Gay Goes After Jay Leno

Avenue Q creator Jeff Whitty finds nothing funny about Jay Leno’s homo-related punchlines. And in an effort to fight The Tonight Show host’s rib-tickling, Whitty took to the pages of The Advocate to publish an open letter. A mere taste: “I know you know gay people, Mr. Leno. Are they just jokes to you, to be snickered at behind their backs? Despite the angry tenor of my letter, I suspect you’re a better man than that…I’m tired of people like you.” Whitty then tells Leno he needs to “cut it out” or he’ll be really, really mad.

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  • Mark Kowalk

    Actually, it’s not only Jay’s gay jokes that aren’t funny.
    He’s a very lucky man, to have gone so far on so little talent.

  • chandler in lasvegas

    WOW, this was really news TWO YEARS AGO:

    || News ||

    Did you hear a woman and a black man are running for president?

  • Adam Sank

    Seriously. Did you guys not notice the date on that letter?

  • Mike

    Holy crap old news…that’s from 2006.

    And I think I originally read about it HERE?!?!?


  • SeaFlood

    What I think is interesting… is that if he were B/black and making these jokes, the mainstream gay community would have been up in arms. He may not have his job anymore. Thanks, Queerty. I need to see this because it is an example of how white people are so privileged they can be homophobic and other white people, especially the gay ones, will just poo-poo it.

  • ProfessorVP

    I have no problem with the constant barrage of gay jokes on “Family Guy” because they sock it to Jews, Catholics, feminists, blacks, Asians, WASPS, Hispanics, etc. Leno, in particular, just take pot-shots at gays because it’s easy, and gays are, to use a Cheneyism, “fair game.”

  • Jim

    Leno is so past it. His comedy is designed to appeal to the lowest common denominater of the most mainstream of society. It’s comedy for senior citizens.

  • RJ

    Yeah this is old news and boring news. Jay Leno is a comedian and makes fun of everyone.

  • Jake

    Here’s Queerty in April 2006:

    “Playwright Jeff Whitty (Avenue Q) is pissed off at Jay Leno’s glib gay joke fodder, and we’re right with him. The only way for macho jerks like Leno to realize it’s not okay to make fun of gay people and profit at their expense is for us to tell them. And boy does Jeff tell him.”

    Oh, and did you hear there was a gay uprising at some bar in Greenwich Village? “The Stonewall” or something like that?

  • Meeg

    Yeah Jay Leno’s jokes are never funny. His gay jokes are square and juvenile.

  • todd

    Jay Leno is SO not funny. He’s pervy and gross and nasty and needs to get the boot. Johnny didn’t find him funny, nor does anyone else under 45.

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