Florida Log Cabin Republicans Defend Ad Featuring Slain Ambassador

Thumbnail image for LCR-small-ad.jpgEven though the Broward County Log Cabin Republicans nauseated their own national leader when they published an ad in a local LGBT newspaper that used a photo of slain American ambassador Chris Stevens to attack President Obama’s Middle East policy,  the group is defending their actions.

The ad, which ran in the Florida Agenda, showed Stevens being carried through the streets of Benghazi with text which attacked President Obama for not protecting “gay/gay-friendly American citizens from the terror of Islamic radicalism.” (In the wake of Steven’s murder, right-wing blogs speculated he was gay.)

When asked by Bilerico Project if the local LCR group still stood by the ad, spokesperson Andy Eddy said cryptically: “If you mean in support of Israel, and if it saves one life of a young innocent individual like a Matthew Shepard, or anyone else who was or could be murdered, or will be so badly and wrongly mistreated because of intolerance based on sexual orientation, U.S. citizenship, religion, etc., I personally do.”

In a letter to the Florida Agenda, Log Cabin executive director R. Clarke Cooper wrote “there are plenty of reasons to vote Republican to protect US interests and human rights abroad, but the obscene ad in this publication is fallacious, grossly inappropriate and irresponsible.”

Cliff Dunn, executive editor of the Agenda, defended the paper’s decision: “In terms of a political ad, it’s different from an ad for a furniture warehouse,. While both are protected by free speech, our responsibility as a journal is to serve as guardians of the First Amendment. Its true we could have turned down the ad, but I think that a better good will be served in that this message is so beyond the pale that it may have a deleterious effect than what was intended.”

Surprisingly, or perhaps not so, GOProud has come to the Broward County group’s defense: GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia told the Washington Blade, that “it’s clear that LCR Broward understands, like we do, that the greatest threat to gay people in the world is the spread of radicalized Islam.”

Or maybe it’s perverse gay groups that bow at the feet of our enemies.


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