Would you be unimpressed if a date turned up on a bike?

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A gay man’s tweet about turning up for a date on a bike has gone viral.

Andie, who works in sexual health in the UK, shared the tale about one of his worst dates, including a screenshot of the exchange that took place.

He says he arranged to meet the other man for a picnic in a park. We’re guessing this took place in London, given the mention of the tube train system. Ahead of the meeting, the two men swapped text messages. Andie mentioned that he rarely used public transport, relying more on his bike to get around.

“It’s meant to be a date and you’re on your bike!” responded his date.

“Eh? What’s my method of transport got to do with anything?” replied Andie.

“Doesn’t matter,” responded his date.

But Andie pushed for more clarification. The date then made his displeasure known, pointing out he’d be walking while Andie had his bike: “Hardly a date – and then ily [sic] cycle home and me the tube!”

“But we’re going to a park. I’ll lock my bike at the station when I meet you!” replied Andie.

“Can we leave it? I’m here now but looks like youre just meeting a mate at the park,” replied the date.

Andie said in an accompanying caption, “I remember arranging a picnic at the park with a date and got in trouble for cycling there. Needless to say the date didn’t go well, I got ignored.”

The tweet has had over 31k likes and prompted thousands of comments and retweets. It also seems to have split opinions. Many sympathize with Andie’s bemusement at the situation, given the date was a picnic in a park.

However, others say turning up for a date on a bike is a no-no. They point out you risk turning up hot and sweaty, or it suggests you won’t be going home with someone.

And many, many others just shared their own dating disaster stories.

Andie told Queerty was suprised his post went viral.

“It actually happened eight years ago yesterday. I had posted it on my Facebook at the time and it came up as one of those ‘on this day’ things. I’d forgotten about it and it made me laugh yesterday, so posted it on Twitter. I guess it resonated with people.”

We’re pleased to report that all ended well for Andie. After this disastrous date, a few weeks later he “met a handsome Canadian and the rest is history 😍” They’ve now been together since 2015.

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