Eve Loves Her Gay Fans (But Not Like That)

Ruff Ryding singer and actress Eve may have recently been arrested for a DUI, but let’s not forget that the 29-year old beauty has also been working on a new album, Here I Am…

The album isn’t slated until August, but that didn’t stop that girl Eve from sitting down with homo-journo Clay Cane for a little chat. In addition to discussing interracial dating, Don Imus and Barack Obama, Eve and Cane get down on the homo-action.

Cane gets the ball rolling by addressing all that pesky lesbian conjecture: It seems like every female MC has the gay rumors.

Cane: Are you frustrated by the lesbian rumors?

Eve: I could care less. I wasn’t [bothered] in the beginning. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t care.

Cane: You have a hardcore lesbian fan base? Are you comfortable with that diversity in your fan base?

Eve: Absolutely! I love it. Why exclude? First of all, the gays, when they love you, they love you. They are very loyal. I have a huge gay men fan base – I love them. And the lesbians? I love it. Why not?

Who’s that girl? Our girl, because Eve’s always been one of the most accepting hip-hoppers around. Unfortunately, not all of Eve’s musical peers are so down. The hip-hop industry has long been a safe-haven for anti-homo behavior, which leads Cane to ask Eve, “Do you think hip-hop artists ciould be openly gay or bisexual and be successful?” Eve answers a definitive, discouraging “No”:

No. Especially if it’s a man, only because there’s a lot of frontin’ in hip-hop. A lot of the personas and perceptions of hip-hop is pretending to have more, be more. A lot of the stories the rappers talk about – they’re pretending… If a guy came out, it would be amazing and I think that would be the bravest person ever. I definitely feel like – as far as men go – it would just be so…It’s just like gays in the military or gays in the NFL or the NBA. When it becomes that extra macho – in that world, I think it’s very hard. it would definitely be much harder for a man than a woman to come out.

Too true. Unfortunately, none of the women seem willing to come clean, either. You know who you are…

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