Find It Hard To Make Gay Friends? You’re Not Alone.

Are you the only gay in the village?

No, of course you’re not.

And while that means there are plenty of fish in the sea for awkward dates or late-night texts, making gay friends is often an entirely different story.

Lines can get blurry when two guys who are into guys embark on a plutonic relationship, but the value of having like-minded friends in your corner ready to go to bat for you is substantial.

Below, guys take to Whisper to discuss their struggles making gay friends. Anything sound familiar?

All the time I try to make gay friends, I come off as homophobic according to them... They know I'm gay too..

I need to make gay friends to guide me through this road I'm absolutely unfamiliar with. I'm always crushing on straight guys & that needs to stop.

Making gay friends just because we both like guys is the worst. #TheStress #TheShade

I'm gay but I have no gay friends. I value all my friends that I have now but sometimes I just want to chill and talk about guys with other guys.

It's nearly impossible to make gay friends if you're

I need more gay friends. Being the only gay person in my group of friends is becoming an issue.

One thing that sucks about being a gay guy is that it's hard to make gay friends without them wanting to be fwb.

Sometimes it's hard to make gay friends because some are too full of themselves. But it's hard to make straight guy friends because they're intimidating. I just can't win

I'm gay and I have a hard times making gay friends. Sometimes I feel like I'm not gay enough... I just don't see the need to be flamboyant. It's become like a expectation in the community.

I need more gay friends. Hanging out with straight girls isn't as fun as it used to be.

I'm gay but I don't have a lot of gay friends. I never seem to click with gay guys but I'm not sure why.

Even though I'm gay I don't have gay friends, all they want is sex

I'm gay but don't fit in with other cliques. I want gay friends who aren't into clubbing every weekend

I'm gay and I'm feeling very lonely, wish I had gay friends in real life

I've been called a hypocrite because a lot of gay people annoy me. That's probably why I don't have gay friends...

I want to hook up with other guys but at the same time I want to make friends... Making gay friends is hard

I'm gay and I have no gay friends because they all just want to sleep with me. Not looking for that.

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