No Kissing Zone: 10 Gay Couples Refused Service For Showing PDA


Last week we shared with you the story of Matt McCrea and Steven White (above), a couple kicked out of the back of a cab after sharing an innocent “peck.” When asked why he ejected the couple, the cantankerous cabbie claimed they were “making sex.” The police found no evidence to suggest that, relegating the driver’s comments to the Lame Excuse Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all the time, even in metropolitan centers like Chicago where Steven and Matt were dropped by their discriminatory driver. It’s little stories like this that remind us how far we’ve come in the struggle for equality and how much further we still have to go.  Here, a rap sheet of same-sex couples denied service or just plain discriminated against for doing what heterosexual couples take for granted everyday.

Hunker down and pucker up ’cause we’re staging a kiss-in for these couples kicked out for kissing.