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PHOTOS: Folsom Street Fair Defies Mother Nature by Heating up San Francisco

San Francisco‘s Folsom Street Fair was threatened by rain and overcast skies this year, but nothing could cool off one of the world’s sexiest public gathering, where leather boys and girls and fetishists of all stripes—plus legions of fans from around the world—were up to their annual hijinks.

More than 400,000 people crowded the 12-block radius all Sunday afternoon. We assigned the incomparable Kevin Kauer to cover all the highlights in pictures. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more Folsom party slideshows!









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  • Scruffy

    #1 guy in fur hat: sexyhot! Got his contact info??

  • Spenc24

    I want both of them! yum!!

  • JJDuf

    the only thing hotter would be if they were making out!!!

  • sfguy

    they both have extremely sexy eyes! 😉

  • folsom11

    picture #1 #theboysiwillneverget

  • bossto

    is this how it is every year?? looks like loads of fun!

  • fairytale

    pic #2 – lady gaga? haha

  • fairytale

    @bossto: YES!! SCRUFF, HOT GUYS, & CRAZY SHIT!!

  • Michael

    Guy in the fur hat most definitely nummy 😀

  • joe&jake

    guys in pic #1 are sexy as hell! girls in pic #13 are AMAZING!

  • Storm

    Folsom’s kind of gone to hell. It’s not the event for leather fetishists it once was. It’s turned into “Cirque du So Gay.” Weirdness and silliness for its own sake, which isn’t a bad thing. But thank the leather gods for Dore Alley.

  • Spike

    Rather dull bunch of pics, hardly a surprise Queerty would post. BTW, Folsom weekend is typically one of the warmest of the year in SF, but then again you would have had to attend once or twice to know that.

  • Radiance

    @Spike: well i’m glad it wasn’t too warm cause the fur hat and leather jacket look really hott on the guys in the first pic!! 😉 🙂

  • ewe

    @Storm: so true. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Very tame.

  • ewe

    I don’t see one platic baggie stitched to a tit dripping blood into it.

  • David

    Scruff is the most lame buzzword ever for people who just have stubble and can’t grow actual facial hair.

  • Chris

    You guys need to start using photo galleries that do not refresh the entire page and require the user to scroll down to see the “next” button every time. It completely kills the desire to scroll through all the photos when you have to do that.

  • JoeyB

    Yawn… So passe.

  • Pete n SFO

    What a bunch’a cranks… I didn’t go to the festival, but the whole gayborhood was a ton of fun all wkend… everyone was out & about, lots of sexual energy in the air, we even managed a nude-in!

    Snark all you want. You WISH your gay asses were in SFO! lol

  • BubbasBack

    Mommy, why do these people dress, or undress, like dat? (Burp).

  • mike

    come one, fur hat guy … we need more pics of you, grrrr

  • Karl

    I’ve been viewing a lot of the photos taken at the most recent Folsom St. Fair. As a straight guy who is feeling more and more gay with each passing day, I must say that the idea of men having sex in public is — to me — highly erotic, and I found images on other sites which I feel to be some of the most stunningly beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. Guys holding other mens’ dicks in their hands, guys masturbating each other, and still others masturbating from a second-floor window for all the world to see. I would love to attend this event sometime in the future, as there is nothing like it in my part of the country, and I doubt, anywhere else either.

  • George Miller

    The best ever and most photos of Folsom Fair are at this site….

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