Ex-Gay Poster Boy John Paulk Has Been Outed—Again

Have you followed the sad, predictable story of John Paulk?

john and anne paulkBack in the 1990s, John and his wife, Anne, made a name for themselves on the ex-gay circuit: They were both, they claimed, cured of their homosexuality and living a happy hetero life together. John ran Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out conference and was chairman of Exodus International. An “ex-gay” poster boy, appeared on Oprah and Good Morning America and graced the cover of Newsweek (right).

Of course, John’s happy hetero life just happened to involve trips to gay bars: In 2000, he was photographed by then-HRC spokesman Wayne Besen at Mr. P’s, a notorious Washington, DC hustler bar. Excuses and evasions followed but eventually John Paulk admitted that he’d had a “lapse.”

He maintained, though, that he was still totally straight, bro.

And that’s pretty much where the story left off—at least until now: John and Anne moved to Portland, Oregon, and opened a restaurant business. But they continued to participate in the ex-gay movement. And John, according to Besen—now head of Truth Wins Out—kept introducing himself to attractive young men. He also allegedly changed his Facebook status to indicate he likes “men and women.”

PaulkBesen released the results of an extensive investigation into 49-year-old John’s private life, complete with interviews with paramours and screengrabs of salacious texts.

“He came in and wanted to do all kinds of things to me,” said Michael Phillips, a bartender at Silverado, the local strip club in downtown Portland. “Um, he wanted to date, he wanted to have sex, he wanted to give me a blowjob in the bathroom, he wanted to give me money, he wanted to do all kinds of stuff.”

What dangers does the ex-gay movement pose to impressionable youth? Exhibit A, your honor.

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  • kurt_t

    You had me at “24-Hour Fitness.”

  • SteveMD2

    Bottom line on the ex gays – they dont fix, they get driven deeper znd deeper into the
    Closet so they become pathological liars in some ways. it all comes from being
    terrified of going to hell, being forced to listen to eg 32 hours of continuous sermoms
    s etc

    sometimes in the past they were burned with electric shocks and tossed in a tub filled with icecubes and water. Pure torture.

    They are still queer(sri guys and girls – I’m your friend and a major donor to marrige equality which won in our state in NOV)

    Its going to be a battle but of course CA has outlawed fix the gays for minors and NJ is looking at it , driven by the southern Poverty law centers lawsuit to end the insane
    practice which is simply


  • SteveMD2

    btw WHEN i SaW the name Paulk I thought of a Paulik (? ) he waz one of the hot boys used in the early Bel Ami gay porn

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