Domaine Javier Came Out As Trans On MTV, So Her Baptist University Expelled Her

After completing her core classes at Riverside City College, 24-year-old Domaine Javier transferred to California Baptist University to begin taking nursing classes. She had already received her class schedule and even received a $3,500 dean’s academic scholarship to attend the university. But then the school discovered that she had discussed her transgender identity on an episode of MTV’s True Life and they decided to expel her for fraud and identity concealment instead.

The April True Life episode, entitled “I’m Passing as Someone I’m Not” showed:

…a man hitting on Javier while she danced at Riverside’s Club Sevilla in a low-cut pink and black dress and putting on make-up in the club’s bathroom. Javier said she only revealed her gender identity to family members.

“I am a girl trapped in a guy’s body,” Javier said on the show.

“When I’m out on a date, the loneliness goes away,” Javier said during a segment of her on one of her dates with a man who cut off the relationship after she told him she is transgender.

Javier marked “female” as her sex on her university application, but when the school discovered the Real Life episode during a background check, they sent her a letter temporarily expelling her for “’committing or attempting to engage in fraud, or concealing identity,’ and for presenting false or misleading information in university judicial processes.” The school will decide what to do after they hold hearings on the matter.

Javier said, “I was devastated, because I really, really wanted to attend this campus. I didn’t know [the Baptists] were that extreme.” She turned down a offer from Cal State San Bernardino, a school that would have been forbidden for kicking out a trans student thanks to laws against gender identity discrimination. But as a private school, California Baptist University can kick out whoever the hell they damn well please.

The university has a chance to do the Christian thing and let Javier take classes, especially since the dean has already recognized her for her academic prowess. But knowing the Baptists, they’ll probably just expel her and keep the money.

Meanwhile, the baby Jesus weeps.

On a happier note, she’s rockin that houndstooth top in the video clip above. We’d love to have you as our nurse, no matter what Linda Harvey says.

Oh and bonus! You can watch the MTV episode that she got expelled for below. She says she doesn’t regret her appearance on the show as it got her a lot of internet support and helped her live a happier life overall.

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  • andreusz

    Moral: don’t attend a Baptist university.

  • the crustybastard

    “I didn’t know [the Baptists] were that extreme,” said the student on an academic scholarship.


  • Hyhybt

    @the crustybastard: The Baptists (I’m assuming this is SBC) are not what they used to be. It’s entirely possible that her local church would never consider something like this, but has so far remained below the radar of the ever-stricter convention.

  • Michael

    This really should not surprise Domaine in the least after all most Baptist Universities are very anti gay because they do not believe that is what JEEBUS would want.They would rather deem people as abominations and sinners then to pay attention to a golden rule hypocrites like them CONSTANTLY ignore in this day and age: love thy neighbor as you would love thy self.

  • Ken

    He lied on the application, put woman down as sex.

    I ran out of room on the application form at my college and left 1 course off from a different school and was referred to a disciplinary board at the college for academic dishonesty. Some colleges are hardcore on the rules and you have to deal with that.

  • timo



  • Jakey

    @Ken: Yeah, except it’s not a lie if you’re trans, and she is. Come on now.

  • DonTheAgnostic

    @Jakey: Except I’m guessing she’s not legally recognized as female yet in which case this wasn’t about discriminating against her. She was identifying herself on a legal document as female even though the government recognizes her as male. The college needed her legal identity, not her own personal identity. They were in the right here.

  • Nemo

    Tangentially, does the phrase “a transgender” bother anyone else? What was wrong with “transgendered”? Would you say “I’m a black” instead of just “I’m black”? It seems just that little bit more insulting.

  • jessica

    Those in charge of this University are a bunch of False Christian false moralist and hypocrites.
    He that is amonge you without synne, let him cast the first stone at her.

  • missanthrope

    Wow, it’s really awesome to see people blame a young trans girl for getting prosecuted for daring to attempt to get an education.

    With friends like these…..

  • Cam

    Fraud usually means that the person was attempting to also get a benefit from the lie.

    Unless the school gives a benefit to females they don’t to males, it would be hard to demonstrate any gain that she got from checking the box “Female”.

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