London is the gay capital of the world, with the largest and most flamboyant scene on the planet. These are 10 of Gay London’s biggest party animals; they are writers, photographers, promoters, models, DJs, drag queens and musicians – sometimes all at the same time.

This is not an exhaustive list. But you’re guaranteed to bump into one or two of these gems on a night out. If you’re lucky. In no particular order:


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Promoter, DJ and general handsome man about town, Ollywood is one of the Kings of the East London scene. He says: “it’s all about tatts and tash.” Look out for the cute pictures of him with his adorable boyfriend.

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Daniel Lismore

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Less party animal, more scene icon, Daniel Lismore turns heads wherever he goes. Named as “London’s most outrageous dresser” by Vogue, he uses his profile for the good of green causes, and has worked alongside the likes of Vivienne Westwood for Cool Earth.

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He says: “I don’t see myself as a party animal, I am a social alchemist. I love London because it’s the cultural hub of the world. Some of the greatest minds pop in and out on a regular basis which makes London’s nightlife so unique. I like to bring them all together in one room…”

dan l 1

Ursula Snakes

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One of East London’s most unique drag queens, Ursula Snakes is instantly recognisable with long blonde hair and signature dark make-up. East Bloc is her preferred lair. Expect the unexpected. She says: “I am fire, I am death.”

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 Jodie Harsh

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Arguably the most famous drag queen in the UK, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Jodie Harsh. Underneath the huge wigs and glamour is a huge brain – he’s a trained journalist, has his own record label and is the driving force behind the now international clubbing brand, Room Service. With the UK’s version of ‘Drag Race’ coming soon, Miss Harsh is always on the up.

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Andrew Moore

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This Scottish-Londoner is the poster boy de jour – if you don’t seem him in the latest copy of QX and Boyz each week, there’s something seriously amiss. Mr Moore is a personal trainer by day – he’s also just started DJing, so watch this space… He says: “Try everything once, then try it again just to make sure.”

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Sink The Pink

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The glitter-infested duo of Amy Zing and Glyn Famous are the crazed and colourful creative force behind Sink The Pink, the trantastic dress-up night where anything goes. With a philosophy of “More is more,” this is THE monthly part in London at the moment. Nothing comes close. Thank God. It took me a month to recover from the last one.

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 16.26.18

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 16.26.51

The guys and girls of Sink The Pink deserve a top 10 in their own right, with more colour and creative flair in this gang than there is in entire cities. Here’s their group portrait.

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Chris Camplin

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One of the hairiest, sexiest, beardy beasts on the scene, Chris Camplin is a model, pogonophile  and part of DJ duo Camplin & Vietheer.

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 16.33.44

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You’ll find him playing the likes of Dalston Superstore for the super-fun dress-up party ‘Little Gay Brother Presents…’ He says: “You can never have enough hats, gloves or scarves.”

Issac Jones

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This handsome Frenchman is the King of Thursday nights, holding court at Room Service and then Gravity. He’s a porn star, model, promotor and dancer, and like Andrew Moore, you’ll rarely find him with his top on. Which is fine with us!

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Ray Noir

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You’re likely to find this self-styled ‘Prince Of Darkness’ is many of the dark corners of East London’s scene. He’s a DJ and promoter for some of the coolest parties in London and beyond. He says: “Sleep all day, party all night, never grow old and never die!” 

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James Egan

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Londoner James Egan will attend the opening of an envelope if the drinks are free. He’s a writer with A* scene knowledge, working at London gay glossy, QX Magazine. If he ever goes missing, the first place to check would be East Bloc. Main activities include sarcasm, dancing and Spanish men.


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Danny Hilton-Music

Screen shot 2014-04-12 at 18.24.29

Yip, for a special lucky number 11 bonus, that’s me. When I’m not writing for Queerty, I’m recording and performing jazz and house vocals, doing the guest list for club night Blocheads, taking photos, dressing up (and down) and generally causing mayhem in the bars and clubs of London. I’m very good at going out, and staying out. I say: “Sleeping’s cheating.”

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Anyone we’ve missed out? Comment below with your suggestions for Gay London party animals…

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