Doritos Are So Delicious Even A Straight Guy Can Forget Two Hot Gay Dudes Are Eating Them

We keeping getting emails about the above Doritos spot being a “Super Bowl” commercial, but it was uploaded back in November? And don’t companies generally like to keep their $3 million 30-second ads under wraps until the big game? Well yes, but this ad is part of Frito-Lay’s “Crash The Super Bowl” contest, where anyone can submit a spot for the chance to have it aired during next month’s game. This one, submitted by “jjkenjr,” features the constantly recycled theme of somebody “scoping out” not the hotties in plain sight, but the product. Now quick, start calling this ad homophobic because it shows two fit fem guys lounging by the pool, BECAUSE THOSE DON’T EXIST IN REAL LIFE. (Either way, this ad didn’t make the finals.)

UPDATE: Looks like there’s at least one more spot, this one from “philprincephims” and featuring a sauna and a little stereotype about black men being hung. Know what’s funny, though, about stereotypes? Making fun of them.

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  • Adam

    It’s not just the fem guys, it’s the whole implication of this ad: The stereotypes, the look of absolute disgust from his presumed girlfriend/wife, the whole idea that gays are inherently gross, that male-male attraction is inherently wrong (but female same-sex attraction is just fine), that gays are constantly trying to scope out straight guys and make judgments on their sexuality…it’s just repulsive.

  • Griff


    Um, I think a wife would be pissed if she caught her husband looking lustfully at another woman. It’s about the sense of betrayal.

  • John

    @Adam: That’s not what I took from this at all. Her reaction of disgust wasn’t directed at the 2 gay men but at her boyfriend/husband whom she mistakenly thought she was catching showing sexual interest in them instead of her. There’s more about feelings of betrayal than anything to do with animus towards gay men.

    This video was harmless and amusing.

  • Justin Luke

    Impossible. No men who eat that many Doritos would look like THAT.

  • Adam

    @Griff: Yeah, but I don’t think this is about lust, since the guy is presumably straight and wouldn’t be lusting after gay men. It’s about disgust, and a “WTF!?” moment.

  • jjjnettie

    Political correctness is taking all the juice out of life.
    Adam, what’s wrong with with playing the “are they or aren’t they” game? So long as it’s not done in a nasty derogative way.
    How else is one going to fine tune the gaydar??

  • Benjamin

    What everyone except Adam said.

  • Jake the libertarian

    @Adam: Bitchy queen! It’s a “WTF was that?” look. I’ve given them to guys I’ve dated too. And the commercial was cute and funny.

  • deferr

    Typo in the first word, lol, Queerty is getting more and more pathetic every day

  • Red Meat

    I like these two commercials.

  • McMike

    The commercials were kinda funny but it’s getting old seeing every gay guy portrayed on TV as some huge queen. For once it’d be nice to see a depiction done with out “screaming queen” being the mold. Sure, I hear on 90210 there’s a gay guy who isn’t a queen but does anyone actually watch that show?

  • Ian

    @Justin Luke: LOL, totally, there would be a bowl of grapes & some sparkling water, period. NO carbs!

  • McMike

    btw, I was at the beach, in Jacksonville Beach, last summer and there were a group of about 10 guys dressed exactly like these guys are in this ad. When I saw the first guy, by himself, I was like “Too funny, it’s cool that guy doesn’t care” but when the rest of his friends came up, and it became obvious they were doing it as a joke to make fun of gay guys, the joke wasn’t funny at all.

    Sorry, but America sucks.

  • Adam

    @McMike: Thank you.

  • JM

    @McMike: How did you know they were making fun of gay guys? Did you talk to them, or overhear their conversation? Or did you just assume?

  • kayla

    the First one is just so-so but the second one is hilarious! Some people need to relax…these commercials are not homophobic!

  • JAW

    These were part of a contest that Doritos set up. It will be interesting to see if they make the cut and show up on Super Bowl Sunday

    I think they are both funny as all Heck…

  • McMike

    @JM: Hmmm, let’s see. I live in a very homophobic part of town where no gay guys are visible. So, one day, there’s a group of about 10 guys, who look like they were part of a frat house, all dressed up in the cut off jeans (as in “gay attire”). Give me a break. I didn’t need to assume anything. You’re considered a ‘fag’ at that part of the beach if you wear anything but boardshorts so a group of 10 frat guys dressed in skin tight cut off jeans with their asses hanging out meant they were doing it to make fun of gay guys.

    It’s absurd you are, without knowing what kind of town I’m in, thinking 10 guys dressed as these two guys are in the video maybe just happened.

  • McMike

    btw, that day I was in the water and three of the guys were in the water with their girlfriends and one of the guys noticed how pissed I was. So when one of his friends made some comment about gay guys he quickly told his friend to STFU since there was a gay guy around and when his friend looked around and asked him “Where?” I raised my hand and said “I’m right fucking here.”

  • JM

    @McMike: Thanks for answering my question. Your answer, to sum up, was “No, I did not assume, since they were making homophobic comments and a few of them had girlfriends.” You left that part out of your original post. And, for the record, in some towns “10 guys dressed in cutoffs” does just happen. Usually at the beach. Dumbass.

  • scribe

    hey just thought that both ads were funny… I think every one is taking it too serious. I have a friend that I argue with all the time because he thinks everyone is gay. When the one gay told the other one “told you so” I lost it. And no dude should sit that close to another dude in a steam room unless they are gay and looking to get laid…

  • chpinnlr

    They are both funny. Sometimes we need to stop looking for stuff to be angry about and just fucking laugh!

  • Adam

    @chpinnlr: I’m sure the Jews in Nazi Germany felt the same way for a time before…you know…

  • Erik

    I’ve been a gay and an activist for some time, and I’d be more than happy to point out when something is offensive. But I actually laughed at these; except the second one because you can’t bring Doritos into a sauna.

  • chpinnlr

    @Adam: You can not be serious! There are plenty of real issues that the gay community is facing, things we sholud be seriously concerned about, two pretty funny Doritos commercial falls pretty far down the list of social injustices. However, when they march me into the concentration camp you can tell me “told you so!”

  • Silver

    @McMike: That’s why you need to go to AB. It’s cleaner and there are fewer imbeciles. I generally wear aussiebums, even in JB, and I’ve never had anyone be so stupid as to say anything. I have gotten looks, but I really don’t care.

  • Jason Dancin' to the Beat

    Fem gay guys exist, yes, but the issue is that if that’s all we see, then the whole world thinks all gay guys are fem. It’s buying into stereotypes. It’s not reality. That’s the issue.

  • Jaroslaw

    I absolutely love the second one. What is offensive in the slightest about it? Both of those guys are HOT.

  • Robbie K

    Harmless fun..hardly offensive well except who uses hand operated hedge shears these days..bitch please ;-)

  • scribe

    The black guy is gay and not white, twink, or fem… seems like they covered the different types of gays thing and interracial dating. lol

  • Kev C

    Both are appropriate for the Superbowl because everyone knows sports fans are the biggest mos in the world. That’s why they watch sports, to see men playing with each other.

  • Jaroslaw

    #29 Robbie – that wasn’t even a hedge trimmer, it was a pruner/lopping tool. And yes many people still use them if they have small yards.

    Everybody – lighten up. I thought they were both funny. Adam, I can’t say the wife’s look in the first one was friendly at all, but “absolute disgust” is quite a stretch. Scribe – no, people wouldn’t normally sit that close in a sauna, but it is only a 20 second commercial, very cleverly done – they didn’t have time to show the white guy slowly inching over to get the Doritos.

  • Jay4Jay

    The first one plays on every narrow-minded heteros’ fear of gay people “converting” the straight people. It is highly unrealistic. Additionally, extremely fem guys like that rarely get much attention from anyone. The only remotely realistic part of the video is a caucasian male with an asian wife/girlfriend who ends up being gay…that’s a pattern that happens way too much. Not sure why closeted gay white dudes always end up dating or marrying asian girls! What’s up with that?!

  • ~R~

    Enjoyed them both and I’m hopeful they will be in the Superbowl ad lineup.

  • Kyle

    What’s more steriotypical about the second ad is that in an interracial relationship, the white dude always has to be the little submissive bottom.

  • David

    Are you guys serious? I’ve never read so much over analyzing in my life. The first ad was funny. I hate to say this, but from a marketing standpoint, how else is the ad going to depict gays when they have 15 seconds to do it in? If they had two guys who are fat slobs sitting there–it would not be funny…and the concept they were gay would have been lost. I’m growing tired of this “fem” vs. “normal” debate. I’m all for positive portrayal in the media, but Doritos doesn’t have 10 minutes to give the back story on the characters in their ads.

  • Kyle

    Do gay guys portrayed by the media have to be effeminate?.All the 3 gay guys in this Ads are.We are not all like that you know.

  • Adam

    @Kyle: According to everyone who supports this ad, yes, they do. Why? Because somehow it’s stupid and overly-sensitive to criticize the constant stereotypical portrayals that comedy (read: bigotry) feeds off of.

    It’s amazing that gays are so self-loathing, that they’d want to maintain this status quo of stereotypes.

  • Wesley

    The first commercial annoys me soo much. Not all gay men assume any attractive guy is secretly gay. AGH…

  • Joey O'H

    Sure, both tv spots are funny, it’s very stereotypical. Is this how we want straight people to keep seeing us? Are we to be taken seriously when we demand the same treatment, respect and equality as others are born with?
    Often, too often, this is how gay males have been portrayed on tv and motion pictures for decades. It’s old and tired. Must swishy queens always be the representative of gay men? Bottom line, the first tv spot isn’t a positive, it’s clearly a negative.

  • kayla

    Since everyone is over-analysing…here goes….In the second video the white guy is just some douchey straight guy looking to get some Doritos, the black guy is gay. If you notice, the white guy isn’t too enthusiastic about the black guy coming on to him. And so perhaps you can say that video 1 plays up the femme stereotype (though I don’t find it offensive, there are actually femme gay men…). But video 2 shows a very masculine black gay man coming on to to a wimpy straight white guy ( maybe the Doritos in the lap is how he lures men in!)….and that doesn’t play into the gay femme stereotype, it plays into the “black guys are more masculine/aggressive than wimpy white guys stereotype…I’m bi-racial by the way and I’m not offended by that tired racial stereotype….everyone needs to lighten up….really! The Second video is waaaay funnier!

  • JAW

    @Joey O’H:

    I find the First one the funner of the two… it is the more honest. The gay boys represent what men (not just gay men) are about. When a straight guy sees a pretty girl he acts the same as the boys in the video did. Most gays live boring lives… boring does not sell chips

    The commercial could have worked as well if the 2 gay guys were replaced by 2 girls… and again he was lusting after the chips, and not the girls. The wife could then have taken the clippers and cut off his Family Jewels…. TOOO Funny


  • rayy

    @Adam: I don’t get “disgust” so much as “what the hell are you looking at?”

  • GayVermont

    On TV all black gay guys are the strong/musculine ones while the white gay men are the ‘annoying girlish’ type. Does the media do this on purpose? I know a lot of femme black men out there. This is not a fair representation.Then again, this is the leftwing media we are talking about.

  • kayla

    @GayVermont: Maybe they’re just compensating…In gay movies, the black guy is always the ultra femme extra (usually a waiter/helper in clothing store or some such thing… what’s up with that???

  • Spike

    Tired str8t humor using tired gay stereotypes.

    I’m sure the Neanderthals will think they are hilarious.

  • GayVermont

    @kayla: Maybe, but who watches gay themed movies except us. These commercials might be watched by millions who will yet again digest the steriotype that the gay black man is always the strong musculine top while the rest of us are just femme.This is not a true representation. And even in some great gay themed movies like (Boy culture) with great acting, the black guy is still the top. What’s up with that?

  • kayla

    @GayVermont: I get your point….though I’m just not sure I agree…..well, bottom line is life too short to take all this crap too seriously….just saying…

  • redmont

    everybody needs to chill out. marketing isn’t about representing all people. marketing is about getting as much information through in a short period of time…thusly, stereotypes.

    Why isn’t anybody here mad because they don’t cast very ugly people unless it’s to make fun of that. or fat people unless it’s to say they eat a lot. or mentally/physically handicapped individuals unless it’s relevant to a joke. no, everybody is mad because they’re showing stereotypes of gays and apparently african americans?

    Sorry guys but there ARE femmy guys out there. There ARE masculine black guys out there. There ARE also straight guys who will lust for food without being aware of what’s around them. It fucking happens.

    They’ve got 10 seconds. What, they should take the time to make sure that they got every base covered? Where’s the latino? Bring in the Latino, then the Middle Eastern guy, the european tourist guy, the clumsy friend guy, the smart friend guy, the drunk guy, the sober guy, heck bring in a girl of each. We want to get “real life” in there, don’t we?

    come on people, lighten up

    BTW a commercial is NOTHING like the holocaust so you people bringing that shit up shut the fuck up

  • Jim Hlavac

    Two of the funniest ads ever — and if no one can ever make a joke about or with some flimsy fem guy than we’re losing our good ol’ American sense of humor. Not to mention that society is a lot less threatened by fem guys — gayness seems so natural then, and thus not a problem. Really, people, the fact that there’s even gay folks or ideas in the ad is a big plus.

  • Jaroslaw

    To an extent, I understand about stereotypes but not to exclusion of everything else the way they are being talked about here. For most straight people we don’t exist at all, except to be the “funny” uncle or the child molester. I don’t think the first one assumes every good looking guy is Gay, remember the married guy is staring at the two Gay guys. I would personally rather be thought of as effeminate and lusted after than a child molester any day.

    In the second, the larger, more muscular guys are often the tops, but again, many here assume straight people think about this sort of thing, completely through? I don’t. Both guys were good looking and I think the smaller guy just got caught trying to steal the goodies, and got MUCH MORE than he bargained for and that is generally considered funny no matter what the precise details of the situation!

  • Mike in Asheville

    Hmmm, 2 commercials, 4 hot bod guys — hot bods, full of choices of smooth and hairy, thin/trim and beefy, some tatts some tatt free, some earings some not, black and white, fem and masc. — something for about everyone. In my case, the more the variety the better.

    And yet, ABSOLUTELY ZERO desire for the Droittos. That’s what was being promoted and big double fails!

  • DR

    Great ads. Yes, I am a proud Neandertal whose funny bone and sense of humor were not surgically removed when I came out.

  • Liam

    Funny but yet insulting. Yet another view to the straight world that gays are fem queens.

  • Adama Taichou

    I personally found the commercials hilarious, especially the 1st one.

    I really don’t understand what people are all enraged over. People analyzing how the wife is looking at the guys and her husband? Really? Can’t we just go with the occams razor answer of “WTF Husband, why’re you seducing the neighbors?” People analyzing how gay men all perceive everyone as gay?

    Are we really giving THIS much complexity to a 30 second commercial? Are we really saying the director labored over it with this much of an intent for deep nuanced story about doritos?

    Furthermore, I feel like we as a gay culture are so busy beating our war drums about stereotypes, that we forget that all stereotypes do have truths to them.

    Alright, fine, the 2 guys are the stereotypes for the effeminate gay. Guess what, it’s a 30 second commercial. In 30 seconds they need to tell a simple story with easily decipherable characters. They’re not trying to make a short film with depth filled characters. SO, they want 2 gay characters? That means going with an easily recognized stereotype. Anyone can easily see the commercial and say “OH the wife thinks the husband is looking at the gay guys but really he’s lusting after tasty snacks!”

    Really, we all need to relax.

  • Adam

    @Adama Taichou: I’m not going to fucking relax until the playing field is equal. I’m sick and tired of being told to relax when we are consistently the butt of the straight world’s jokes. What is wrong with you people? Wake up and have some goddamn dignity and respect yourselves. Clueless whores.

  • Adama Taichou


    Once more, I think people are giving way too much power to a commercial. Furthermore, one should not always assume malice in every action. Do you really think the person was trying to poke fun at gay people?

    Did we even pay attention to the reactions within the commercial? All the characters reacted in perfectly reasonable, non-offensive ways to an admittedly bizarre situation. The wife is confused/annoyed – a perfectly valid response to finding your guy staring seductively at anyone, man or woman. She didn’t get enraged, fly off the handle, or anything like that would imply n offensively negative reaction to the gay men.

    The two gay guys, while effeminate, were polite, non-aggressive, and in fact very friendly and respectful. Really, the only complaint is “Boy they’re feminine. We’re not all feminine” To which I ask, in a 30 second commercial, wherein the message must be quick, and easy, how would you like two gay men in this scene to be portrayed.

    The gardening man reacted to it all with vague embarrassment – Also an acceptable reaction to such an occurrence. He didn’t freak out, or try to act all macho, or save face, or anything that truly could have been offensive.

    Also, how are the two gay guys the butt of the joke? Nothing negative happened to them at all. In fact, nothing negative happened to anyone. It merely portrayed an awkward situation. Would you rather the characters react poorly, like in the infamous gay kiss snickers commercial a while back?

    Once again, people need to relax.The only thing remotely offensive is “They’re effeminate.” Guess what, there are effeminate gay men out there. Lots in fact. Heck, I have my moments. In fact I’d say we ALL have our effeminate moments. That’s not a bad thing. Nor was it portrayed as bad in this commercial.

  • David in Chicago

    OK, if we are going to fight stereotypes, we need to as a community elevate strong, masculine men as spokesmen for the gay lifestyle. God forbid that a good looking man ever again represent gays…since that isn’t reflective of everyone. We need to find a lumberjack who dresses poorly, doesn’t groom or put product in his hair, only listens to heavy metal music, can’t dance and can’t sing. Oh, he also can’t be attracted to “straight” good looking guys. He can’t be into leather or be to much of a bear, because that’s a stereotype also. And even though we’re casting for the media, he can’t be to much into acting…because that’s too gay, and God forbid he be sensitive because that sends the wrong message.

    While we’re at it, all Pride celebrations are canceled because of all the ‘freaks’ with their shirts off waving boas. Only men in suits, sitting on the backseat of a tasteful convertible can be in the parades now. Oh and public kissing of men is out too…offensive to straights.

    It sounds to me, like only Republican Gays should be on TV, since they are the most “normal” looking people out there.

  • Chad

    I loved both of them. I didn’t get disgust from the wife. From the friendliness of the guy saying, “hey Barbara!” I didn’t get that their relationship was one of disdain.

    Well done, Doritos!

  • Adam

    All of you are hopeless. You just don’t get it.

  • bdyn

    i like ’em both.

  • DR


    No, Adam, we just don’t believe that every joke needs to be seen as “offensive”. PC thuggery be damned, these ads were funny.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    @Mike in Asheville:

    Yeah, I want everything BUT the Doritos as well. But most funny commercials have that effect.

    The Caveman (w/issues) series – don’t even remember what company it was for, but it was funny.

    The Geiko Gecko – funny as hell, never switched to Geiko though.

    The E-Trade babies — personal favorite, never opened an account. But at least I remember the company for some reason.

  • Jaroslaw

    Adam – I DO get what you’re saying – you think because it is possible, even likely that these are stereotyped ads. But they are not vicious. That is what YOU don’t get. Most humor, most communication is not even possible if we don’t have some starting point.

    The other thing you don’t get is that IF Gay people are to be like everyone else, then the first thing you do is stop being paranoid. Did you read my posts? Some were angry, probably you, positing that the two Gay guys “assumed every good looking man is Gay or ‘can be converted.” UH, the gardener was STARING at them with his mouth hanging open. The two Gay dudes weren’t assuming anything. The joke of course, is he was really staring at the Doritos. What is the harm in that? You assume the worst and then call everyone else hopeless. Sorry.

    And you sure won’t gain any sympathy or followers by calling EVERYONE here a clueless whore. Good luck on with that anger management class.

  • Adam

    @Jaroslaw: You ARE clueless whores and that’s the end of it. Let’s never speak of it again because I won’t see eye to eye with you and those who think the way you do.

  • DR


    You hit the nail on the head with the point about gay people wanting to be like everyone else.

    If this were a gay-themed ad with a gay man instead of a wife being upset over his hubby ogling the hot guys next door, teh gheys wouldn’t care.

    If this were a straight ad with two hot chicks instead of two hot guys, no one would care.

    People need to lighten up. If we want to be included in public life, that sometimes means silly and kinda-funny ads like this. Gay ads don’t have to all be like Virgin’s or Antonio Federici’s, the first which was just gay, the second which was controversial. They can be light-hearted and fun, and we can be in on the joke.

  • scott ny'er

    Adam, you lost me at the clueless whores part. I was behind you until then.

    It’s simple. Replace the two gay dudes by the pool with 2 black dudes. They could be your average black dude in long shorts or maybe thugged out black dudes. Or make it one black dude and a dudette. Then pan to the woman making the face. What type of reaction do you think that commercial will get?

  • Mike

    @Adam: Get a freaking life already. In your little world, everything is offensive. I am all for Militant Gay action, but this is ridiculous. Exactly what do you want, the only way I see as to make a commercial without offending anyone is to use gray faceless, sexless,vague humanoid figures to sell any and all products. The problem is not with these ads, its with you any first year psych student can spot it a mile away. Oh and sweetie, while you are on your little crusade to destroy anyone who uses gay stereotypes, Don’t forget to go after every other gay man and lesbian on the planet. We are the biggest offenders after all. So I say Lock us all up in Reeducation camps, We are Guilty, Every last one of us.Good luck getting a date though.

    or you could chill,maybe get some counseling, and maybe come back when you have got yourself under some control

  • Adam

    @Mike: I’m perfectly under control, sweetheart. The problem with your standpoint, and the others who support this garbage, is that while it makes sense, it’s weakened by the fact that virtually every single portrayal of gay characters IS a stereotype, and that while we don’t have legal and social equality. I’m all for using stereotypes and humor, but we are the constant butt of jokes in the straight world. The message in this ad is one of intolerance and bigotry, not acceptance or comedy.

    People are being murdered here and in other countries because THIS ad features stereotypes that translate into justifications for killing gays. Until the playing field is equal and more varied images injected into popular culture, and until gays actually have equal rights, it is foolish and dangerous to support this. That’s my stance and I’m absolutely not going to change it.

  • Mike


    People are being murdered here and in other countries because THIS ad features stereotypes that translate into justifications for killing gays.

    And here I thought that it was because of the way they were raised.
    Lets go after the guy who made this terrible ad and charge him with inciting violence on every gay person.

    sorry Adam (and I am absolutely sure no one has ever told you this in your life-with the exception of those online) YOU ARE WRONG

    Wrong,Wrong,Wrong,Wrong .. Wrong,Wrong,Wrong,Wrong
    your Wrong,….your Wrong,….your Wrong.

    And I know that you will never change your mind, We all know that.
    No more then the Fundamentalist of any belief system will ever change theirs.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    “Justifications for killing”?! Dude, its a Dorito’s commercial.

    Yes, it’s got stereotypical gays in it. But to conflate it with Scott Lively-style rhetoric leading to bludgeoned gays is intellectually dishonest hyperbole. If that commercial leads to someone being killed, then every effeminate man walking the street in equally guilty of inciting homicidal rage.

    And if that’s the case, we need more commercials like this not less.

    While I agree we have a long way to go on the equality front in America and abroad, to pull your hair out over every image of a flaming gay in the media (as if they don’t exist) might mean Mike is right. Maybe you should chill a little.

    I’m just saying.

  • Adam

    @Mike: You’re right, I won’t, because the ad contributes to gays being seen as a threat and as ammo fodder. I never said there was a direct correlation, I’m saying that the portrayals of gays, whether for “comedy” or not, have not really changed in DECADES. There is something wrong, there.

    I don’t care if you and those like you want to go through life with blinders on, but I am disgusted by just how complacent and forgiving you people really are. And then you claim to want equal rights and to be respected by straights and thought of as individual people? Well, you disrespect and pigeonhole yourselves. Period.

    @Taylor Siluwé: I’ve already addressed posts like yours in the rest of the comment section.

  • Mike

    forgive me for this everyone I am going to have to use some hyperbole here.

    @Adam: Just listen to yourself a little. you are beginning to sound a little like “Jared Lee Loughner” with your constant rants about how everyone just doesn’t understand the “Truth”. Are you Hearing Voices,Do they tell you to do things??

    the truth is You and people like are the “Problem”. Equal Rights does not mean taking Freedom from everyone else. Where does it end how much freedom should everyone give up so as you and your kind are never ever offended again? Freedom of Speech must go obviously. Freedom of the Press, well thats out too might offend someone. Freedom of Religion, gone.

    I for one will not take one Iota of Freedom from anyone,not even raving lunatics like you, just to make myself feel better. Speech codes don’t work because People like you always go too far with your demands.

    I believe that every gay man and lesbian needs to defend himself and his/her rights with force if necessary, But if that means we become little self centered obsessive drones following the “Religion” that is PC, then to H**L with it and its followers.

  • Jaroslaw

    Adam – I thought you were done commenting?

    Dr. – thanks for the compliment.

  • Adam

    @Mike: You and those like you just don’t get it, and you never will.

    Let’s agree to disagree since the consensus is that the Doritos ads are harmless. I really don’t care about it this much, and I’ve made my points.

  • Jaroslaw

    Hey – what happened to the words in the upper right corner (your cursor has to be on the screen) They now say “Dancing in Walmart HAHA” and last week they said ‘you know you want to touch it’ ???

  • Mike

    yes, Quite….Let’s agree to disagree.

    I will also agree to this, You have made your Points….. Quite Clearly. Its just to bad that your points are all wrong.

  • AOG93

    They finally showed one of them actually eating a Dorito near the end! LOL. Though I bet he spit it out when they yelled “Cut!”

  • Will

    These are both very funny. Decades ago, I would have been embarrassed by the queens; but as we ALL learn to simply accept the queens in public, it helps us all become accepted.

  • Jaroslaw

    I told my straight neighbors about this one and they’re cool with Gay – they told me there was another one where a guy said to another “I missed the best part” And he licks the other guy’s fingers who was feeding him Doritos….

    Anyone know where this one is?

  • Sansacro

    What’s offensive is that the guys are playing effeminate clowns (like gay step ‘n fetchits). It’s overkill and false. I don’t know anyone like those guys. And I live in the West Village in NYC. Frankly, I wish there were a broader and truer spectrum of gay “types” represented in the media, from trans bois to bears.

  • Brand

    If the two gay guys in the first ad weren’t “obviously” gay, then how in 15 seconds would you distinguish between them and the supposedly straight guy who is all openly licking his lips and swooning over what’s between their legs (as in between the two of them, the bag of chips)?

    If they were gruff and brusque in manner, not terribly well-groomed, hairy bodies, with a little bit of a paunch at the belly, wearing dirty old boardshorts, and you have this hot guy smacking his lips, you’re going to get the whole commercial backward, aren’t you? Then you’d be saying it’s a commercial about a hot gay yard boy who strays from his work to ogle a couple of stereotypical straight guys, and you’d be angry at the implication he’s only attracted to straight guys. Then you might think the doting lady of the house brings him a lemonade as an excuse to get close and flirt, only then realizing her yard boy is gay.

    Could the gay couple have been a bit less twitchy? Sure. Could any person on TV reign it in a bit or take a different approach? Of course.

    And how can you take these two ads to argue there should be a broader spectrum of gay “types” represented in the media when we’re presented with a twinky white pair in the one ad and a butch black bodybuilder in the other?

    The argument here, if someone wants to find one, is that both seem to play on the concept that gay guys are oversexed, and misinterpret everything as being a sexual come-on. With the hedgeclipper guy, while he may or may not be gay, the two guys were the furthest thing from his mind as he was clearly just single-mindedly hungering for a snack at that moment. With the white sauna guy, he is clearly not happy that the bodybuilder has interpreted the liberties he took by helping himself to the chip as an overture to get cozy—but he’s going to eat the chip all the same. In both instances, the straight guys are sexually innocent, while the gay guys have their minds on only one thing, sex. Of course, as someone up in here noted, you don’t get that close and familiar with someone in the sauna if you don’t want to give them the wrong idea, but it’s the wrong idea all the same.

    So the stereotype we see here, the underlying theme common in both, isn’t anything about type at all, it’s that all three of these gay guys jump to the wrong conclusion, reading too much into the actions of these two unsuspecting straight guys and incorrectly assuming it says something about their sexuality. Straight guys out and about who encounter other guys exhibit themselves to be gluttons for junk food (and presumably a beer to wash it down with); gay guys out and about who encounter other guys exhibit themselves to be presumptuous and sexual predators. Or, to put it another way, if you’re a straight guy, don’t hang out with gay guys because they’ll all get the wrong idea.


    Everytime I eat Doritos I will think of hot gay guys…..mmmmmmmmmmm.

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