I’m From Driftwood interviews LGBT folks nationwide to show that even the smallest American towns have queers. They recently caught up with director Israel Luna and actress Krystal Summers of Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives fame to discuss the childhood joys of buying porn for your illiterate uncle and being throw into trashcans for acting like a girl. But do their stories shed any light on why they helped create one of the most controversial films of the year?

Luna’s illiterate uncle used to take him to the video store to help him pick out good porn. Apparently his uncle liked “plot” because who the hell reads the back of porn boxes anyway? As a reward, Luna got to watch porn with his uncle. Yay? Considering his family’s overt acceptance with sexuality, it’s no wonder Luna went on to create such films as Five Guys and a Sex Party. And while Ticked-Off Trannies focuses less on sex, all of his films feature sexual outsiders who get the upper-hand on violent weirdos and bigots.

Krystal Summers never liked taking off her shirt to go swimming or play a skins basketball game. One of her teachers once mistook her for a girl and since then she got called names, dumped into trash cans, and pushed up against her locker throughout school. She didn’t start living as a female until she attended college, but even then she still dressed up in boy’s clothes to visit her parents. She has their support now, but considering the harassment she had to put up with, is it any wonder she plays a knife-wielding transwoman with a vendetta now?

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