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    Good lawd queen…..time to give it a rest. I was physically able to watch only ’bout the first ten minutes of the first episode. After seeing the “A” list cast spew about how absolutley fabulous their lives were and that silly little Derek saying how no party in NYC is complete without him, we could no longer subject our eyes and ears to such a horrific, relentless attack…………….

    And dear Rechin am so very sure you know the definition of “queen” here is the second part FYI:

    vap·id? ?/?væp?d/ Show Spelled
    [vap-id] Show IPA

    1. lacking or having lost life, sharpness, or flavor; insipid; flat: vapid tea.
    2. without liveliness or spirit; dull or tedious: a vapid party; vapid conversation.

    Yes, you are in fact HUMAN BEINGS! You are also VAPID QUEENS :p

  • Screaming Queen

    WHO? (LOL)

    It’s just a little sad to see him sooooooo determined to inject himself into the gay zeitgeist, even as the gay community has repeatedly ignored his efforts to be a “Gay Icon”. After complaining initially about the show being a representation of the gay community whether we all wanted to admit it or not, he’s now changing his story to “I’m not a vapid queen”……BITCH PLEASE!

    He seemed more likable with his “This is the gay community, love it or leave it”, that kind of self absorbed ignorance is oddly amusing to watch, but qualifying it all with “I’m not a vapid queen” removes all doubt about his shallow, self-absorbed, and VERY narrow view of the gay community. I wish we could disown him and send him to the island for wayward gays with that Maddow fella, I’m tired of the fremdscham these two generate.

    Ever notice how the only people that complain about the label “Vapid Queen” are in fact “Vapid Queens”.

  • justiceontherocks

    he’s lucky anyone calls him anything

  • Devon

    Bitch, please.

  • dk

    The only reason he’s whining is because there weren’t enough cameras around to capture this exchange. Try as I might to avoid it, I do admit to being drawn into watching several episodes. And the reunion. Queen may be up for debate, but he is vapid. He’s a model one day. a wooden actor the next. then he’s releasing a single. (NEVER let this man near a microphone again) The only talent he’s shown is his ability to keep showing up on tv or on blogs like this one.

  • David C

    Wait, who’s Reichen Lehmkuhl again?

  • Spence

    More great press to set us back a decade…

  • Qjersey

    Now we can add “whiny cunt” to descriptions of Reichen.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)

    Guys, it was still a success, like or you don’t like.

    Good? Maybe be nay but that isnthe world we live in.

    He has no point bit has a point about the way he was treated in the press.

    Would I be the same? No.

    Simply because you do…what yo do. Call it as I is and don’t pretend it’s something else.

  • David


    Take off those ridiculous Mr. Magoo glasses, suck in your transverse abdominis, and shut your vapid mouth hole.

  • jj

    If only he had let his 15 minutes expire after winning The Amazing Race…

    I will say this in his defense, if he’s a Vapid Queen, it’s because we created him to be one…worshiping at the altar of the perfect hairless body/square jawed pseudo ideal. Maybe if we didn’t objectify these guys and worship them so, they wouldn’t be reduced to such 2 dimensional characters.

  • Kieran

    I’d really like to see what these whiney Reichen-haters look like in person. I can almost guarantee that not one of them would look as good as Reichen. No doubt all of the Reichen-haters are ugly as hell with severe cases of queeny gay-face. When will you jealous bitches get off Reichen’s case and get a life? We could all use a lot MORE gay men that look and act like Lehmkuhl and a lot LESS bitter, bitchy queens who aren’t happy unless they’re criticizing someone or something.

  • Rob

    I always did think Chip was the nicer one.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    I watched and enjoyed every episode. I laughed heartily and was entertained by their silly lives, silly talk, silly gossip, and silly shenanigans.

    This is a TV show we’re talking about, right? Modeled on the programs that show silly housewives living their lives, correct?

    I think you folks are investing way too much energy and negativity in a reality TV show. There are a lot more important things to get worked up about.

  • MikeE

    @Kieran: actually, Kieran, no, the world does not need more of this superficial “appearance is all” type of person, gay OR straight.

    and how I look in real life (quite acceptable, actually) has no bearing on my ability to have an opinion. if these supposed “A listers” can be on-air and trying to create some pathetic mythos that THEY somehow are what we should all be striving to be, well, permit other people to interject and say “nay, we have fulfilling lives without needing to live up to your unrealistic and superficial ‘standards'”.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Vapid is as shallow does…..

  • rrr

    He’s drawing a distinction between what he and Rodiney said about themselves and their lives and what the others said. He’s correct that he and Rodiney did not act like others in terms of bragging about things like personal shoppers and the parties they’ve been able to get into then stating they have fabulous lifestyles and are therefore A-list. Rodiney didn’t brag about his lifestyle at all or try to make a case he’s fabulous or a-list. Reichen didn’t do the bragging or claiming to have a fabulous life, and he said the “a” in a-list for him standands for accomplishment and he feels he’s managed to accomplish some things.

    So he has a point in that, but on the other hand Reichen did come across as rather vapid and self-centered even without taking part in the bragging about fabulous lives.

  • Daez

    Throwing a fit about being called a “vapid queen” is the perfect way to prove you a vapid queen

  • Daez

    @MikeE: The way I look at it is, sure some find that hot, personally hairless wonders have no attraction, but so are lots of people with actual hearts and brains.

  • Spike

    I once had a run in with that vapid queen, had volunteered for an event that he was ‘overseeing’ the volunteers, I posted on the organizations website after the fact that he seem more about cutting the sleeves off the volunteer shirt he was wearing then overseeing the volunteers, he responded back with a very similar tirade. The guy has a very thin skin for someone who has pursued every opportunity in ‘reality’ TV. And outright tragic when he tries to come off as intelligent. And yes I still have the email.

  • Spike

    One other thing, HILARIOUS how everyone of these reality bim and himbos always fall back on, they filmed 18,000 hours and it was edited down to only 4 hours that didn’t even begin to show what was going on.

    Err, hello, it’s a 1/2 cable TV show. Do they actually think that we would have wanted to watch all 18,000 hours?!!? I’m guessing yea, they do, and that is EXACTLY WHAT MAKES HIM A VAPID QUEEN!

  • kueerduck

    she is always doing things in her life to feed her big muscle mary ego.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Rob: You took the words right out of my keypad!

  • TimBo

    @ChicagoJimmy: I agree I watched the whole show and found it very entertaining, I took it tongue in cheek and was entertained wasn’t that what is was supposed to be all about?


    Ditto’s to Timbo and ChicagoJimmy. Something pleasant to look at. Just don’t pay much attention to the conversation.

  • Jay

    Is Kieran a part Reichehn’s PR team? Cute rant.

    Also, gay men are just as shallow as anyone else. Its just that we’re (too) open about it.

    P.S. I’m totally adding “vapid queen” to my vocab. love it.


    “A-List?” Who decided that?


    By agreeing to be on this A-List piece of crap in the first place puts you in the vapid queen category before any scene has been shot. On another note, this TV show is an embarrassment on all levels. In fact its disgraceful.

  • Eminent Victorian

    I’m miffed that Reichen, a veteran of another reality show, would play the editing card as though the people making the show, through some alchemy, might have made him look bad. To paraphrase Heather B. from the very first season of The Real World, “They just use what you gave them.”

    I couldn’t sit through ten minutes of this show because of how idiotic the people in it came across. What’s to envy? And I’ve discovered that none of the other gay people I know watch this show, only hetero females. Single ones.

  • chris

    Reichen is a full fledged idiot. We are all worn out with you Reichen.. DISAPPEAR FOREVER! Thanks

  • Daez

    @Eminent Victorian: I’m shocked. You mean gay men don’t watch shows that paint the entire community as self-obsessed, hate mongering, stereotypical, hairless drama queens, but single women eat it up because that is the image they already have of gay men.

    Personally, I can not quite understand the purpose behind “A-list” in the first place unless it was to set the gay movement back 35 years. I thought we moved past the point where all gay men had to be jock sheik simply to show they were healthy like in the 80s.

  • Bobby

    Never watched an episode and I never will. I don’t hang around with vapid queens who think they are entitled and I sure as hell don’t want to watch them being catty.

    If anything is giving queers a bad name it’s those media whores and yes, I put the Housewives of wherever on that list along with every asshole trying to be famous on “reality television” giving a bad name to every person or group they represent.

  • Bobby


    Fuck you Kieran and the ridiculous stereotypical world you live in. The gay community comes in all shapes and all sizes and I’d much rather be around a fat queer who works and does good for his community and the people around him much more than someone like those fake queers in that lame ass show trying to one-up everyone to make themselves look and feel important.

    Looks fade and when Reichen and his ilk are old and no longer “beautiful”, they’ll be useless to anyone and everyone around them and they’ll still be trying to chase down fame. Pathetic.

  • but he is a vapid queen

    how can she protest the truth?

  • MichaelinNYC

    I’ve read Reichen’s book. It’s an incredible piece of work. I doubt any of these bitter queens commenting here have read it or followed his serious charity work for our community. But we’re cannibals so we have to cut him down and look for the bad in him rather than see how much effort he’s put in to securing our rights. God forbid we EVER give someone credit where credit is due…even though it reminds us that we are SHIT and haven’t done 1% of what he has done. Bunch of fucking losers. I hate being gay when I read hateful shit like this.

  • edgyguy1426

    It’s a strange world and the life of many ‘reality show’ celebrities only makes life for them even stranger. I don’t buy in to the ‘dumb blond’ label many have put on Lehmkuhl – they just don’t hand over multi-million dollar jets in the Air Force and let anyone fly them, he’s also been a physics teacher as well. But then along came the Amazing Race offer and his alter-career took off. Maybe he lost his reality along the way, which is sad, cuz the hollywood rehab centers are full of ex-reality stars. I don’t watch TV at home so I haven’t seen anything after Amazing Race but I’m sad his life has ‘gone hollywood.’ Who with his good looks could resist an offer like that? I’m sure I would not have. That fame thing must be like a drug.

  • Chris

    Ha ha – if it quacks like duck and walks like a duck – it’s f***en duck, man.

  • Paul in Canada

    Gloy, hell-he-blew-ya!

  • Paul in Canada

    Glory, hell-he-blew-ya!

  • jckfmsincty

    Reichen promotes the stereotype that, “He’s too narcissistic not to be gay”.

  • Rich

    After reading the article AND all the comments, I can see both sides of the issue. But here’s the thing that gets me…”Reality” TV has been around long enough for everyone to know that 3600 hours of video will always be reduced to those 3 hours that show as much (admittedly entertaining) bad behavior as possible. We’ve heard that complaint from these A-Listers, from the Jersey Shore gang, and every cast of the Real World ever assembled.

    So why on earth do people still set themselves up for this? Do some people need attention so much that they’ll risk being made into objects of scorn and even outright hatred to get it?

    That’s sadder than any comments and ill-advised responses could ever be. (And, in the interests of equality, we gays have now proven that we can be edited to appear as stupid on TV as straight folks!)

  • darkanser

    I have to hand it to Reichen for one thing, at least. He’s got really nice skin. I got to see that first hand at a White Party in South Beach a couple of years ago.

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