Strange bedfellows

Gay adult star Blake Mitchell responds to Anthony Scaramucci following him on Twitter

Happy almost 4th

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There’s a new blowhard in town, and his name is Anthony Scaramucci.

The incoming White House Communications Director — who wasted no time in making a complete ass of himself last week in a New Yorker profile published the day before his very-pregnant wife Deidre filed for divorce — has left many scratching their heads, not only for his inane rantings (“What I’m going to do is, I will eliminate everyone in the comms team and we’ll start over”) but also for the fact that he’s following gay porn star Blake Mitchell on Twitter.

Maybe it’s because Mitchell is a five-alarm major babe alert:

And the sun shines bright on my ole Kentucky home ???

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It was evidently news to Mitchell as well:

According to the Los Angeles BladeMitchell, who identifies as bisexual, says:

“I posted the screenshot that showed that he was following me. He was in a Twitter ‘Moments’ slideshow, and I clicked on his profile inside that. When I saw he was following me, my reaction was exactly what I posted online — Wait…what?”

He decided not to return the follow.

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“I vote every chance I get, and I’m not afraid to ‘get political,” he tells the Blade. “But I’m at a point in my career where focusing more energy on the current political situation would detract from my abilities to climb the corporate ladder if you will.”

“I’d have to say, Anthony Scaramucci is the most surprising follower I have,” he says.

Scaramucci has yet to comment on his decision to follow Mitchell, and for some reason we don’t think he will.

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  • Paco

    I did detect a certain vibe from Scaramucci but forced myself to dismiss it as broken gaydar.

    • Paco

      And it has just been reported that he has been removed from his position as communications director. He didn’t last long.

  • Larry McD

    This is hilarious! Blake Mitchell is also a FEMALE porn star ( I don’t know which is funnier… him signing up for the wrong porn star or him signing up for the right one.

    • tylee

      That is not at all the same guy, look at the picture.

  • da90027

    First of all there are NO REAL PORN STARS anymore. It is not the 90’s anymore. Everyone and their mother is doing it. Scaramucci is a moron though I will agree to that.

    • DarkZephyr

      And then second of all?

    • Kieru

      What exactly is a ‘real’ porn star, if not someone who gets paid to be recorded having sex with someone who is otherwise a stranger, the video of which will be sold to others for their viewing pleasure?

    • Bromancer7

      @Kieru a “porn star” is someone who is at the top of their game; an A-lister. Everyone else should be called a “porn actor”.

  • batesmotel

    Oh please, he loves that he’s following him. That’s why he’s taking screenshots and talking about it. He has an actual famous person following him and now he’s bragging about it. Although, Anthony could do better.

  • He BGB

    He must have made a mistake. The Mooch,is way tooambitious to do this. He got a divorce over Trump.

    • Xzamilloh

      Given recent events, Mooch is just making it rain Ls in his life

  • Riley

    We can all now say good night Irene to Anthony Scaramucci he was fired.

    • Xzamilloh

      This administration is an absolute joke… now we have people in that administration being fired literally before they are slated to officially assume their role. Mooch wasn’t supposed to start as communications director until August.

  • Brian

    He follows 167,000 accounts. There are probably dozens of mistakes mixed together. He’s not really “following” anyone.

  • da90027

    Porn actor is more like it back in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s when porn was more underground and more taboo there weren’t as many doing it and they were considered “stars” like Jeff Stryker etc. Now with millions doing it I wouldn’t call anyone doing it a porn star. The Stars were rare and few. There is no real money in it anymore sites like Xtube etc have all eaten into that. And who would pay for it these days anyway you can get it free all day long.

  • Terrycloth

    @Larry McD…Blake is not remotely in that movie .as a woman or otherwise.He has been employed for years in twink porn working for Helix Studios.

  • QGridster64

    So, why is it acceptable to make memes about AC sucking his own c*ck, but if anyone had dared make a meme about Huma regularly licking the Clintoris, a lot of the readers of this site would have gone guano-crazy?

    • startenout

      It’s probably okay because he made the crass reference himself in a very public forum whereas she never said anything remotely related to her clitoris or any other part of her anatomy. I love when people try to make imaginary “analogous” unrelated references!

      My turn: why is okay for a moronic, misogynistic, racist blowhard to be president when I don’t have any chocolate in the house?

  • Nahald

    We all know that when it comes to the Trump administration, it’s a do as I say , not as I do situation.

  • Spike

    Another airport men’s restroom stall toe tapping republican.

  • GayEGO

    Well the Mooch is gone now and we shall see how long John Kelly and the rest of looney-tunes Trump’s staff lasts!

  • ShowMeGuy

    When Trump said he was going to be the jobs president…..what he was saying is that during his administration everyone would work for him for 15 minutes.

    • stevetalbert

      Andy was right, everyone will have their 15 minutes. Too bad trump made it past 16

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