Friday Forum: What Should Obama Say?

It’s that time of the week, when Queerty takes a break from the opinion-making and puts you, the readers, in charge. Each Friday, we invite you to be the pundit on a hot-button question facing the LGBT community and its allies. As always, we expect people to be respectful and considerate of others by refraining from personal attacks. We present the information, you make the decision.

If there’s one thing at which the new President excels, it’s lofty rhetoric. Previous speeches have solved racism, the divisiveness in our country and empowered every American to be the change they believe in, so the bar for Tuesday’s inauguration speech is set stratospherically high. Swedish betting site Betsson is taking wagers on what words he’ll include. Most likely: the United States of America, change, world, economy, God bless America and recession. Least likely: Peru, Zapatero, Angela Merkel, Jan Peter Balkenende, Matti Vanhanen (Finnish Prime Minister) and GyÅ‘zike.

We suspect Michelle Malkin expects Obama to put a turban on his head, give his wife a fist-bump and command us to prey to Mecca; Andrew Sullivan is just hoping Obama winks at him.

It is one of the most anticipated speeches in American history, but is it going to be an uplifting hopeariffic change-a-thon, or is Obama going to get down to brass tacks and explain how he’s going to avert the apocalypse in specific terms? Will the gays get a shout-out? Will the puppy? Will Lincoln?

So tell us, oh wise Queerty readers, what is Obama going to say? And, more importantly, what do you want him to say?