Gay landlord had sex in tenant’s bed and now he’s going to prison

A landlord has been thrown in jail for using his tenants’ apartment as a gay sex den when they weren’t home.

40-year-old Carlos Quijada-Lara of Colorado Springs, CO pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing and misdemeanor obscenity after a security camera captured him in the act.

He’ll be spending two years in jail.

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The tenants were newlyweds Logan Pierce and Mikaela DiGiulio. Last winter, they set up cameras in their $1100-a-month apartment after suspecting someone had been sneaking in while they were out.

One afternoon, Pierce received an alert on his phone saying the system had detected noise in the apartment.

“I got a notification from one of the cameras on lunch the other day that it detected noise and was strange because both of us work all day everyday,” he told his local news station back in December.

When he logged online to check the video feed, he saw his landlord and another man having a sex romp on their marriage bed.

“I opened up the camera and kind of had to like quit the program and like restart it again because I didn’t really believe what I saw. I guess the first thing that went through my mind was, like, complete and utter disbelief.”

To add insult to injury, when the men had finished doing the deed, Quijada-Lara’s paramour used DiGiulio’s wedding dress from a nearby laundry pile and used it to clean himself up. Meanwhile, Quijada-Lara used another garment to wipe up a lube stain on the sheets.

Pierce and DiGiulio gave the sex minutes of footage to the Colorado Springs Police Department, along with DiGiulio’s wedding dress.

Police charged Quijada-Lara with criminal trespassing and misdemeanor obscenity.

Pierce and DiGiulio have since moved out of the apartment, with Pierce telling KKTV:

“It was a total invasion of privacy.

Just to have somebody to come in unannounced is enough, but… then go forth with sleeping with somebody on your bed while you’re not there. It was scary.”

If ever in doubt, remember this general rule of thumb: Don’t do that.

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  • ChrisK

    He should do well in prison. With those badly plucked eyebrows he’s already got the look to be someone’s bitch.

    • BrettJ

      Good one! Nothing is more funny than a prison rape joke. *slow clap*

  • Kate Mullet

    ” on their marriage bed” — they held their wedding ceremony on their bed? ‘Cause you are sounding a little, oh, sanctity of heterosexual marriage here, Queerty.

    Using the laundry basket wedding dress to clean up the trespassing jizz, that was a particularly deft touch, pervy gay landlord. Gross. Very wrong. But kind of funny.

    • Rex Huskey

      Queer or not, this a-hole is a GD pervert. Hope he lives to regret it! Sickening the vapid “sisters of perpetual indulgence” on here just wont see it.

  • crowebobby

    Creepy, ya, but two years?! Six months would be Draconian for this.

  • Sam6969

    “It was a total invasion of privacy.
    Just to have somebody to come in unannounced is enough, but… then go forth with sleeping with somebody on your bed while you’re not there. It was scary.”

    >>If they had been invited, that would have been less serious :))

  • Maleko

    So what is the point, he can’t find a spot of his own…maybe his own bed. Weird 100%. Make him pay for damages, like cleaning HER wedding dress and other things and pay the cost for them to move
    and refund their deposit and on top of that about $500k penal damages. I don’t think I would go the criminal way once civil damages were received. This is Colorado springs. the VERY heart of evangelical Christians. Just publish in an article of newspaper, maybe in the papers help investigators area, once it spreads the creep is toast.

  • DCguy

    Where did this article come from? Where is the source? Because the multiple uses of the word “Gay” in it sounds like it’s some anti-lgbt sensationalist tabloid. My question is, if the landlord was doing the same thing with a women would they use “Straight” or “Hetero” or would they just say “Sex”?

    • ChrisK

      Kidding aside it does seem mean spirited writing. Like they wanted to reinforce the gross factor. Like others have said. It is an extreme punishment IMO. F*cking on someones bed is gross but 2 years in prison for it?

    • 1EqualityUSA

      You may have something there, Mr. Stones…I smell a rat. Something’s amiss, awry, afoul. ahem.

      Mr. Hemlock Stones, The Great Defective
      Dr John Flotsom, O. D., His Biographer and Companion
      Mrs. Matilda Moriarty, Their Landlady
      Violet Dawn Dudley, An American Ingenue
      Frank Acme, Jr., Ward of Jonas Acme and America’s Action Hero
      Olaf, A Pirate
      Tom, Another Pirate
      Gypsy Dick Wrench, A One-Eyed Fiddler
      Blind Jim, His Dog
      DCguy, B.A.U.
      Jonas Acme, The Pharoah of American Industry
      Charles Foster Dudley, American Senator and Newspaper Magnate
      Boyle M. Owl, President of the Bowel Oil co.
      Benway, Acme’s Butler
      Capt. Gezundheit Dankerschoen, Master of The Matilda Briggs
      Joe Beets, The Midwest’s First Radio Reporter
      Pete Extra, A Newshound
      Sgt. O’Blootwurst, Chicargo Police Officer
      Chief O’Moriartyo, Chief of Police
      Boris, Doorman at The Moebius Dick
      Harold “The Hawk” Lungett, Famous Criminal and Nice Guy
      Willard, A Gangster
      And, “The Electrician”

  • Paco

    If some guy was illegally entering my home to use my bed for his Grindr hookups and my clothes to wipe the “santorum” from his d1ck, I would want him locked up too.

    • DCguy

      Oh, I think the guy needs to be locked up. I just didn’t like that the paper seemed to be highlighting the “GAY” part far more than the breaking, entering, and property damage.

  • chryso

    Of course, i see american puritanism all other this.
    Two years because he had sex in someone’s bed ?
    Come on, he’s gay, these 2 years will be hell to him.
    Just community service and some counselling would seem much more appropriated.

  • tghost54

    Her wedding dress was in the dirty laundry pile?
    What did she get married in?
    Certainly not a traditional wedding dress. Those cost thousands of dollars..
    Not being catty but one doesn’t put a wedding dress in a dirty clothes pile..
    I have had worse done in my apartment by landlords and their maintenance people.
    That’s why I’m buying a house soon.
    No more third world neighbors stomping on my head and no maintenance guys using keys without knocking and making repairs while I’m in bed asleep.

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