FRC’s Peter Sprigg Remains Concerned About Straight Soldiers Being Raped By Gay Comrades

Even the Christians at the Christian Broadcasting Network are “confused” about the status of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, so thankfully they turned to noted field expert Peter Sprigg, of the Family Research Council, who describes the “disruption and chaos that the military really does not need” arising from Judge Virginia Phillips’ court ruling. “There are concerns about an increase of sexual tension, sexual harassment, and even sexual assault,” says Sprigg, quoting his internal monologue.

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    Why do all these vile bigoted disgusting scumbags all resemble talking cadavers? They are as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside………..

  • Qjersey

    too bad he’s not so concerned with straight male soldiers raping female soldiers (who have been told things like “deal with it”)

  • hf2hvit

    Another right-winger projecting his fantasies again.

  • Jeffree

    Sprigg & his FRC crew assume that the DADT repeal will suddenly cause an upswing in MSM action in the military. What they don’t realize is that we’ve had str8 men in close quarters w/ gay men since wars have been faught.

    Plus, the other countries who have integrated str8 and gay military personnel have not had those type of problems.

    FRC is just trying to seem relevant, but they don’t know what theyre talking about.

  • FYI

    “There are concerns about an increase of sexual tension, sexual harassment, and even sexual assault,” says Sprigg, quoting his internal monologue as he fondled himself under the table, repressing the fantasy of hot, naked gay men in the showers…until Pat Robertson and Rick Warren swished into his wet day dream fantasy and asked Peter to braid their back hair. Peter instantly woke up, went limp and then came back to hating on the Gays to finish the interview.

    A sad, but true story. At least that’s what the Sky Pixie confided in me over breakfast and prayers this morning.

  • Cam

    By saying that putting people in the same area who are attracked to the gender they are working with causes rape, would seem to indicate that either the Family Reseach Council has a lot of rapes int heir offices or they only hire one gender. After all, if his research is accurate wouldn’t it be accurate for any workplace?

    Also, is he then stating that multitudes of female soldiers are raped every week in the military?

  • Kev C

    Straight people have lots of self control problems. Makes you wonder how the human race survived with so many issues.

  • gregger

    That closet case needs to get a clue, most of the rapes that have happened seem to be from “straight” men.

  • Lawrence

    ugh – fuck religious ignorance under the guise of civil liberties…

    can I start a following that believes Christianity is a choice which bring evil into this world – and then use this to propagate my hate into civic spheres? Yes to an extent this is happening, through the Atheistic narrative – of course it’s wrong (just as wrong as these dumbasses) and we should just learn to fucking tolerate each other already…

  • Sug Night

    Why is it that guys who look like this are always the ones worried about being raped by other guys? He WISHES.

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