OMG! It's SMG!

From Buffy to Ringer: Six Reasons Why Gays Love Sarah Michelle Gellar

Unless you’ve been held hostage by a gang of vampires in a dingy underage alternative-music nightclub, you know Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on television. I swear, every single billboard and bus in the greater Los Angeles area has her face splashed on them— twice!

The Buffy star and 90s scream queen stars in The CW’s Ringer, which premiered Tuesday night. And even if the show teeters on soapy melodrama, cringe-worthy soundbites and sketchy production levels, I have to believe Ringer will succeed.

If only because of the gay fanboys.

Ever since her Sunnydale days (or actually even before, during her bitch-a-licious stint in All My Children), SMG has had such a loyal gay following that now I make a rule to never date men who aren’t stellar for Gellar. I’ve still yet to run out of options…

Gellar did the Twilight thing ten years earlier—and ten times better. AflterElton declared Buffy Summers an icon for young gay men grappling with the “isolating loneliness” of keeping a dangerous secret. But even beyond being the Slayer, SMG has had our continued support for a reason—or six to be exact.

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