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A tweet highlighting the reality of life for most couples, in contrast to the “Insta-cute” version promoted by some influencers, has gone viral.

The tweet comes from Tyler Hightower (@TheBigDog77).

The caption says, “I’m tired of seeing this corny ass couple on my TL” and is accompanied by a video of Tyler and boyfriend Ahdeem in bed together.

Tyler proceeds to question a well-known YouTube couple and contrasts their relationship with his own.

“They were together for like two seconds of some shit and didn’t even ask all the right questions, crying on camera. You know what real couples do?” he asks.

He then pulls the camera back to reveal him and his boyfriend. Tyler is in his underwear and has a games console resting on his belly and his boyfriend, tucked under a blanket, is watching something on his laptop.

“They have their fucking tits out … their fat guts, I’m playing Xbox and he’s on the computer. That’s what couples do.

“And you know what we do?” he continued. “We talk and then we go through these like lulls where we’re having a conversation for like 15 or 20 minutes, and then I’m so focussed on the game, or he’s so focussed on what he’s watching on TV or the computer, we like, you know, stop talking for a little bit. Just cos we’re so wrapped up in what we’re doing.

“This is what fucking couples do. This is what we look like … This pre-packaged bullshit is horrible, and it has people out here with these wild ideas or misconceptions about what relationships need to look like, and it’s not OK.

“People are having a hard enough time as it is, trying to find love and shit,” he concludes.

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The YouTuber that prompted the rant was Malcolm ‘MJ’ Harris. The financial advisor, motivational speaker and influencer has 172,000 subscribers of his YouTube channel.

He recently started dating a new boyfriend, Corey, and the two have been in quarantine together in Los Angeles. However, last week, on a filmed video call with a friend, Corey revealed in front of MJ that he doesn’t want to be in a monogamous relationship.

MJ and Corey subsequently filmed themselves having a heated discussion about monogamy vs. open relationships. Then, on the weekend, MJ posted a video of Corey packing up his stuff and moving out.

The videos have had tens of thousands of views and prompted much comment on social media. Although he didn’t name them, Tyler confirmed to Queerty this was the couple he was talking about.

“I was bombarded and inundated with their videos and honestly, I had enough because you could feel how much of a farce it was.”

Many on Twitter found Tyler’s honest take on relationships very relatable.

A handful of people said Tyler should concern himself with his relationship only and not judge others.

Tyler told Queerty he was not expecting his Tweet to go viral. At the time of writing, it’s had over 33k likes and 7k re-tweets.

“I think it resonated with many people because as consumers of media, we are tired of being spoon-fed bullshit.

“People know when others are being authentic, and I think that’s why people enjoyed my video. They recognized that my partner and I are regular everyday people living our regular imperfect lives.

Ahdeem and Tyler
Ahdeem and Tyler (Photo: Twitter)

“I don’t care that I have a double chin, or back rolls because that is real. Not that being fat is synonymous with real but being fat is a part of my truth. People who have been following me or new followers that review my content can see tell that my partner and are, if nothing else, honest and genuine. The love we have for each other is real and people can feel that through the screen.”

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Tyler and Ahdeem, who live in Philadelphia, went viral last October with a photo of themselves kissing.

“Posting this because representation matters,” the accompanying caption said. “The black, gay, and happy gworls are out here! We live together and have two cats. This was our 1 year anniversary. We are at the 1 year and 8month mark and still going strong!”

Ahdeem works in construction and Tyler is a clinical researcher. He’s currently particularly busy as he’s involved with clinical research and trials for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, MJ Harris has taken to YouTube to share that he’s getting on with life since splitting with Corey, and that reflecting on the many things he’s grateful for is helping deal with the pain of the split. He also asked people not to leave “borderline toxic” and “mean-spirited” comments toward his Corey (which may partly explain why comments on those videos have now been disabled).

Harris also says he’s learned lessons from his relationship with Corey and will be sure to ask future potential partners their views on monogamy sooner.

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