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Do Not Let Sherri Shepherd Talk About Women’s Issues, Let Alone Lesbian Issues

Leave it to Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck to have no understanding of how lesbian relationships between two women actually work.

Last week we talked about how some women who always considered themselves straight ended up in lesbian relationships in their adult life, often after the kids had grown up or they divorced their husbands. Discussed at length in O, The Oprah Magazine, it was only a matter of time before the ladies of The View took their brand of headline snacking and weighed in on the matter with their dumbed down discussion.

Shepherd, a wonderful actress but a naive adult woman, is, along with the pope and Fred Phelps, not qualified to discuss this subject. Unable to even consider why a “formerly straight” woman could become intimately involved with another gal, Shepherd sets women back 50 years by explaining why she could never go without men: Because they make her feel safe when she goes out at night.

Yes, ladies, you need a big swinging wang on your arm in order to feel secure.

(Then Hasselbeck wants to know “if it’s a hormonal thing.” Related: Is our endless frustration with Hasselbeck a hormonal thing?)

Kudos to Barbara Walters for putting the subject on the table for The View‘s millions of readers. It’s too bad her cohorts are imbeciles.

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