Love is love

Disney’s official Instagram account celebrates gay love and fans are here for it

So apparently dreams really do come true, even for the LGBTQ crowd.

In a much-lauded Instagram post, Disney featured a gay couple marrying at the Walt Disney World resort as part of its fairy tale wedding program. The vacation package includes a special ceremony featuring Disney characters, pictures in front of the Cinderella castle, and a honeymoon in the company theme parks.

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So this is love. | ?: Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

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The move comes as the company has announced a broad push for inclusion of the queer community. Besides featuring same-sex weddings in their advertising, characters on Disney Channel sitcoms have begun coming out. The upcoming film Jungle Cruise will feature an openly-gay character as well. Even the so-called GayDays–a series of LGBTQ-themed events never fully embraced by the company–will become an official Pride celebration at Disneyland Paris this year.

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Comments on the Instagram post were overwhelmingly positive. “Just when I thought I couldn’t love y’all anymore,” wrote one fan. Some users even hit back at the inevitable haters. “To everyone whining about the children, just explain this to them as easily as you do about divorce, violence, poverty, and mass shootings. Shouldn’t be that hard. Good job Disney ????? Love is love,” noted another commenter.

The first ever Magical Pride Event will take place at Disneyland Paris on June 1.