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ELECTION 2010: Reid, Cicilline, Baldwin, Polis, Frank, WIN. Murphy, Whitman, Giannoulias, Skelton LOSE. GOP Owns House

With Marco Rubio picking up about half of Florida’s Senate votes, he knocks Gov. Charlie Crist out of elected office in the near term and keeps Kendrick Meek from, well, becoming a national figure anytime soon. His victory is being called a win for the Tea Party, which is sort of true, though it’d be foolish to ignore the establishment Republican base he mounted to remove Charlie Crist from the Republican slot. Lots more below, including the election of Congress’ fourth openly gay representative!

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In Rhode Island, gay Providence Mayor David Cicilline will become the House’s fourth openly gay member, and the seventh in Congress’ history. Lincoln Chafee, an independent candidate who supports marriage equality, has won the governorship.

In Wisconsin, marriage equality supporter and uber-progressive Russ Feingold loses his Senate seat after three terms to buinsessman Ron Johnson. Lesbian Rep. Tammy Baldwin wins re-election with comfortable margins.

In Illinois, Republican Rep. Mark Kirk has won the Senate seat against HRC-backed candidate Alexi Giannoulias.

In Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid defeats Republican crazyhomophoberacistlady Sharron Angle in perhaps the closest race of the day. A major triumph for Dems on a night of so few.

In California, Meg Whitman has lost her $160 million bid for governor, with Democrat Jerry Brown winning his third non-consecutive term — and becoming the state’s oldest person ever elected to the office, as well as the state’s youngest (in 1974, at age 36 he won his first term). Sen. Barbara Boxer keeps her Senate seat.

The House will be controlled by Republicans. By how many remains to be seen. Rep. Nancy Pelosi will thus lose her speaker post.

In Iowa, all three State Supreme Court justices — David Baker, Michael Streit, and Marsha Ternus — facing a re-election battle headed by anti-gay groups like NOM and FRC have been voted out.

In Delaware Christine O’Donnell’s threat to the nation is dead with Chris Coon, the Democrat, cleaning up. Good thing she didn’t look at those polls.

New Hampshire’s Gov. John Lynch, who signed the state’s gay marriage bill into law, is expected to keep his seat.

In Kentucky, Rand Paul is expected to take more than half of the vote, beating Democrat Jack Conway.

In Connecticut, Democratic nominee Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will beat wrestling executive Linda McMahon for the governor’s mansion. Openly gay Kevin Lembo won the comptroller’s seat.

In New York, Democratic incumbents Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand are keeping their seats.

In Lexington, Kentucky, gay candidate Jim Gray was elected mayor.

In Guam, an unincorporated U.S. territory, openly gay Sen. Benjamin Cruz is keeping his seat. He is a former Guam Supreme Court justice.

In Missouri, Democratic Rep. Ike Skelton — who chairs Chair of the House Armed Services Committee and opposes repealing DADT — loses after seventeen terms; Rep. Vicky Hartzler ousts him.

In Maryland, Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley will be re-elected; a civil unions supporter, he’s strongly hinted promised to sign marriage equality legislation into law if it reaches his desk.

In Louisiana, homophobic Sen. David Vitter wins re-election.

In New York, Carl Paladino’s campaign is caput: Andrew Cuomo will take the governor’s race.

In Minnesota, Rep. Michele Bachmann wins a third term and is eying a new leadership post in the GOP-controlled House.

In Massachusetts, Democratic incumbent Gov. Deval Patrick keeps his seat. Rep. Barney Frank has beat GOPround-endorsed Sean Bielat to keep his House gig.

In Arizona, John McCain will keep his Senate seat.

In North Carolina, Marcus Brandon is elected to the State House, ticking the black and gay boxes.

In Colorado, Rep. Jared Polis has got another term.

In Kansas, openly gay West Point grad Dan Manning — who received death threats at home — is expected to lose his State House race.

In Pennsylvania, Iraq war vet and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal leader Rep. Patrick Murphy loses his House seat after two terms. Republican Mike Fitzpatrick will win. Pat Tooney beats Dem Joe Sestak in the Senate.

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  • Jesus

    Thank you me!

  • Nick

    still can’t find a single shred of evidence that the delaware votes have even been counted yet.


    Guess one could say that O’Donnell lost hands down
    Gotta hand it to the Delaware voters for not making the right choice…..(sorry I couldn’t resist tweaking Miss Masturbation is the root of all evil :p)

    Looks like Bluementhal pinned McMahon also *Yay*

  • Jeffree

    Looks like there’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on…. I’ll be watching the results until sleep—& vodka—takes effect !

    No surprise on Rubio.

    West coast will be interesting to watch.

  • Brock Taner

    Barney Frank won!

    Hooray for Barney!

  • Devon

    Good news out of Colorado: Gay-friendly Hickenlooper is projected to win the governor’s race over all-around terrible, no good, awful human being Tom Tancredo.

    Also, file this one in the cautiously optimistic folder, Michael Bennett is holding a slight lead over teabagging crazy person Ken Buck.


    DEMS LOSE THE HOUSE *fuckshitdammpisshell* *ARRRUUUGGHHH*

    Incomming Speaker of the House tells tea party lunatics “We won’t let you down”…………


    Hillary 2012

  • CityTime

    At least the Tea Party/Teabaggers/whatever (that’s a broad and vast group) is for getting rid of DADT. Glad for Rhode Island’s Cicilline and for New York’s Gillibrand. Wish Barney Frank had been tossed. All in all it’s been a mixed bag (and the only reason so many Repubs won is because the public is ticked off at the Dems for not coming through on so much, or pushing the health care thing down their throats, etc) Let’s hope everybody learns from all this.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    Dems’ll be back in 2012, after Republicans fuck everything up again.

  • J. Clarence

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Wait, your blaming Obama for Tea Party and conservative Americans coming out in greater numbers to vote for their conservative candidates than liberals did for their candidates!?

    There are more registered Democrats nationwide than Republicans, if we had an election it would always be a Democratic majority if everyone voted, but for some reason (Hint: check past Queerty posts and comments about how people are not going to vote for Obama anymore, as your guide) liberals and other Democratic voters don’t turn out to vote a lot. The irony of course is that those same people tend to be the bitchiest people, case in point: yourself, that get surprised when, shock, conservatives make larger gains.

    But hey, in two years we all get to try this again, of course DADT might still be in effect because of what happened tonight, and gays will be criticizing Obama for not passing a bill when he doesn’t have the numbers in either the House or Senate after tonight, but by then we will have learned our lesson.

    Oh who am I kidding, of course we won’t.

  • Ian

    It stung to lose both Feingold as well as Grayson, but there was a great salve in having that conservative deadweight Blanche Lincoln lose HANDILY. Rahm & Obama were WARNED to not go with her in the previous primary and to go with her opponent insteadand, but they both showed they preferred blue dogs over true progressives and now are reaping that particular loss.

  • Jeffree

    Remember that both Clinton & GWBush lost a chamber in Congress for their respective party as a result of mid-term elections, so this switch-overisn’t unprecedented.

    Big question is how many House seats will go Republican.

    Other big question is how the TeaParty-sponsored winners will be treated by the “countryclub Republicans.” I think we may see the some snark from each camp!

  • Kevin

    We need more in-your-face angry protests and heckling. We really showed those Democrats. Go us.

  • spider_orchid

    We’re f*cked ladies and gentlemen. SOOOOOOO f*cked.

  • Skyler

    Dear Michele Bachmann, fuck you. That is all.


    @J. Clarence: No I am blaming Jimmy Obama for ignoring the #1 issue exit polling stated was jobs and the economy. Obama focused on health care which means jackshit for the majority of Americans. Despite having a historical road map which showed the route not to follow waged by Clinton and the election debacle he endured in 1994 because of taking that path. Already health care providers elimited coverage for kids with pre-existing conditions just as the earliest provisions of the debacle began to kick in. Unions were exempt from the bill, the pharmacutical companies were allowed to inject their wishes into the bills. Medicare and Medicade are still prohibited from using their volume purchasing to leverage greater discounts…….Billions of dollars were spent on the auto clunker programs which were shown to simply cause people who were going to purchase a care in the comming year to up the timeframe to make the purchase. Obama make horrible decisions on which issues to focus on as a priority……..

    The administration allowed the minority party to take control of the talking points for every issue and while ther were some good things dome by this adminsitaation such as credit care reform the majority was put on the defensive and never gained the upper hand they should have maintained from day one. The only good thing is that the extreme lunatics from the tea party such as O’Donnell and it looks like Angle are going down in flames. But candidates such as Paul who once upon a time were only seen as fringe party candidates now are reupblicans and have acutually won seats. Moderate Dems are now going to be more cautious in embracing Gay causes. The electorate tilted right because of the influence of the tea party, this could have been 100% prevented had Obama pursued an agenda embraced by a the majority of the country……

    I look back at exactaly two years ago when at 11:01pm and Keith Oberman declared Barak Obama had just own the Presidency. I was at a Gay bar and the sense of euphoria was incredible. We had won the Presidency, the house, the senate. There was bascially nothing that could not have been accomplished as part of a progressive agenda. DADT could have been repealled within two minutes of Obama taking the oath. Two years later what do we have to show for the support we showed? A whole bunch ‘o nothing……..

  • CityTime

    Plays Well : Ugh, those poor gay clowns at the bar on election night. Oh well, maybe gay men have learned to grow up.


    @CityTime:”Ugh, those poor gay clowns at the bar on election night”

    Sorry you gots that one 100% wrong. Myself and a good majority of the Gays and Lesbians at that bar came from the Dem party HQ where we had volunteered to work the phones, get out the vote, ferrying elderly people to the polling places. We all gathered at the bar to watch the results. Unlike a lot of the people who like to pontificate and spew about how people should do something myself and others actually worked to get Obama elected because we believed the Gay community could actually make some gains from that election. And now as I see the state electorate maps on the TVs turning red from blue at a sickeing shade of red I see nothing but wasted efforts and opportunities…..

    And to add insult to injury tonite. In my own home town the Mayor who is a meglomanical wanna be dictator ran for state senate as a repugatican and unseated a Democrat who was an effective representive and friend of the Gays…..

  • Devon

    After tonight, Obama has no excuse to keep pushing the “orderly, legislative repeal of DADT” meme. It was already unlikely to happen, but now whatever miniscule chance there was of it happening has evaporated. He needs to stop firing gay soldiers with an executive order and instruct the DOJ to stop defending it in court, and he needs to do it ASAFP. The same goes for DOMA.

  • tjr101

    Say good bye to any sort of LGBT legislation for the foreseeable future, unless its a constitutional amendment banning something.

  • wompman

    Yup, I agree with TRJ101. Between the jerkoff NOMs win in Iowa and Repugs taking over the house it will be a cold day in Hell before we see anything even slightly gay friendly passing this government. Thanks for doing NOTHING on DADT, Obama and the Dem congress (while you had a chance). At least now we know exactly how much you care about the gays who voted you into office.

    Time to focus on small goals locally, the national gov’t is useless now. And if you live in a Red State, well, just wait it out, it’ll get better…eventually.

  • damon459

    I can’t wait to see nothing get done under the GOP so I can log back on here and say I told you so. LOL until we unite and agree on even one issue nothing well ever happen. People blame Obama well guess what folks he just signs shit when it hits his desk. Keep skipping elections or voting for the people who proudly hate us and see where it gets us. Our great movement started in the 1960’s and look how far we haven’t come.
    Frankly I’m fed up with the gay rights movement it’s nothing but bitch bitch bitch gimme gimme gimme.

  • reason

    Harry Reid prevailed, what a tough SOB. The GOP taking over the house may provide the pull to the right that the administration needs to cut spending and balance the budget. The administration already has the economy on a good trajectory and further influence by congress may no longer be needed. Passing Health Care when they did was the smartest thing in the world granted there would be no other time to do it. They knew that no matter what steps they took to improve the economy it would take longer then two years, alienating the public and bring the GOP back to power. In the two years that they had they have made all of the legislative changes they need to to put the economy on the right track. All of the indicators point to an economy that will continue to gain strength with business recording record profits, the jobs will come along. We have a massive economy and things don’t change on a dime. Losing Pelosi in the house maybe the best thing for the administration, her power and sway was hard for an incoming president to contend with. Pelosi might be the best and most productive speaker in history, and I am grateful for all she has done, but her way of doing business can not sustain a party that is living in a rightward leaning time. The progressive left wing of the party has been rejected with their king Russ Feingold being thrown out of office. It is time to for a new beginning if this administration wants to win in 2012, it is still popular considering the depressed economic numbers that will improve elevating their fortunes. A re-branding will convince the independents that the uptick in the economy is the result of the administration growing into its shoes. As far as the GBLT agenda goes DADT repeal maybe the only legislative change that comes down in awhile. Many on here wanted to kneecap Obama and really only pushed the GBLT community into a very strong head wind, and the storm that is coming in with Speaker Bohner at the helm will not abate anytime soon.

  • reason

    The GBLT community has proven time and time again that they do not stick by their allies. The three supreme court judges that ensured our marriage equality in Iowa are now paying the ultimate price, the lose of their careers. That has to be a tough pill to swallow for a completely ungrateful community. There has not even been so much as a mention of them on this sight.

  • scott ny'er

    @reason: I think you mistake this site for another site. This site is about 2 words: MORNING GOODS.

  • Brutus

    It’s absolutely shameful that we let Feingold, Murphy, and the Iowa Justices get tossed.

    I do not ever again want to see posts about “not voting” or “vote against the Democrats.” Ever.

    We knew this was coming — history shows that Congress usually flips in a midterm if it was previously held by the President’s party –– but we should have shored up our allies more. Instead, we were too busy camping outside their offices, chaining ourselves to fences, and yelling at them while they’re trying to give a press conference.

    The Senate will still be absolutely gridlocked for the next two years, except now the Republican House will blame the Democrats for blocking “the people’s will.” Amazing how the Republicans are always so effective with that message when Democrats couldn’t even get people to understand that they did not have the 60 votes necessary to close debate on any bill so that it could be voted on, and that the Republicans, whittled down to 41 seats, exhibited great party unity.

    We’re taking it back in 2012.

  • Shouldn't certain gay sites & their commenters stop bullying gays too? ( John from England)


    Send your post to Get Equal who put you weird American gays in this mess.

    And @reason. I agree 100%. what you guys Inc the gay media have done to those Iowa judges is disgusting.

    Sorry but you guys deserve what you get. Queerty amongst others have orchestrated this by sounding the last year insulting the Dems and Obama fanatically at every chance.

    The right wing despises you and wannest you dead but you voted them in.

    You know what were saying in the UK? ‘I found no WMD, took you into an unjust war and caused the worst economic disaster in history and in only 2 years time, you voted me back in. Thanks for blaming the black guy’

    Lol, this is going all around Twitter. Says it all really.

  • Dollie

    @Devon: I am absolutely thrilled for Colorado! “Hick” is wonderful, and all of the numbered proposals (non-Coloradans, we’re talking tea party and staunch pro-life ideas) CRASHED and BURNED. Bennet and Buck are now tied, but I still have faith.

  • CityTime

    Plays Well : I didn’t mean any insult to you personally. If you did all that work for the Party you wanted then you had a right to be overjoyed at your win. I’m criticizing the average gay male who went a little too gah-gah over Obama’s win because, though he’s probably a decent guy, he IS a politician. And grown men should know a politician is….a politician.

  • CityTime

    John From England : You’re in England. How do you know what’s going on here in the U.S.?

  • robert in nyc

    We have all those who stayed home, gay and straight, for the republican/tea party success which means we may not get DADT repealed. Thanks for nothing. I’m as disappointed as anyone in Obama and with most of the democrats, but to put back in office the same people who were at the root of the economic meltdown is stunning. So now we’ll have a homophobe as speaker of the house and Rand Paul, another homophobe in the tea party calling the shots as a result of anger This election was for sale, no thanks to passage of the Citizens United action endorsed by a republican stacked Supreme Court, a slippery slope to banana republic status. Forget about any semblance of equality, its dead in the water now that the right wingers have taken control of the house. Elections obviously have consequences. We have some of our own people to thank for that, the Obama bashers.

  • robert in nyc

    City Time….have you heard of newspapers, the internet? That’s how John was able to make his comment. Its obvious Americans dont read and don’t have the information they need to make an intelligent decision to cast their ballots. George Bush couldn’t even tell you where Iraq or Afghanistan were on the map before he came to power and took us to war, and Palin said she could see Russia from her window. That’s the mindset that put the GOP back in power yesterday. You get what you vote for. This has to be arguably the dumbest electorate in the western hemisphere. Now I will gloat as the republicans go back to their old antics, giving tax cuts to the wealthiest, shipping all manufacturing jobs overseas…(Dell is about to spend $1 billion in China and could have spent that here on American jobs). Expect more of that, banks will be able to reverse their credit card policies, mortgage lenders will resume their shady practices, more foreclosures will occur, business as usual on Wall Street, unemployment will continue to soar, health care reform may be overturned at their own peril, easier access to college loans for young people will be reversed, social security, medicare tampered with and of course defense spending will sky rocket and the robber oil barons will continue pillaging the ocean for cheap oil. Corporations can now spend whatever they want buying elections and that includes foreign companies having a say in our political system without having to reveal their source. Nice work, republicans!

  • the crustybastard

    @Brutus petulantly insisted, “I do not ever again want to see posts about “not voting” or “vote against the Democrats.” Ever.”


    Let’s say that you had to choose between Ike Skelton, the old fart Democrat homophobe Congressional careerist who most recently blocked the military gay ban repeal, and has voted against ENDA, favors a Constitutional Amendment banning marriage for gay Americans, and doesn’t think women should be allowed to make their own reproductive decisions, or Vicki Hartzler, his Republican challenger who’s also a gigantic homophobe and religious nut.

    That was the shit sandwich/crap salad choice that gay Missourians in the Fourth Congressional District faced yesterday. Tell me those Americans should have rallied behind the Democrat who doesn’t believe they have any rights the straight man need respect.

    Go ahead. Because I’ll tell you you’re a clueless dumbass who really should learn to STFU.

  • whatever

    I am glad that CA remained a bulwark against teabaggerism. In an otherwise sucky night, Jerry was elected, Barbara frustrated Republicans again (if they couldn’t get rid of her in this climate, they never will), and Kamala Harris will be the new AG (she will not defend Prop. 8, unlike her Repub opponent).

  • Daez

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Your logic is flawed for two reasons:

    1) The government has absolutely no control over the economy. It is something that people need to realize. The only real hope for saving the economy comes from the private sector. If the Democrats would have passed the health care reform bill they wanted instead of the one they were forced to settle on because of the Repugs, it would have been a great success. Health care is part of the economy when people are getting so sick they can’t show up for work and are unable to do anything about it because they can’t afford a doctor.

    2) Unlike the Repugs, the Dems actually see two sides of the aisle. They have diversity in the party. Just because the Dems control the house, the senate and the presidency doesn’t mean anything. The vast majority of congressmen you saw voted out last night were Dems that might have well been Repugs because they took the exact same stance as them on almost every issue.

    The ridiculous thing is the concept of Blue Dog Democrats. Most all of them are gone now because while trying to pander to the Repugs in their district they alienated their base which cost them the election.

  • B

    No. 26 · Brutus wrote, “It’s absolutely shameful that we let Feingold, Murphy, and the Iowa Justices get tossed.”

    Feingold lost to a guy who pumped 10 million of his own money into the campaign, and according to “Feingold, one of the most liberal members of the Senate, had trailed much of the race. He was challenged by Johnson, a businessman, over his support for President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul, and over government spending.”

    Murphy won by 1000 votes in his first term and then lost to the previous incumbent by about 27000 votes this time. The Log Cabin Republicans BTW backed Murphy’s opponent Fitzpatrick in spite of Murphy having tried to repeal DADT. The campaign wasn’t about DADT.

    The Iowa justices is a different story: according to , “Gay marriage opponents spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the campaign. A group of former governors, lawyers and judges said the justices’ removal would threaten Iowa’s independent judiciary.” Whether anything could have been done to successfully reelect them depends on the size of the bigot vote in Iowa.

  • Daez

    @tjr101: How the hell do you think they can come up with a constitutional amendment banning something. They have a slight lead in the house, they don’t control the senate and they don’t control the presidency. There is no way in hell they are going to get a 3/4 majority to pass any constitutional amendments.

    However, say goodbye to anything being accomplished over the next two years. Nothing will get done. It will be a complete quagmire. In two years, we will be in the exact same state we are now if not worse.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see the Tea Party find out what most gays already know. It sucks being pandered to just for your vote. Just wait until the entire Bush tax cut package isn’t renewed because the votes aren’t there to pass a renewal.

  • Daez

    I am so over DADT repeal its not even funny. Why the hell does any self respecting gay or lesbian want to go to war for a country that treats you like second class citizens. If you want to fight for a cause so damn bad then start fighting against religious hypocrites.

  • whatever

    @Daez: Plays well is a disgruntled Hillary supporter. That’s all you really need to know.

  • Cam

    To all of you saying “Say good-bye to DADT repeal” etc…. Um, REid couldn’t get the repeal through the Senate with the largest majority in decades. I’m sorry, but if it didn’t happen then it wasn’t going to happen.


    @Daez: The perception from 90% of the electorate is that the President ignored the ecomic crisis. By concentrating on a useless health care bill he reinforced this notion. He was clearly lost in space, he let the repubs take the lead on every issue and what good the dems acompolished was never even allowed to see the light of day……..

    And with solid majorities of both houses, DADA, and DOMA could have been abolished within the first weeks of the administration, no effort was made for either………[email protected]whatever: Read post #18 before you begin to post without knowing a single fact about what you are posting. Unlike most likely you who sat at home and spews his ignorant comments while sitting at a keyboard, I and my friends actually spent a lot of time working to get Obama elected and for our efforts we got a whole lot of nothing regarding Gay issues.

  • whatever

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: It’s funny how you say Obama shouldn’t have focused on “useless” health care, which affects every single person and is an economic issue (COST, hello!), but should have focused on DADT and DOMA first which affect maybe 10% of the population, and 10% is being VERY generous.

  • scott ny'er

    well at least Whitman and Palladino lost. It would’ve been hell for NYers if Palladino won and Whitman doesn’t seem like a prize either.


    @whatever: Gee maybe cause I am focusing on the promises made to work towards the issues which affect the Gay community. Because of said promises myself and thousands of others contributed financially and spent actual physical hours working on getting him elected and by a simple executive order could have kept at least one of his promises…………..

    To me that is 100% of the reason why myself and the majority of the Gay community are kinda sorta upset….

    And the vast majority of those exit polled stated the health care debacle which lacked the promised public option is the reason why the house turned repub. And again, its not like he didn’t have a prior disastorus health care debacle to guide him………

  • whatever

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: He campaigned on health care everyday of his presidential race. This wasn’t a surprise to anyone.

  • The Truth

    The Dems failed the American people. If they were truly doing a good job then the party would have not been as apathetic.

  • CityTime

    Robert in NYC : But that’s just YOUR take, opinion, accurate opinion, total made-up fantasy, whatever on the situation. But at least you’re in the U.S. The English guy just picks and chooses to read sources that reaffirm his already-decided view. He doesn’t talk to Americans on the street. And if he’s getting most of his info. from gay blogs he’s really going to be living in a fantasy world in his head since most gay blogs just make up stories.

  • CityTime

    The Truth : The Dems should have focused on the economy before any healthcare biz. That was a big factor in this backlash. Just my opinion

  • adam

    @CityTime: Uh, newsflash: they aren’t for getting rid of the DADT. They were silent on gay rights, and polling shows them and those who sympathize with them are far more anti-gay than your generic Republican.

  • Theo

    I heard that the new speaker of the house is the A-hole John A Boehner from Ohio. Shocking.

  • Brock Taner

    Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, depicted the judges’ ouster, coupled with the GOP gains in Congress, as a “historic and stunning” victory for foes of gay marriage.

    The Iowa result, he said, “sends a powerful message to any judge who thinks they can impose gay marriage by judicial fiat against the wishes of the people.”


  • Derek Washington

    After a very long night of partying with Dem activists, Gay and Straight, my phone rang at 7:30am Wednesday morning. It was Senator Reid’s office asking if myself and my Stonewall board would like to be at a press conference with Senator Reid. This was his first press conference after winning. The people next to him were were a very diverse group. Stonewall made up the largest group of people with the Senator.We were the only club asked to be there en masse. I have hope that we will get some of our issues taken care of within the lame duck session.

  • gray hunt

    All the spinning above can not hide the facts. Dems out in a bloodbath. Obama has set the party back for at least a decade or more. Nothing moves or is funded without the house acting. More important….almost all states turned very RED in their houses and senates and governships Yes, thanks Berry for making the dems and afterthought and good luck in being a lame duck (jackass?) president after only 22 months.

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