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Four Latin Jocks Go On A Canary Islands Adventure

JO4A7804Take four shots of sex appeal, add a splash of wilderness, and garnish them with Malebasics 2015 underwear. You end up with a potent, thirst-quenching mix. (Or does it make your thirst more real?) Photographer Adrian C. Martin takes four chiseled models and two underwear collections out to Tenerife’s rugged terrain on the Canary Islands. Good thing both the Camo and Neon Collection are moisture-wicking.

Airam, Fede, Eric, and Javier are in for a hike. The four sexy guys wander the outdoors in their underwear and nothing but. And judging from the light caught by their collective sweat, the sun is beating down, hard. They start out wearing the Malebasics Camo Collection and it’s no surprise the underwear’s style comes through like no other here.

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Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin