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Did Dallas Mavericks’ Tim Thomas Say Mean F-Word at Local Greasy Spoon?


If you’re at a Denny’s at 3 o’clock in the morning, chances are some shit’s ’bout to go down. Which is just what happened with Dallas Mavericks forward Tim Thomas, who stands accused of throwing the F-bomb at a one Damien Pettie — who recognized the star and gave a hello — before, along with a small group of friends, attacking him and throwing chairs in the restaurant, which struck another patron. Well this is some bad press!

But it’s all being over blown, says the Mavericks. And a witness!

According to Pettie, who says he’s not gay (but was with a group of friends that included some gay gals):

He said that when he and his friends passed by Thomas’ table and he addressed the player by saying, “What’s up?” Thomas responded that that he didn’t talk to “faggots.” The police report also quoted Pettie as saying Thomas used that term.

Pettie told The News he later passed Thomas’ table again, and that Thomas made another remark derogatory remark about gays.“I asked one of the guys, ‘What the hell did you say?’ ’’ Pettie said. “As Tim continued to instigate the situation, one of the guys hit me in my mouth. Another one of his friends hit me. They pushed me down onto a table.”

Pettie says he picked up a chair to defend himself. One of the men who hit him in the face then picked up a chair and threw it, he said. Pettie said he caught the chair, but not before it Kissick.

He said Thomas then yelled out that the police had been called and that it was time to leave.

Though Thomas has yet to make a public comment about the early Wednesday morning incident, Maverick’s general manager Donnie Nelson says the media reports are “way, way overblown.” Meanwhile, radio sports reporter Roger Emrich just happened to be at the Denny’s at the same time, and witnessed the event. And according to Emrich, there were no F-bombs! And that it was Thomas’s friends who got violent.

“They landed right on my table and broke my plate of food,” Emrich said on the air this afternoon. “It was an All-American Slam, by the way.”

He said he never heard Thomas utter an anti-gay slur, as one witness and a Dallas police report allege. Nor did he see Thomas throw a chair, as the police report claims.

Isn’t this why sports leagues employee referees?

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  • Mike in Brooklyn

    I checked the police report that was linked to the newspaper article. According to the statements given by witnesses to the police, Thomas, who is obviously black, so its okay for him to use the “N” word, called Pettie a “faggot nigga”.

    Lets see, its okay to use the “N” word if you are black; its okay to use the “F” word if you are gay. Thomas used both, so, hmmmm, Thomas must be both black and gay, or, he is a bigot.

  • Bill


    A heterosexual black man treating gay citizens the way that white people treated him and his ancestors.

    What a shock.

    Boy, we sure do all love to pay the abuse forward, don’t we?

  • James


    It would be nice if you at least admitted that the story is not as clear cut as you make it. A witness says Thomas didn’t use the word. But why be fair right?


  • FakeName

    A witness said that he did not hear Thomas use the word. That isn’t the same thing as saying that Thomas didn’t use it.

  • JamesR

    “Thomas then yelled out that the police had been called and that it was time to leave” WTF? Regardless of the phobic things he most likely said.

    Running from the police after you started a brawl – is this sportsmanlike conduct?

    SHAME on the NBA.

  • Jason R.

    I don’t see how ANY gay person could support professional atheletes or these silly sports made to substitue life (father’s being father’s, kids getting an education and not aspiring to be the next big running back only to turn into those over weight fathers)….most all of them in all these related stories are over paid, pompous, violent HOMOPHOBES. Blanket statment?…refer me to a link of a story that proves me otherwise.

    And that witness?…he’s a long time friend of this thug who is clearly trying to cover his back.

    Nothing will be done about this as that type of thuggish behavior is applauded in that arena, but I nor anyone I know will support or surround ourselves with monsters like this to make more money..cheat on their wives (or beat them) or beat animals.

    Sad state of affairs when a thug like this makes more than doctors, teachers and humanitarians.

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