Gay Couple Adopts Gaggle, Go on Oprah

You may have heard that today’s Oprah will feature “Extraordinary Parents”. In conjunction with that earth shattering news, you probably heard that two men make up one of the astounding parental units. Yeah, two men. They’re named Mark and Andy Sutherland-Trevino. They’re totally gay. And they’re totally remarkable.

So, why are notable enough to grace her royal Oprahness’ stage? According to the introduction to their interview with AfterElton, it’s because they have seven children, all adopted. Sure, it’s nice they adopted all those kids, but seven? That doesn’t make them extraordinary. That makes them total crazies with big hearts.

What we think makes them singularly phenomenal is their connection to an organization called Family Pride: a non-profit which tours the country to educate other gay parents on how to fight discrimination. Of the group’s work, KnoxNews reports:

At the seminar, parents worked to shape their stories into compelling appeals for civil rights. They heard about research on gay and lesbian people who raise children and on the terminology that most appeals to straight Americans.

“Our families are a real political tool,” trainer Trina Olson told the group…

Participants heard about using words and phrases that signal what they have in common with people around them – “being a fair person,” “in it together” and “building strong families” – rather than focusing on gay rights and sexual orientation.

The group hopes to put a more emotional, exceptional spin on the politically divisive issue.

One would think Oprah would use her sensational show do the same. Apparently not: Mark Sutherland-Trevino tells AfterElton the issue didn’t come up, but believe his and Tony’s inclusion in the episode spoke volumes.

We’d rather Oprah took a stand, but we suppose it’s better than nothing.

(PS: Thanks for the picture, AfterElton.)