DVD: “Life of Pi,” “Hitchcock,” “Sagat,” “Love Free Or Die,” And More!


This week in home entertainment runs the gamut from an Oscar-winning spectacle to low-if gay vampire debacle: Ang Lee’s Life of Pi brings the acclaimed novel about an Indian lad stuck at sea with a dangerous tiger to stunning 3D Blu-ray, while Anthony Hopkins brings the master of suspense back to life in Hitchcock.

Two very different modern gay icons are profiled in a pair of documentaries: Gay-porn star Francois Sagat in Sagat, and openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson in Love Free or Die.

Kristen Stewart’s mom, Jules, makes her directorial debut with K-11 (above), a grindhouse flick set in L.A. County’s transgender-prisoner unit. And, speaking of Twilight, what would a week be without a saucy gay vampire flick—in this case, Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood.

FIRST UP: The boy or the tiger, in Life of Pi.