Gay Couples React To Invasive Questions Like “Which One Of You Is The Woman?”

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.44.21 PMThough they may sometimes come from a decent place,  invasive questions can be annoying to field for gay couples. But let’s face it — the fact that they’re being asked at all is a sign of progress. Ignorant curiosity is more than a few steps up from disdain.

The most irksome questions we’re asked are rooted in conditioned gender roles — some straight people just can’t quite grasp that there isn’t a “woman” in a male/male relationship, or that not all female/female couples are composed of one “femme” and one “butch” partner.

We still owe it to our well-intentioned straight friends to educate them, but they’d better be willing to listen.

Below, same-sex questions react to some of the most annoying questions they get asked:

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