and not all that great looking, and he didn’t bother coming out until he had nothing to lose. Why are we supposed to applaud him now?

  • Disgusting

    Wow, you raging AC haters are some SICK motherfuckers.

    And Clay #58, you don’t speak for me.

  • terry

    @mc: He’s done nothing wrong.

  • Y2Kenny

    @Delius: Ah, I think you mean “could not care less.”

  • Clay

    It’s not being sick we’re just telling the truth about AC.

  • Alistair

    How is it that no one picked up on the “Poz” aspect of Anderson’s coming out?
    He came out through the conduit of Andrew Sullivan. Do you not know that Sullivan is “Poz”. (It’s a publicized fact)
    Trust me that this aspect of the story is quite important.
    This is why Anderson finally came out..I am not saying he is poz..but, this storyline is an important factor.

  • Rockery

    Why do I keep hearing these comments (even before he came out) that he is a bottom cum pig who takes multiple random loads up his butt??

    You know what? I believe it

  • Halston

    @Alistair: Well what do you mean? What are you trying to say if you are not trying to say that AC may be positive?

  • Cam

    @rrr: said…

    “and that was done despite costs to him in terms of criticism of gay agenda and drawing attention and fire over his then closeted sexuality.”

    “The gay AGENDA”? Thank you for making it so obvious that you are an anti-gay bigot who just happens to like Cooper.

    Just what is the gay agenda? Wanting rights? Wanting to not be arrested for having a relationship? Wanting to have rights of visitation and survivor ship?

    Oh yes, what a terrible “Agenda”

  • JD


    Uh, maybe denying his reality and not being honest with his “fans” and self, instead of standing up and being proud of who he is and trying to use his status to do good for the gay community

  • mc

    @JD: So NOW he’s out & he’s proud & honest with his fans and self,what does he get? A whole lot of bitter, angry comments. A whole lot of ugly speculation about his past sexual activities, a whole lot of castigating him for his wealth, a whole lot of people projecting all their insecurities on him.

    It’s the people posting on here that would make someone not want to come out. The viciousness on display here rivals anything anti gay bigots ever say. In fact some of you posting on here are probably those same bigots trying to stir trouble & actually discourage people from coming out. It wouldn’t be surprising if you’re one of those freeper shills coming on here to manipulate the simple minded who fall for your ugly BS.

    You & others on here never wanted him to come out. He was your convenient punching bag when he was not out publicly. You’re just all pissed off that he came out & took away all your fun.

  • Analog

    @Shawn Fletcher: One of the most profound journalists of all time???

  • Wow

    It seems everytime there is news about Anderson of some sort this Gavin guy pops up. This is not a coincidence. There must be something going on here. A love triangle? I’m not surprised. Anderson was rumored to spend most of spring with this guy Gavin, no pics of course but the same with Ben presently,there’s no proof (pics) he’s with any of them.

  • Callum

    Regarding Anderson Cooper, excepting Queerty, the remainder of the internet seems to be busy talking about AC’s boyfriend Benjamin Maisani who is 39, and a hunk. AC and Ben have been living together for about 4 years. The big rumor is that AC wants marry Ben sometime between now and Labor Day.

  • cray-cray

    @Rockery: you are so annoying, being a bottom is much more honest than pretending to look like a Versatil, bi or gayforpay. Bottoms are sweet,nice and likeable people

  • Larry

    ok…this one officially pushes me over the edge. sick twisted jealous bitchy queens who can’t keep their evil catty mouths shut…ever everything is is hateful jealousy and you wonder why straight people wish we would disappear back in the closet already

  • Walt

    I pity people who are so full of hate. It comes from their very own and personal unhappiness and frustrations.

  • J.H.

    Some of you people are filled with a lot of hate, bitterness, and jealousy. I have been a friend of Bens and an acquaintance of Anderson for the last few years. It is clear from these hate filled post that you don’t know the first thing about either of them. They are both down to earth, giving, and genuinely nice men.. I don’t know nor care to know what goes on in their bedroom and neither should any of you. Perhaps some of you should spend more time on yourself and less time talking shit about people you don’t even know.

  • Joh

    Wow, it’s not like he became a right wing pundit who worked to
    Keep gays from being kept from having rights.
    And using his family money to fund becoming a journalist
    Is wrong how?
    Jeepers, so much conjecture and bad wishes
    It’s a wonder any celebrity comes out.
    And this is from our side?

  • Joh

    @Dave: Too ignorant to even be considered ignorant.

  • curt

    I have to say this has been the most vile and sickening AC thread yet. I hope AC or anyone of his love ones never come on here and read some of the most deranged and vicious attacks on him and his private life yet! I think after this post I won’t be coming on here anymore. Queerty has being fed lies from the dranged bunch on Datalounge. I’ve been a fan of AC since 2007 and yes Ialways wanted him to publicly come out because I think he is a good example for the public for the GLBT demographic. I’m proud that he came out and proved to people he is not ashamed. He has done good work reporting on gay issues and to be trashed like this from some of you, who hasn’t done shit for the GLBT community is very disgusting. Some of you all make Rick Santorum sound sane…. Truly sickening. I think the majority atatcking AC are homophobic assholes from the GOP…

  • Roxorz

    @curt: It’s amazing what people say about someone they don’t know. You would think this guy was some “kill the gays” politician or married to a woman. He’s had an amazing career and chose his own time to “come out”. He’s not the coward…. It’s you hate-filled people posting hate opinions as if they were fact that are cowards

  • Roxorz

    @curt: oops by “you” I meant the post around you. It’s always strange to me how venomous queerty gets. So many other forums are so light hearted I don’t understand why people get so heated on here.

  • Nick

    Alistar-Yes that’s an excellent point about Sullivan. I remember how Sullivan claimed for awhile he became poz from either giving or getting oral sex; but then it was discovered that he was “Milky Loads” and into barebacking all along.

    Curt-Or we’re LGBT people who are sick and tired of all the AC worship and realize that AC is as others have said part of the 1% and doesn’t care about anyone unless they’re a rich GWM living in an urban area.

  • curt

    @Nick: I think you’re wrong AC has proven he’s cared about other people than the 1% from his stories on gay youth, donantions to trevor project to help with gay suicides. He attends aids charities… This man has done alot to raise awareness on a national platform from ABC to now CNN and he comes out publicly and attacks get more vicious and deranged than ever?! Now you got people saying he’s poz and into being in a sling and barebacked. Just sickening lies. The flith on here has reached an all time low and that’s saying something. The attacks on AC should be made towards the Michelle bachmans, Rick San, Mitt Romney’s of the world. Not an ally for gay equality like AC has been for decades. He’s done so many great stories and got an ATG fired for harrasing a openly gay student from Mich. He’s exposed so many hyprocrites who have attacked the gay community. I think regardless of his race, wealth or how long it took him to come out, the gay community should be proud and respectful to AC. Ac deserves our respect. Any self respecting gay person that is.

  • curt

    @Roxorz: Most Vile attacks yet. This site has reached an all time low. I’m embarrased for these scum on here. Vicious and uncalled for accusations. I only hope none of AC’s friends or family visit this sickening thred. Horrrfic attacks… It’s sad. Really sad people who are closeted maybe they should stay there, honestly.

  • curt

    “I’ve been to a sex club where a young AC was in a sling and getting gang fucked raw by men. No I did not partake as the entire scene was nasty.”

    “As for Gavin, word is he is HIV +.
    So, perhaps that is Coops real reason for coming out..having something to do with the politics behind being positive and the lack of funding.”

    SICKENING rumors. Defamatory Attacks. Sisckening…

  • Halston

    @curt: Curt I totally agree with you. But, the worst thing to me that has been said was by Alistair in regards to the “POZ” comment. Which I’m still trying to figure out what he meant by that. I really think that most of the comments on here have nothing to do with AC, but rather the people making comments themselves. I think it is nothing but jealousy, envy,and their own insecurities being projected on this thread. A lot of people who don’t like or are not satisfied with their own lives are tearing him down becasue they wish they were a respected and attractive celebrity-who came from very old money and had a famous mom. That could be the only reason why all this venom is being spewed. Am I fan of or in lust with AC? Before anyone comes at me on the end-the answer is “NO”. I only like black and latino guys-but from everything that I’ve seen of his personality he does not deserve any of this garbage that is being said on here today.

  • ErikSF

    Curt those aren’t attacks, apparently AC is into doing it BB/raw and it’s not a secret.

    Andrew Sullivan is the same way so it’s not surprising that they’re “friends”.

  • ChrisNYC

    During his partying Twilo days when he was the host of The Mole, a friend of mine (who has no reason to lie about such things, he’s hot and can get whoever he wants) fucked him twice bareback in his office.

    During his dancefloor days AC liked his E and occasional tina (meth).

  • Barry

    Rockery what have you heard?

    I’ve heard that AC is quite possibly probably a pass around party bottom who likes getting filled up with as much cum as he can in an evening, or he did this when he was younger.

  • houtx48

    Andy’s a Vandie and part of a very wealthy family and he has A LOT of money. He’s not going to “Marry” a barmaid like Ben! It’s also well known that he’s just a fuck buddy with Ben and probably still gets fucked by Gavin.

  • Halston

    @ChrisNYC: And so AC is a bad person due to this alleged story your alleged “HOT” friend told you, but your friend is ok with you even though he participated in the sex act and didn’t use a condom either?

  • Tony

    No. 89 Chris is just bringing more lies from Datalounge here, the same post is on that site.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves, but I doubt if you have any sense of decency at all. You need to look at yourselves and figure out why you have so much hatred, anger and bitterness in your lives.

    I do suspect some of these posts are from those crazy AC and Ben hating women on Datalounge who post on websites that feature stories on AC and they pretend to be gay men. It’s looking more and more like Anderson is going to marry Ben and they despise both of them for busting their little fantasies about AC, so now they’re unhinged and lashing out.

  • curt

    @ErikSF: Right and you happen to know this how? Let me guess someone told you that rumor and you believed it? Or you have done that with AC? Sounds like vicious lies to make AC look bad. I don’t understand other than boredom or pure dislike for AC for some reason why you all are saying all these despicable things about his private life and him personally.

  • Halston

    @houtx48: And that is your business why? And so what?

  • Halston

    @ErikSF: So any straight friend you have (male or female) must be gay because they hang around you.

  • ChrisNYC

    I’m not responsible for someone else’s actions. It was his and AC’s choice to do it raw.

  • ErikSF

    Halston-That’s a complete non-sequiter. Andrew “milky loads” Sullivan is into barebacking and apparently AC is as well too which is not surprising.

  • Halston

    @ErikSF: @ChrisNYC: @houtx48: You know what I heard? I heard that ChrisNYC likes to get gang banged to the point of dehydration that he begins to hallucinate and think that all the tricks at the bath house are celebs and that he and his friends are constantly seeing AC everytime they decided that they need to go out and get screwed, because the butt plugs they use when they are alone jerking off just are not enough. And I heard that ErikSF at another sex party couldn’t see to well from all the “facials” that he was receiving one night that all the men looked like AC. He mistook the milky white cum in his eyes for AC’s white skin.

  • Carlos

    *Yawn* Who cares he’s just another very rich GWM from NYC who thinks the entire universe revolves around him, and no it would not surprise me if he’s into barebacking as other posters have said.

  • bee

    Love it Halston!

  • Kyle215

    Anderson’s ratings for his CNN program and his talk show are in the toilet. For those saying he didn’t come out to help the ratings don’t know how TV works. Mark my words when his talk show returns this Fall within the first 2 weeks there will be an at home episode with Anderson introducing his home life…the firehouse, Ben, etc. He might even whell mama, gloria out for tea. He is trying hard to stay relevant and in the spotlight. As for him being a serious journalist that is definitely up for debate. He is an adequate news reader, but he doesn’t have the chops to ask hard hitting questions and follow up. If he were a great journalist as so many think he is on this blog he would have been scooped up years ago by the big 3 (when they were big).

  • Halston

    I also heard that ErikSF is so obsessed with gay celeb sex rumors that he got curious and had houtx48 stick a gerbil up his ass to see if he would have a mind blowing orgasm and the gerbil ran all the way up through his instestines to his brain and nibbled off the part that provides people with common sense and decency that he makes up the silly little post about AC on Queerty, cuz he doesn’t know any better.

  • Halston

    And I heard from a good friend that works at Prada (he is soooooooooooooo good looking and self obssesed he has no reason to lie) that Andy Cohen and AC sit in the middle of the dressing room and laugh at all the loosers who are obsessed with AC’s personal life while drinking Champagne and eating chocolates made by gay monks in Belgium and spending shitloads of money on clothes they are only going to wear once on their way to lunch at Budakann.

  • Lenny

    Mark my words when his talk show returns this Fall within the first 2 weeks there will be an at home episode with Anderson introducing his home life…the firehouse, Ben, etc. He might even whell mama, gloria out for tea

    Sounds good to me, I’d love to see that. And if he loses his shows, the boss at 60 Minutes said he’d hire him full time, so yeah, he’d still be relevant, as much as some people would prefer he wasn’t.

    Now that creating fake stories about Anderson’s sex life has failed miserably here, the AC haters have to turn to their other target to attack him on, his career. SO predictable.

  • Delius

    I am not a fan of The Coop…I am going to say it again he is not even remotely handsome..his nose is so freaky looking I can’t even bear to look at him. You’d think he’d have that taken care of…but, because he’s so rich the gays over look it.

    And if you think its in good taste to go to freaking Haiti after an earthquake and wear Prada shoes, etc.then you are nuts…he doesn’t even have the common sense to understand that people don’t even live on in a year what he pays for for one pair of Prada shoes.

    To me he is not a great reporter…he is certainly out of touch…heck..he was never in touch. I’d rather have a news correspondent who can relate to all types of people.

    Am I allowed to even make that point..or is that beyond the pale?

    WHat are we allowed to say about The Coop and what aren’t we allowed to say?

  • Halston

    @Delius: You are allowed to say that. I don’t agree per se but there is nothing wrong with having your own opinion on how somebody does there job or what is attractive to you. I think the Prada shoe comment is being a bit picky-but I’m not going to say you are wrong for feeling that way. It is irksome though to hear all the the other slanderous garbage about his sex and personal life.

  • Marisol

    Agreed Delius, AC is a douchebag and the way he goes to Africa and other countries wearing designer clothing that costs more than anyone there will ever make or have in their lifetime or within generations of their family speaks volumes about him.

    I also do not see him as that good of a journalist. He simply reports stories and reads scripts and now has a “talk show”.

  • Delius

    @Halston: How the hell is it being picky when a “journalist” goes to the poorest country in the hemisphere where people live in abject poverty..and this guy shows up to interview them wearing Dior and Prada?

    This shows seriously poor taste on his part…you’d think that he would tone it down a bit and make it not about The Coop..its supposed to be about the people..but, this guy strolls in wearing these super expensive clothes and thinks he can connect with the vernacular.

    He wasn’t covering fashion week in Milano…he was in Haiti after a life shattering event in a poor, poor country.

    Apparently, you and the rest of his audience are watching his reporting for his fashion and not for the news.

  • Eldergay

    He’s a celebrity and in the public eye so his personal life and sex life are NOT off limits even though for decades AC stayed closeted.

    The whole barebacking thing if it’s true would not surprise me neither would the meth use but those are two of the worst kept secrets among gay men and within the LGBT community and it would not be surprising if he’s into both.

  • bee

    Whenever I’ve seen AC’s reports from Haiti and Africa, all of them excellent work, he’s had on jeans and a tee shirt just like any other reporter. He could’ve been sitting on a yacht somewhere in “designer clothes” considering his wealth, instead of reporting from disaster areas, but no, he shouldn’t get ANY credit for that according to some people here.

  • Jim

    LMAO bee AC’s reporting is not LOL LOL LOL LMAO “Excellent work” LMAO

    He’s also a pussy and totally fled Egypt during Arab spring, and the way he was a total closet queen for decades makes him pathetic.

  • Delius

    @bee: WTF? you think he wen’t there on his own? It was an assignment from CNN.
    You are hilarious…you make it seem like he was there on a humanitarian mission..instead of his 4m CNN job.

  • Coop's man pussy

    I’ve taken so many loads that I’m permanently lubed!

  • Carlos

    I agree Ramon. I’ll bet that as LGM who aren’t very wealthy that if we were to encounter AC in public or at an event in NYC, he wouldn’t even acknowledge us!

  • Delius

    i woudl’t acknowledge him…hes not at all handsome…he’s freaky looking with that weird assed nose…and as for that Ben his ears look like Dumbo.

    all they have a good bodies and fat bank accounts.

  • mc

    All these posts are just about applying Gay shame and written by your typical homophobes. It’s in their anti gay playbook of all gay men must be HIV+ & taking it like a porn star. They don’t want him to seem normal to others so they try to portray him as the biggest gay slut in the history of the world.

    People like eldergay poster want to pretend this is typical gossip it’s not. It’s an attack on gay people to make sure they keep themselves in the closet. They’re trying to punish Anderson Cooper for daring to come out by saying the same garbage that a Bryan Fischer says about all gay men.

    They’re very, very worried that the tide in public opinion is turning in favor of gay rights and Anderson Cooper, whether you like his reporting, consider him a good journalist or not, is an internationally known reporter. HIs coming out is a big deal.

    All these pitiful posts are about discrediting him & about watching gay people eat their own. Somewhere out there, every rightwing nutjob is cheering your nauseating hate posts.

  • bee

    I’ll say it again, AC does EXCELLENT work, you haters aren’t going to change that and he sure wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about your pathetic, meaningless thoughts on him.

  • Halston

    @Delius: First of all I don’t really watch his show all that much. Secondly, most of the people there probably don’t even know what Prada is or how much it cost and a pair of Nike sneakers is probably just as extravagant to the most of the people there due to it being the poorest country in the world. Also, I say so the fuck what that he wore Prada shoes-you act like they were dipped in Gold or something and like I said you are entitled to your opinion on the matter if you thought it was in bad taste and I am entitled to my opinion that you are being picky. And if it bothered you that much you should concern yourself with all of the rich tourist that flaunted their wealth before the earthquake in front of the peaople of Haiti.

  • Halston

    @Marisol: You are just a hater.

  • arcade fireman

    Ben seems like a pretty shady guy. What kind of person with scruples would give it all up to walk around shirtless at bars “they” (errrr, the mob) own?

  • Eldergay

    MC that is total bullshit. People are simply telling the truth about AC. Where did I say that ALL gay men do it raw, are HIV+, and use drugs? I did not. I did however say that within the LGBT community barebacking and meth use is a major problem, and you’d have to be blind or in major denial to claim that it’s not.

    If idiots want to bareback and use drugs like crystal meth that’s their problem. I have had way too many bisexual and gay male friends die from AIDS and get other STDs from barebacking in the 70s and 80s and these people should know better than to do it raw or use highly addictive drugs and then go and bareback with random people, someone who they’re just dating or getting to know, or someone who they think is being monogamous but is into cheating and lying about it.

  • Marisol

    LMAO so it somehow makes me a “hater” to point out the total hypocrisy of AC and how he dresses in designer clothing that costs more money than anyone in 3rd world countries will ever make in their entire life.

    AC doesn’t care about people in 3rd world countries like most GWM rich Gringos don’t. He’s there reporting and not any sort of humanitarian at all, and getting paid A LOT of money.

    If he cared about people in Haiti and in Mozambique he could donate just a small amount of his mother’s estate or his money to help these people and it would be like us donating $5.

  • Formosa

    Arcade Fireman-I’m sure Ben picks up his fair share of trick$ at his bar, and fucks them BB. Or he’ll sometimes bring a dude back to the firehouse and they’ll tag team Coop’s ass raw.

  • Rockery


    Are you crazy? Where did I say anything negative about bottoms?? Or that bottoms are bad people?

  • Halston

    @Marisol: How do you know he didn’t? Cuz he didn’t personally call you up and tell you that he donated a $1,000,000 to Haiti you think he is this selfish label wearing asshole. Let me tell you something: Haters criticize without the credentials or evidence to back it up and that is just what you did. You sound so stupid.

  • Rex

    Cray Cray you really are crazy as your name says.

    There’s nothing wrong with being bisexual, and “Gay for pay” is just marketing based on homophobia and biphobia and the idea that we bisexual and gay men want hetero men but can’t ever get them, and the porn companies know that there are lots of delusional queens who need the fantasy that they’re having sex with an actual “Straight” guy but in reality the guys you see in porn where men are getting with men are all bisexual or gay.

    Some men are actually tops, some are truly versatile, some are versatile but more top or bottom, and yes some men are total bottoms and there’s nothing wrong with any of this.

    Enough with your foolishness.

  • LMAO!

    I love how the AC fan bois aand gurls are claiming that anyone who dares to question AC or say how yeah he’s not a good journalist and is a hypocrite is a “Hater”. :eyeroll: LMAO

    AC got his job because of his mother and because of her wealth.

  • Rockery


    I don’t know AC at all, but I have heard the same thing you have. I have seen people write it on the net too. I heard that he is a raw slut and looked like he was doing a zealous audition for Treasure Island Media and makes Dawson look tame and frigid! I thought it was just tall tales but when you hear people keep saying it and you read it everywhere, it starts to make you think

  • rrr

    @Eldergay: People are not telling “the truth about AC”. A bunch of haters are posting the worst accusations they can manufacture which suspiciously happen to fit negative boogeymen stereotypes of gay men on an bull crap irresponsible article that slanders a newly out celebrity. Some gay men do not practice safe sex and use drugs. Some straight people do not practice safe sex and use drugs. Neither of those two facts are any reason to automatically assume that a specific gay or straight individual doesn’t practice safe sex or uses drugs.

    You said yourself @110 that you have no idea about Anderson Cooper’s sex practices or what he consumes. The other commenters have no idea either. Their commments have been full of claims that are blatant easily disproved lies, so there is no reason to think those ones are any different.

    Did someone link this article to a conservative hate blog or something?

  • Wow

    @News I don’t think they are in Paris for a wedding. Anderson seems to run away when drama about him hits the news stand. Remember him coming out while in Botzwana. Queerty probably asked him or publicist to comment before the story even came out so Anderson could have said “hell no” and took off to Paris because of that. Him being with Ben this weekend or whoever has nothing to do with this story or it being untrue. What I am waiting for is for Gavin to come out and tell his side of the story in full but I think he’s probably afraid of Anderson and his money so he continues to leak it. This shit gets even more interesting every day.

  • ewwwwww

    Rockery that’s nasty! I wouldn’t be surprised if Cooper has multiple strains of HIV, has been reinfected, and that he’s knowingly infected other poz men with new HIV strains, or even neg men who think he’s “neg” with HIV. Or if he has various types of Hep as well.

  • Halston

    @LMAO!: If you say he is not a good journalist that is fine and if you say he is ugly that is fine. But, when you start to say he is a bare backing slut or he got the job through his mother or that he doesn’t care about the people because he wore Prada shoes…That’s HATING. Like I said haters criticize with out having the credentials or evidence to back it up.

  • Analog

    @Rockery: I have seen people write it on the net too.”

    Definitely true, then…

  • mc

    @Eldergay: Hey eldergay in your first post you said “The whole barebacking thing IF IT’S TRUE would not surprise me…” NOW your next post is these people are simply telling the truth

    I call Bullshit on that because What exactly changed between posts that now made you SURE .

    A bunch of losers on here start spewing pure vile hate and doing it ANONYMOUSLY, does not make what they post true. They didn’t post about the general state of bareback & AIDS in the community, they posted specifically about Anderson Cooper and how he must be HIV+ or a friend of a friend of a friend said this about him.

    It’s exactly like what’s being said about Frank Ocean now that he’s come out. There’s all kinds of posts comparing him to Jerry Sandusky.

    These right wing bigots are working tirelessly on here spouting their garbage. They want to ruin the reputation of one of the most well known person to come out and that’s their bigoted agenda.

  • mk


    The problem with your comments are they are factually incorrect. He did not report in Haiti in designer clothes. He wore plain ordinary practical black cotton t-shirts, sneakers, and jeans. It was the same kind of clothes the rest of the CNN reporters were wearing. He can’t help what family he was born into anymore than anyone can, and he shouldn’t be somehow held to blame for choosing a career that allows him to help people by showcasing their needs in crisis. Good work doesn’t have to be on a volunteer only basis.

  • JamesNYC

    No lie, ACooper is a whore and not surprisingly a lot of men have cum up that ass.

  • Jason

    Why are all of AC’s fans in total denial that he could be HIV+, that he’s probably barebacked, that he’s a rich snob, and that he’s probably used crystal meth while in dance clubs?

  • Halston

    @Jason: Jason I think you are a bare backing “gift giver” and a scat eating fool. And, no one can convince me other wise.

  • Rex

    Queerty, Cooper is not everyone’s “Favorite silver fox”. He’s not even handsome, cute, or hot! I know other men who actually are silver foxes who are 1,000X more attractive and sexier than AC ever will be!

  • Jason

    Halston, queen please stop describing yourself to me.

  • rrr

    @Cam: If you read my comments you’ll notice that I AM gay and I’m a progressive. When I said ‘that was done despite costs to him in terms of criticism of gay agenda’ I was saying that he was accused of working the ‘gay agenda’ by conservatives. Of course the gay agenda accusations are stupid and unfair, but he got them and must have known he would get them but did the anti-bullying work anyway and kept at it.

  • Halston

    @Jason: Oh, and I forgot STUPID.

  • Halston

    Jason I feel your Mother should be ashamed that she didn’t teach you how to have respect for others or yourself.

  • Halston

    I mean your real mother…not the drag queen you took on as your mother and taught you how to clog your mind with irresponsible BS by eating the human version of it like it was Godiva chocolate.

  • Jason

    Try looking in the mirror Halston that is, if it won’t break. ;) Respect is earned, not given and so far you’ve done fuck all to deserve my respect.

    As for AC he’s fugly, not that good of a TV journalist, and a complete hypocrite who stayed closeted for decades.

  • Halston

    And Jason you can call me a queen all you want, but only a queen Not a gay man would say the stupid foolish shit that you said.

  • mk


    It’s not “denial” to protest against a sudden wave of gay stereotyping, character assassination type accusations suddenly levelled at a prominent gay celebrity immediately after he comes out. There have been a million articles on Queerty about Anderson before and the comments sections have had fights but they’ve never been filled with these sort of personal accusations and extreme bile. He comes out and suddenly there is this flood of it, a lot from posters who are not previously familiar on Queerty. Since you are GOP Jason maybe you are in denial, but it is obvious what is going on here. This is a case of gay bashing.

  • Halston

    Jason you should go back in the closet with your ignorance and stupidity. Theres enough negativity in the community we don’t need anymore from a lonely depressed monster such as yourself. And I don’t need respect from a low life such as you.

  • Halston

    Jason your father should also be ashamed as well for not raising a Gay man but a 15 year old rumor spreading teenage girl with a penis. That is upset that he is not the famous celeb journalist, possible HIV positive rich snob,who does crystal meth on the dance floor and has everyone on the gay sites talking about him.

  • Ben's c0ck

    I love it when I enter Coop’s very loose h0le bare and there’s c um from multiple men in it!

  • Halston

    @Ben’s c0ck: Ben no one cares about your jerk off fantasy.

  • Ben's tongue

    There is NOTHING more hot than when I felch hot loads other men have deposited into AC’s ass!

  • Eldergay

    MC-I never said that. Anyway, with how widespread meth use and barebacking are in the LGBT community it would not shock me to learn that AC is into them as barebacking and drugs affect everyone even rich GWM.

  • Meth

    Everyone who has been to either bar owned by Ben & Friends, knows that Ben has a tangent for meth and smoking pot. He has done it quite a lot right out in the open. That is no secret.

    He and AC were at one time doing meth and partying pretty regularly, last year. Then Ben got too into it and AC forced him to go into rehab or he was going to dump him. Ben went into rehab and AC even talked about it on his talk show once. He had Amy Winehouse’s parents on and he spoke of his “friend” whom he had just went on vacation with who had just gotten out of rehab, how hard he knew staying clean was and how unpredictable those people could be. One day they are nice and normal and the next they are cursing, degrading and emotionally abusing you. But that cleanness did not last long, so it’s being said at both bars. Now both AC and Ben are back to using meth and partying quite a bit. Why do you think AC looks so bad and like he barely ever sleeps?

    They both have been sleeping around with other men. Ben even had a side item going with a DJ at his bar Bedlam. It’s also well known he takes men in the back of the club and has sex with them. Anderson wasn’t too fond of Ben doing the DJ and that’s when things went south for them.

    Rumor is Anderson is only hanging around with Ben now to pacify him so he will keep his mouth shut about all the partying, drugs and men they have both been doing. It is true that Ben was going to out Anderson but that was just the tip of the iceberg! There is a lot more that Ben was going to tell that could have ended Anderson’s career for good because no one would touch him if they knew of his drug use and partying. It would ruin his good boy, squeaky clean image he tries to push.

  • mk


    Anderson doesn’t look bad. He looks good for a white 45 year old with three jobs and no botox. He works the early part of the day on the talk show and the afternoon and evening on his news show and his vacation time and some weekends on 60 Minutes. He doesn’t look like a meth user and he doesn’t have time for drugged out partying. If all this was going on like you claim the gossip columns and gay media that have been fixated on Anderson Cooper for years would have said something. The timing of this shit is ridiculous. For years all the gay media and their commenters have been saying “We need Anderson to come out, he will provide a good healthy respectable role model and representative!” then he does come out and there is a flood of vicious commenting strangers here screaming “Ugh, he and his bf are meth freak, bareback slut, poz, drama filled lepers from hell and everyone knows it! Quick, kill it kill it!!”. Even if this was actually true wtf would be the point of dragging it out NOW when he’s out? Attacking him and spreading this stuff the moment he comes out would only benefit some homophobe asshole who doesn’t want positive role models and representatives for the gay community.

  • Wow!

    @Meth I do remember Anderson talking about his drug addicted friend more than once on his daytime talk show. Who knows but I have to say that although I’m not accussing Ben of being a juice head or a meth head he sure does look like one. With that being said if you live in the NY area and visit the eastern bloc you can sometimes smell the drugs and sex in the air. Not judging because I’ve been there more than a few times I’m just saying shit happens.

  • Wow!

    @mk Anderson does look good to be 45 but if you look at his recent pictures like the one in this post and the video he just logged you will see that he has lost a lot of weight the past couple of weeks but it could be because he was in africa and didn’t eat properly. It could also be that he has been partying a lot ie…bedlam twitter sitings or even the stress of “coming out”. He sure doesn’t look happy when he is on his AC360 show and has been absent a lot lately. Maybe his bosses are stressing him out so who knows.

  • SP

    Wow! is a female stalker of Anderson Cooper. She posts on Datalounge all time saying the same things.

    She hates the fact that Anderson Cooper is with Ben because she thinks a bar owner is beneath him & too low class so she writes as many vicious things as she can think of about him & tries to spread rumors like this one. She’s also the one who invented the fantasy that Anderson Cooper is with this guy Gavin because she hates Ben so much. In fact, she posted the exact same things and worded it the exact same way as Queerty did in this article. You’ll notice all her other posts are about Gavin.

    It’s killing her because Anderson Cooper has been spotted with Ben Maisani at Madonna’s concert in France so she’s writing a lot of this stuff because she’s so angry.

    Unfortunately besides the frothing at the mouth homophobes, Anderson Cooper also seems to attract some real crazies and stalkers. It looks like they’ve converged on this one silly rumor story that Queerty put out there.

  • Datalounge

    MK & SP were written by the same person.

    She is always on Datalounge spreading the Ben and Anderson together forever nonsense. They call her the Benderfrau there. She is terribly obsessed with Ben and goes totally nuts when anyone says anything out of the way about her beloved barmaid.

    She will then start calling out and degrading people who disagree with her, as some other nuts she watches on Twitter, who obsess over Anderson also but don’t agree with her.

  • Mitch

    Meth-Do AC and Ben do it raw with other men? Do you think they’re into piss? I agree that Ben does come off as a tweaker.

  • SP

    @Datalounge: Sorry Datalounge/ Wow! but I’m not MK and not Benderfrau either. I’m not attached to Ben as I’ve never met him or Anderson Cooper. I don’t know what he does or does not do in his bar.

    But I see I’m absolutely correct that you’re that female stalker of Anderson Cooper because you always call anyone who points out how crazy you sound Benderfrau. You just gave yourself away.

    You’ve been very, very angry since Anderson Cooper came out. You’ve posted things like how he looks so tired since he came out and maybe he regrets doing so. You don’t like that he’s out and Gay that you try to cut down and start lots and lots of rumors about Ben.

    You were livid when you heard the story come out that Anderson Cooper was planning to get married to Ben by Labor Day. That’s why you want to spread this meth addict story. You post constantly about how they have nothing in common & how Ben is not smart enough for Anderson Cooper. It’s very scary how obsessed you sound (restraining order?)

    You’re a stalker with an agenda. In fact you’re probably the same person as the spammer MItch. That fits your profile.

  • Mitch

    I’m not a spammer just a guy who likes watersports. ;)

  • larger LGBT community

    Meth-Thanks for answering our suspicions about Ben and AC. Yes they do look like crystal queens or older circuit party guys who parTy too much with Tina.

  • Carlo

    SP, thank you for telling the real truth about AC, Ben and their unbelievably sick and hateful stalkers. Anyone who has watched AC over the years knows there’s no truth to what these nuts are saying about him. He and Ben are a perfect match and apparently very happy together and that’s been the situation for three years now.

  • Matt

    Nobody is stalking Ben or AC, it is obvious that they both are into drugs and sleep around A LOT, and yes they probably do bareback with each other and other men.

  • SP

    @Matt: The poster Wow!/Datalounge have been stalking Anderson Cooper for several years now. That’s why she went over the edge when he came out.

    And Matt you seem to know an awful lot for someone who isn’t Ben or AC. Maybe you have your own agenda as well based on your own insecurities because why the hell would you care if AC is having little or lots of sex and the amount of partners he’s had. You already called him a whiny b itch in your previous post which is very ironic comment considering how b itchy and whiny that comment & your latest one is.

  • Zach

    If anyone here has an agenda it’s SP who is in denial that Ben uses crystal meth and AC does too, and that their “relationship” is your stereotypical urban GWM relationship that’s based only on drugs, barebacking, and Peter-Pan syndrome.

  • Sam

    Anderson Cooper is the MOST overrated journalist there is. He does come off as completely spoiled, and snobby like most ex-twinks and gay white men are.

  • Carlo

    Stop lying Zach

  • SP

    @Zach: @Zach: Oh Zach you sound just like Datalounge/Wow! You’ve got the same writing style. What gives you away is how you’re so concerned about Anderson Cooper’s relationship.

    You’re just making stuff up because you hate the fact that Anderson Cooper is Gay and you’re obsessed with Anderson Cooper being with Ben. You keep wishing Anderson Cooper would go back in the closet so you can pretend that you have a chance to be with him. Like I said, stalker.

  • Carlo

    That is TOTAL bullshit Sam.

  • Sam

    No it’s not, just read other people’s comments especially LGBT people who are not white who have been posting here.

  • Martin

    Yes it is Sam, TOTAL bullshit.

  • Analog

    It does seem odd that now he’s come out there’s a torrent of nasty comments about him of a kind that never appeared before (usually on AC stories the comments were just about him being in the closet) and from a lot of names that are new to Queerty.
    It does look like they’re all either from the same person or a concerted effort from a small group trying to discredit him.
    Stories about Cooper always get a huge amount of comments on here but never this much…

  • FunMe

    I don’t really care the reason he came out. The fact of the matter is that Anderson Coooper is OUT!
    And that’s a really cool thing for America, especially its gay youth. AC will now be a good role matter.

    Now about who his current bf is or isn’t … who cares! He’s a celebrity, and now that the press knows he likes guys, of course they will speculate on who he is dating, or make stuff up on him cheating on his bf. Bottom line: IT.DOES.NOT.MATTER who Anderson dates. He’s free to be himself and if he ends up being like another celebrity without a concern for ex, current or future boyfriends … WHO CARES

  • Hunter

    Ben is, overall, a good guy. He’s smart, charming and very ambitious. But make no mistake: the man is no saint. He’s struggled with various addictions and his views on race would cause a good old boy from the backwoods of Alabama to blush. People are multifaceted though, and Andetson isn’t a goody two shoes either.

  • Delius

    What is really stupid are the people who think we can not criticize the Coop because he came out. They feel he is beyond any criticism now…thats just stupid.
    That’s like a black person, who says that simply because Obama is considered black that one mustn’t criticize anything he does..or he is helping the other side. Thats just warped thinking.

    By criticizing so called icons the Coop we are holding his feet to the fire.

    Next time your’e working interviewing people who’ve lost everything, which is what you specialize in Coop (despair “journalism”) please have some common decency and don’t flaunt your wealth..dress Prada, no Gucci, no Dior.

    Since you’re apparently the official representative of gay men…please do not make us to be so superficial….I know thats hard for you!

  • the other Greg

    Wow, this is a pretty entertaining & b i t chy thread, 178 comments! Who knew AC could inspire such venom.

    But I’ve never seen more than about 5 minutes of AC’s show because it’s on at the same time as Judge Joe Brown.

    I guess if AC had stayed in the closet, some housewife out in Kansas someplace might still think he was straight.

  • Drew

    I agree Delius:
    >>What is really stupid are the people who think we can not criticize the Coop because he came out. They feel he is beyond any criticism now…thats just stupid.
    That’s like a black person, who says that simply because Obama is considered black that one mustn’t criticize anything he does..or he is helping the other side. Thats just warped thinking.<<

    Obama is not black at all anyway, he's biracial/mixed race.

  • SFMatt

    Like it or not Ben was mentioned in one of the biphobic Michael Musto’s blind items, and yeah it’s obvious Ben is into coke or meth.

    Here’s the blind item: Musto said that a gay bar owner throws out patrons if he thinks his club is getting too black or too many women. Musto said this person then uses coke and hides in the back when cops come.

  • Brandon

    I agree Ramon and Pathetic. AC and Ben come across as your typical rich white GW men in NYC who want nothing to do with anyone except other gay white men who are rich, well off, or who like to appear that way and they clearly don’t care about the larger LGBT community or LGBT people of color.

  • mc

    Ooh, this must be Part 2 of the Bryan Fischer divide & conquer strategy. When all else fails make it all about race.

    Let’s forget about the scene in Haiti where Anderson Cooper rushed to save a black child or about the compassion he showed when covering Hurricane Katrina whose many victims were black. Let’s forget about the fact that a lot of Anderson Cooper fans are actually black.

    But lets ignore true facts that contradict anything the likes of Brandon posts and look at his pitiful attempts at race baiting.

  • Delius

    @mc:The Coop was SENT to New Orleans and Haiti for make it seem like he showed up on his own accord. You are so delusional that it hurts.
    He just doesn’t show up to help people in need..its his gig..his niche..Nancy Grace does holier than thou crime stories while the Coop does holier than thou disaster stories.
    People say that you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep..and the Coop bops genitals with a racist. I’d never power bottom to a racist…not only because I am a’s one thing to hook up with a racist; but, to be in a LTR (while you do other guys) with someone like that is not my style…I have character.
    I tell you the biggest problem with the gay community is the inherent racism.

  • Danny

    His pixie laugh is a total boner-killer.

  • Hunter

    Anderson isn’t racist and there’s not a shred of evidence to prove otherwise. Antoine (aka Ben) is an entirely different stori. Also, that Musto, errr, “blind” item is clearly Ben. The hiding has to do with an agreement he has with Anderson that forces him to maintain a low profile. Ben is strongly discouraged from doing anything that might jeopardize his boyfriend’s career. Ben will act out when he’s amongst friends, but he’s smart enough to be wary of media attention.

  • Bitch Please!

    Agreed Ms. Cooper is nellie even if that queen and Ben want to pretend she’s not. Also AC was only pretending to care when talking about hurricane Katrina, and as for rescuing the child in Hawaii that has nothing to do with race; but I’m sure Andy was pissed he got his very expensive designer shoes and clothing all wet!

  • mc

    @Bitch Please!: He rescued a child in Haiti not Hawaii. He actually got in between men who were looting in Haiti and a fight broke out. The boy was struck in the head & Anderson Cooper rushed in to save his life and carried him out. I’d say there’s nothing nellie about that especially as he was in Haiti which was still having plenty of after shock earthquakes at the time.

    He was in Botswana in Africa last week working on some story so he does report on things happening to people of color.

  • Lenny

    Let’s forget about the fact that a lot of Anderson Cooper fans are actually black.

    Those black women on Twitter REALLY love Anderson and are always going on about how they love him, gay or not.

  • Jason

    Anderson Cooper remained closeted for decades and is only coming out now because his ratings are very, very low and he wants media attention and to get those ratings up!

    I agree that he’s the most overrated “journalist” ever and his journalism is shitty.

    Given the large number of gay men who are into doing it raw and into meth I would not be surprised if either Ben or AC or both are into this.

  • Wow!

    @SP All I can say about you is your a deranged lunatic. I have read you post and anybody who doesn’t agree with you or your assumptions about Anderson you call them a derange female stalker when in fact you you acting more like the stalker. You really need to go get evaluated for some meds.

  • SP

    @Wow!: Take your own meds dear as I don’t care who Anderson Cooper dates which is your main obsession. It’s pretty much established that you stalk Anderson Cooper like crazy. You even have a Twitter handle everyone knows about. You discussed all that you’ve posted on your twitter account.

    You were one those angry women when Anderson Cooper came out of the closet. You’re also angry about Ben Maisani because you hate that he’s a common ‘barmaid.’ You think Gay bars are filthy and you think Anderson is too high society for him. You also wanted Anderson to remain closeted so he could fulfill your fantasy. That’s why you’ve posted under several aliases a lot of made up stuff about the two of them.

  • Matt

    SP you’re the one that’s wrong about AC and Ben and you need meds and therapy!

    It’s not that hard to tell that Ben is addicted to drugs either coke or meth, and AC did mention him on his talkshow when drug addiction was the topic.

  • SP

    @Matt: Matt I have no personal knowledge Of AC and Ben’s life and I doubt very much that you do either.

    I don’t watch AC’s talk show but I’m pretty sure he never mentioned Ben by name on his show. You added coke merely because you read a Musto blind item about a coke addict and you desperately want it to be Ben.

    Just to be clear, you post anonymously on a message board. You use multiple aliases. You have an axe to grind because you have a very spiteful vendetta against Ben, a complete stranger to you. I don’t need medication or therapy because I don’t find you credible.

  • SP

    Matt is probably referring to this comment by Meth who wrote: “Ben went into rehab and AC even talked about it on his talk show once. He had Amy Winehouse’s parents on and he spoke of his “friend” whom he had just went on vacation with who had just gotten out of rehab, how hard he knew staying clean was and how unpredictable those people could be. One day they are nice and normal and the next they are cursing, degrading and emotionally abusing you.”

    I just watched this entire interview (on Neon Limelight) with Amy Winehouse’s parents and this never happened. The only personal anecdote Anderson Cooper shared was about how he felt after his brother committed suicide.

    What he did do was ask Blake how he felt about Amy’s substance abuse. He asked him if it felt like he was walking on eggshells because you don’t know from one day to the next which person you’re going to deal with. And Blake answered yes.

    So there was no mention by Anderson Cooper of a friend in rehab or someone he vacationed with in this interview. Lots of people posting on here apparently have some kind of agenda so it pays to be skeptical.

  • Data Lounge

    SP is the Data Lounge Benderfrau who will defend her precious barmaid to the death.

    She is lying like hell when she said AC never mentioned any friend who was an addict. She must have selective hearing then. Anderson did most definitely mention his friend being fresh out of rehab when they went on their vacation. It was when he just had gotten back from Colombia.

    Now lie some more SP. You are SO easy to discredit!

  • SP

    @Data Lounge: Try again. Someone just referred to you on there as the stupid straight woman who’s been posting on Gay sites because you have a personal vendetta against Ben.

    i watched the entire interview. There’s no selective hearing. There’s your idiotic obsession and constant lies. You’re very invested in destroying Ben Maisani’s reputation because he took away your imaginary boyfriend.

    See my post#190 where I said you call him a common ‘barmaid.’ Now here you are using the same phrase: Your precious barmaid.

  • Outed

    HA HA HA

    SP dear, you just outed yourself as the Benderfrau that Datalounge here is speaking of.

    Not much intelligence in that pathetic little head of yours is there?

    The people here who are saying AC spoke of Ben on his talk show are correct. No, he did not say Ben’s name but yes he did, mention him as his friend whom he went on vacation with who had just gotten out of rehab. No matter how much you argue you can not change that fact.


  • mc

    @Outed: Not much intelligence in yours obviously because duh, of course I read about you there.

    I referenced the very specific episode that Meth talked about and watched the video of it. I already said I don’t watch his talk show and only see him on CNN sporadically so who knows what he discussed in other episodes . I can’t speak to that because I’m not following his every move like his stalkers are.

    Anderson Cooper could be seeing 1000 men or just one. The one he’s seeing could have a drug problem or not. It’s not like drug use is a rare event. You’ve already admitted that he never used Ben’s name so it’s all a lot of speculation. If there’s any truth to any of it I’d say c’est la vie. At least I wasn’t involved in trashing a total stranger.

    I don’t see what difference it makes to you but you & your multiple aliases do seem very vested in this & weirdly obsessed. That makes you the one who’s pathetic.

  • Drw


    Really!!! Do you all have nothing better to do with your time??? The man’s life is his own.

    Surely there are more important things going on in the world for us to worry about

  • brad

    This does make sense. AC doesn’t seem like the type who would voluntarily come out. He seems kind of douchey.

  • Rob Zeleniak

    I guess my GARDAR was functioning effectively. I never thought for a minute that Mr. Cooper wasn’t in the club. More power to him for helping anyone else come out, feel good about being gay, and/or simply supporting our community.

  • curt

    The lunacy continues on here I see…. Alot of not just AC and Ben bashing but Homophobic replies in general which all the more disturbing on a gay site. Eldergay with the

    “The whole barebacking thing if it’s true would not surprise me neither would the meth use but those are two of the worst kept secrets among gay men and within the LGBT community and it would not be surprising if he’s into both.”

    That was one of the most vile of them all and EXTREMELY homophobic.
    That was an assualt on you if you’re gay and everyone here that is gay. I for one am not into meth or “Barebacking” ok and that was highly offensive and shameful thing to say. Only a few people like Halston have some sense on here. The most disturbing and sickening thread i’ve viewed on here, Good thing the ugliness shown here doesn’t come with a picture of the person or animal saying such harshful and disgusting things about people you don’t know.

  • Mister D

    @samwise: Thank you for saying that…it seems to me most of the time we are our own worst enemies…

  • Santiago

    @Delius: I hardly know of anyone he would have to “come out” to at this point. He is a blue blood, true, but has worked since 10 years old, and does a lot of good works for many people, especially the Community, and young peeps.

  • Glenn

    So over this site… It’s sad that people actually get into this gossip and speculation. What boring lives a lot of people must have. Sending all future notifications to the big black hole called, “delete email” upon receipt… Get a life y’all!

  • DeeAnne

    JD Ordoñez, the dolphin whisperer. He had to wait until The Real World was over…but he and the Coop were HIStory by then.

  • DragonScorpion

    Again, doesn’t one have to be in a closet in order to come out of it? From the beginning this story has, to me, been a non-story. I already knew he was gay and thought everyone else did, too. Ok, so it’s good for our cause to have non-scandalous celebrities come out, but this salacious speculation as to why he did is pointless and petty. Move on to more important things.

  • nothingpetty

    @cray-cray: Thank you.

  • nothingpetty

    Poor Anderson…damned that he didn’t, now damned that he did.

  • oh jeez

    Curt STFU not everyone here is a gay man. Queerty is an LGBT site and we have lots of bisexuals, lesbians, and some trans people here.

    Secondly it’s NOT homophobia or wrong to say that yes a lot of people within the LGBT community are into meth and barebacking. You’ve got to be a complete idiot or living in serious denial the past few decades to claim that these are not major problems within the LGBT community and it’s widespread not just people in urban areas do it but it’s everywhere.

  • Wow!

    @SP You are the biggest idiot I’ve seen so far on this thread. I have a Twitter handle EVERYONE knows about????? Everyone like who and who the hell are you to call people out when it’s obvious you’re the biggest shit-stirrer in this thread throwing accusations against anyone that doesn’t agree with you. My statement to you is PROVE IT! What’s my twitter handle and what am I doing to stalk Anderson aside from make comments like everyone else including yourself. YOU are insane and shouldn’t be “catching feelings” over someone you don’t even know. Tell me what the twitter handle is and tell me exactly what I said. I’ll have my lawyer on your ass so quick you won’t even have time to blink. I am the last person you want to throw allegations toward dumb ass!

    P.S. Are you a benderfrau that is upset they didn’t tie the knot in Paris. Don’t get mad at the othe posters because Ben couldn’t seal the deal. Why you mad boo?

  • Wow!

    @ Zach and Matt Thank You!!!!!! SP is one crazy assed motherfucker. If you read his postit looks like he’s the one stalking Anderson. Not us.

  • SP

    @Wow!: Absolutely hilarious and ironic that one of the people on here who’s quite willing to agree & write about ‘someone you don’t know ‘ being a meth addict is the first person to throw out I’m going to get a lawyer when someone writes something about them. I guess you can sling it out but you can’t take it.

    No, I’m not privy to the latest Anderson Cooper gossip because I know nothing about a Paris wedding. It’s funny how well you keep up with it though.

  • Jerry6

    @Dave: I really love to read these “A friend of a friend of mine has a friend that —” stories of made up hate.

  • Matt

    I doubt the posts about meth are made up.

  • Damon

    Agreed it’s not surprising that Ben and AC are probably into barebacking and meth.

  • Wow!

    @SP: You act as if it’s you that’s being gossiped about. Now thats Krazy!!!

  • Martin

    SP you’re the stalker and obsessed female fan here.

  • Evan

    AC has gotten more immature and vapid in recent years, and that’s no doubt due to this “Relationship” or whatever you want to call it. A lot of A list, famewhorish mingling, attention-wh0ring, being friends with the homophobic, not funny, and annoying Kathy Griffin, and very unprofessional behavior on air and now off air.

    Ben and AC aren’t the committed, happy and stable couple they try to pretend that they are.

  • SP


  • SP

    @Wow!: Still laughing at you. You can dish it out but you can’t take it.

    @Martin: Not sure why you’ve decided to involve yourself here, but I’m hardly a fan. I know of him through his job only and I don’t agree with all he’s done like when he criticized Obama for not taking a stand on marriage equality while he was still hiding in his glass closet. Or even as recently as this week how he’s handled the Bain situation.

    I just find throwing around things like someone’s HIV status or meth or being a bareback slut is a vile thing to say about someone with no proof. Especially when you’re writing it from your cowardly anonymous post.

    @Glenn: I agree.

  • Steve

    If AC and Ben are into meth and barebacking no it is NOT vile to say this about them.

  • Wow!

    @SP: You’re taking this shit way too personal SP. If you are not a stalker I don’t know what is and as far as dishing it out. I’m not the one who said Anderson and Ben are meth addicts, bareback, and are HIV positive so please go take a chill pill. You don’t control this site or any of the others so if some knucklehead wants to say something stupid like that what in the hell can you do about it. STOP BEING SUCH A BITCH and stop obsessing over me! You’re not worth my energy and you’re certainly not going to change my mind so do us ALL a favor and STFU! Go sing some kumbaya with Kathy Griffin or something!Get laid! Whatever the hell you need to do to calm your ass down.


    I know who you are!

  • curt

    @oh jeez: You AC and Ben bashers sound like a bunch of abandoned misfits. AC and Ben are doing something with their lives. What the fuck are you doing with ya lives besides lying and making up the most sordid stories people can think of. You people are pathethic and make the gay community look like bitter, deranged, self loathing stupid motherfuckers! Fuck you all who made shit up to try and make ya patheic little lives seem important. Eldergay, Oh jeez, Steve and the rest of the AC weird bashers. AC probably took awhile to come out because of people like you all. Idiots. How the fuck are GLBT going to get full equality and you talk about meth, barebacking nonsense. No proof, just foolishness. Done with this thread. Oh jeez, go fuck yourself and Eldergay.

  • James

    @ewwwwww: WOW. i cant believe howw some of you talk about AIDS and HIV. No self respecting homosexual thinks of AIDS r HIV as a punishment from on high so i can only guess that you must be one of these closet straightss that goes troling to stir up trouble in the gay community. To my fellow gay brothers and sisters who are buying into this hate mongering. I am ashamed. WHo cares if he was in the closet his entire life. hell, it doesnt matter wether or not he is a good news person. it doesnt matter if he is a pig bottom. Non of these things matter. what matters is that he is an extremely public persona who has come out in the public media. We should be proud of him for finaly taking that step regardless of what motivation put him where he is now. It is no wonder we cant ssway the angry straights. all they see is all this infighting in our community. its truly sad.

  • Jen

    I think by now it was become pretty clear that there are a handfull of sickos, hell, maybe even just a single person, who is obessed with AC and posts nasty stuff about being HIV positive, sleeping around, barebacking and meth anywhere AC is mentioned and his disgusting comments don’t get deleted.
    It’s always the same stuff, same wording, usually with a “which would not surprise me” thrown in somewhere. It’s always a friend of a friend of a friend who wouldn’t have a reason to lie and the “details” sound more like the own sexual fantasies the sicko has of AC. Probably a bitter loser who wants him but knows he can’t have him. Or even worse, a conservative repressed closet case who has the hots for AC but feels guilty about it and thus cyberstalks every article written on the guy and leaves his nasty comments.

    Sweetie, he is so far out of reach for you it is not even funny. Why don’t you just accept that and behave like a decent person with some selfrespect?

    Since you seem to have very detailed sexual fantasies about AC you would probably be disappointed of the real guy anyway. He is a worcoholic who works three jobs, is away on assignments for weeks sometimes, isn’t very social and probably prefers a good night of sleep over serving as your willing slut. Why don’t you keep your fantasies to yourself or write some fanfiction instead?

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