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Durex Condoms’ Neat Viral Marketing Camaign Leaves Out the Gays

Durex, the condom manufacturer, has a pretty neat marketing campaign going on called That’s My Pleasure, where visitors to the site are encouraged to send friends and fuck buddies sexed-up e-cards “describing their pleasure” — sample entry: “Never making it to the bedroom” — for the chance to win a year’s supply of condoms. (We checked the rules, and officially the winners each receive 365 condoms, which may be five years’ supply of condoms for some of you; others, two months.) But in all the glossy images cycling through the page, and among the five e-card options, there are zero for the gays. Unless you count that banana, in which case we’re not buying Durex condoms simply because get an original fucking idea.

When even female condoms are being aimed at gay men, surely Durex should be pushing its new Avanti-Bare brand — supposedly the most au natrual feeling of them all — on the ‘mos.