Patrick Stewart rocks starring as a bisexual dance teacher in this week’s Match, which leads a tight week in home entertainment. Late comedian Chris Farley gets feted in a documentary, and American Idol‘s Diana DeGarmo plays lesbian in Sapphic romcom Alto (above).

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($24.99 DVD; IFC Films)

Patrick Stewart turns in a bravura performance as Tobias, a flamboyant queer Julliard dance instructor who is confronted with the possibility that he may have fathered a child during his freewheeling, sexual youth. Matthew Lillard and Carla Gugino co-star — as a young couple visiting New York to interview Tobias about his past — in writer/director Stephen Belber’s adaptation of his own play, but Stewart truly rules the screen here.



I Am Chris Farley


SNL legend Chris Farley’s all-too-brief career and life is recounted in this documentary featuring plenty of rare footage of his Second City days — where he created his insane motivational speaker character and “in a van down by the river” schtick — and interviews with Mike Myers, Molly Shannon, Christina Applegate and many others. While this definitely qualifies as a hagiography, with overuse of triumphant music throughout and redundant descriptive commentary about the clips we see, there are some brilliant bits of footage and Myers in particular supplies great anecdotes. You are missed, Chris.



($19.95 DVD; Cinema Libre)

In writer/director Mikki del Monico’s lesbian romcom, American Idol‘s Diane DeGarmo plays Frankie, a rocker engaged to a nice Italian guy who, after discovering what could be the body of a mob hit in her rental car’ss trunk, has a meet cute with a mafia don’s daughter, Nicolette. Wuh-oh! Mobsters and lesbian romance, oh my! Annabella Sciorra and Orange Is The New Black‘s Lin Tucci are amongst the co-stars, while DeGarmo and all-girl band Antigone Rising provide music as well. Extras include bloopers, deleted scenes, and behind the scenes featurette. Fun fact: one of film’s few openly transgender directors, del Monico came out to his family as male during the film’s production.




Hot Pursuit

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