Out Ex-Disney Singer Garek Has Lots (Of Bad Things) To Say About Nick Jonas And Gang


Hell hath no fury like a cog in the Disney music machine scorned.

After moving to New York City with big musical dreams, Wisconsin-born Garek scored an internship at a music production house writing and singing demos for the likes of Disney and Nickelodeon — fun, right?!

Well, not quite.

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The assembly-line nature of the kids corporate music scene proved a poor fit for the out musician, and we really can’t blame him there. So the ghostwriter-gone-rogue turned his talents on the beast that trained him, and now he’s released a video for “Goddamn Dizzy Kids,” a direct attack at the pop-house synthetic industry.

Whether or not you dig his particular stylings, how can you not grab the popcorn for this shade-fest?

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“I was tired of making music for the machine,” Garek explains. “So, instead of feeding the machine, I set out to starve it. For ‘Goddamn Dizzy Kids’, I used the formulas I was privy to as a ghostwriter (big, bouncy choruses, bright, catchy hooks and contemptible, chantey nonsense), but used it in a way that allowed me to spread my message. I refuse to settle for the sea of mediocrity that has become the standard for this generation’s music.”

Nobody at Disney is safe from Garek’s quest for authenticity, including Nick Jonas. Well, nobody but Miley Cyrus — he’s got no beef with her.

Check out the video below:


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  • Sansacro

    seems like a nightmare, ragging tweeker. Sid Vicious he is not.

  • crowebobby

    I’d love to know what shade he throws on Nick, but I can’t listen to more than 15 seconds of this.

  • CoachS

    That was 5 minutes I’ll never get back. Seems like he has a great future… As a gogo boy. He’s got abs but he should’ve kept his mouth shut and kept cashing his Disney pay checks.

  • DDstar1me

    @CoachS …I have to echo those exact sentiments. He needs to keep his day job.

    Girl Bye!!!

  • Seattle Silver

    Seems like a self-absorbed “god-damn dizzy queen” with ego-attitude. Bye!!!

  • chuck

    Something I’ve noticed is Disney kids seem to turn fast lane sluts after their Mickey Mouse days are over… Perhaps an overdose from clean and wholesome?

  • dwes09

    That was actually firmly within the punk-pop tradition. Cute if bitchy song, amusing video and a great body on him. Better than a lot of severely autotuned crap on the radio, and just rough enough around the edges. Not art, but has no pretense of being art. I kind of enjoyed it, don’t know what all of you are bitching about.

  • redcarpet30

    Uhm, considering what he’s throwing shade on, I kinda loved this.

    Just sayin’

  • NateB79

    He must have a lot of friends. Literally every comment on youtube for this mess is positive.

  • mdhess

    Miley Cyrus can sing? News to my ears

  • IanHunter

    Bitter? Probably. He might make a career after escaping Disney, in glamour club music. I would probably be a little jealous of all of the Disney kids also.

  • SeijnSei

    No. Honey. Its you. You suck.

  • NateB79

    @IanHunter: I would be too. They have a huge machine behind them crafting and molding them to be famous and successful.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Well… that was something. Not certain what.

  • Chris

    Okay as therapy, I guess. He’s a good looking man when he’s not all made up and his voice could be good if he bothered to hit the notes. Maybe he could develop himself as the anti-Steve Grand.

  • zipperzone

    Hot body – he could easily become a porn star.

    Is that what a $400. haircut looks like?


    Watch out guys! This guy is edgy! Woooohhhh what a bad ass! Don’t hurt anyone tough guy!?

  • bobmister250

    Queerty: Stop trying to stir up drama.

  • n900mixalot

    Hm … not into blondes but he’s definitely cute. Song is obnoxious but very catchy. I could care less about the content but he clearly knows the formula.

  • Stenar

    Sounds like sour grapes because he didn’t get famous.

  • drelocks15

    Yeah….That happened.

  • da90027

    LMFAO…I just love coming onto these stories about people I don’t know just to read the comments it is more fun than the news. I would like to see this guy bottom for a 12″ Brazilian in a porn though.

  • mz.sam

    Garrett is an amazing artist and Hot, Hot, Hot!

  • btrmale

    What a freak. He can be jealous of Nick!! He’ll NEVER be Nick Jonas. Just a freak wannabe!!

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