Gay Marine Gone Viral Was Once Married To Woman, Tells Of His Romantic Love Story With Boyfriend

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Out MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts invited Sgt. Brandon Morgan to talk about how his homecoming kiss with his boyfriend Dalan Wells went viral. Roberts asked what it felt like to shatter stereotypes about Marines being heterosexual (and heterosexist, we assume).

“It gives me a very good feeling sir, honestly,” Morgan said. “I believe a lot of people before the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell were afraid that gay and lesbian people would be the stereotypes that people had thought them to be but knowing that this one picture shows that those stereotypes are broken gives me hope that this world is changing, and it gives my partner and myself hope for our future as well.”

Morgan gave a longer interview to the Daily Beast, which goes into detail about his upbringing. Says Morgan:

I used to be a very, very fanatical Christian, not that there’s anything wrong with being a Christian, but my beliefs, my core beliefs, definitely have changed as I’ve grown up because of the way I live, the way I am. I joined the Marine Corps because I felt I wanted to be the voice of God in the Marine Corps.

And he also used to be married… to a woman:

I was married at one point to a woman, but that was a huge mistake, because looking through my faith beliefs I mistook a friendship and thought it was love, which it wasn’t. It took so many mistakes in my life to have the courage to know who I was.

And in case you thought the kiss might not be one of true love, or if you weren’t quite sure how intensely Sgt. Morgan missed his partner, here’s the full story:

Dalan works on the base and we actually met at the Single Marine and Sailor Program. I walked in and I saw him, and I have to say it was love at first sight. I’ve loved that man ever since I first saw him

Going through the deployment and having nobody to look forward to coming home to, I emailed some friends and they were like, “Yeah, sure, we’ll come see you at the airport.” At one point I just made a general comment on Facebook like, “Wow, loneliness is really starting to sink in.” And he was the first one and the only one to comment on that.

When he said that, I wrote him a very, very long email. He wrote me back, and then it was what seemed like hundreds of emails a day. Every email he sent me I would read a hundred times. Weeks just flew by and I couldn’t wait to get home, and I was like, “When I get home, I’m going to give him the best kiss I can think of.”

Mission accomplished.

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  • Jasun Mark

    Oh, just let them get married. I’ll buy the blender.

  • William

    Aww he seems like a real nice guy. So refreshing to see this and not people getting murdered on Grindr or closeted Sheriffs having sex with teenagers.

  • J

    @William: Or gay UFC fighters claiming to be straight.

    Finally, some positive news about a gay man.

  • seattle mike

    I would call them boyfriends rather than partners at this stage, but they’re still soooo sweet and adorable.

  • MickW

    If he was married to a woman he is not gay, good to see a story on a bisexual man.

  • Red Assault

    @J: He was closeted. Not bisexual. Ugh.

  • Wes

    Hey, it is nice to see such a sweet story about a “Gay” man.

    In one matter, I would like to respectfully agree to disagree on one point that has been put forward here. I think it really must be up to Sgt. Brandon Morgan to tell us what he knows to be his sexuality. We all have a basic right to define ourselves instead of being defined by others. In our community, it not very appreciated when other (non-GLBT) people try to define us. I would not attempt to define him or his inner truth. A person’s outward behavior does not always accuratedly reflect their inner truth, as that person comes to understand it. If the man says he’s “Gay” then I say he’s “Gay.” Coming out is a lifelong process that starts with coming out to oneself. In a world that often tries to deny our existence, it is hard to even see ourselves, at times, beyond that narrow-minded programming. That kind of programming can be crippling and often limits the way we express ourselves in day to day living.

    It makes me so proud to see such a fine example of a Gay man in uniform. I’m glad he had a message for our youth. I, slso, get that he kissed his man because it was a spontaneous moment of passion. He was very candid about not doing it for any other reason or cause. He did it for the man he loves…and that’s enough, to my way of thinking. In the future, I would like to know more about the story of these two men, as their life together unfolds.

  • Beth

    It’s great to see such a loving, cute couple in love kissing and being open like that! I hope more straight anti-LGBT see things like this and realize that gay people are just like everyone else they just happen to love a person they wouldn’t see themselves with.

  • Isaac C

    “I believe a lot of people before the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell were afraid that gay and lesbian people would be the stereotypes that people had thought them to be but knowing that this one picture shows that those stereotypes are broken gives me hope that this world is changing, and it gives my partner and myself hope for our future as well.”

    Exactly what kind of stereotypes was he breaking in making a public stunt of his controversial sexuality while still in uniform around no doubt mostly straight people shortly after DADT was repealed? He basically just did the same thing gays do at pride parades, which is turn themselves into a sight to be seen. The only thing he did was fan the flames of bigotry and that was really his only goal with this stunt.

    And to top it off, he was involved with a woman and married her. Yes let’s also reinforce the stereotype that we can choose to be with the opposite sex.

    Stereotypes reinforced, not broken. Sorry.

  • Mark

    Isaac, you are off your rocker.

  • Jasun Mark

    @Isaac C:

    Ugh.. the stereotype he broke was that we’re a bunch of perverts who wanted to screw anyone in view, when clearly he just wanted to be with his boyfriend.

    as far as the rest of your rant… you need more dietary fiber.

  • Isaac C

    @Jasun Mark: The stereotype he reinforced is that we are still “perverts,” just perverts who want laws in our favor to show “normal people” how perverted we are whenever we get the chance and “shove it down their throats.” I seriously doubt previously anti-gay people are now going, “Oh, look at those happy gays and their Facebook relationship. I once saw them as disgusting sinners and animals, but now they’ve just shown me how normal they and every gay person is by kissing in public around all those straight families and their children. I’ll now support gay marriage and make them some cookies.”

    Wake up. They see two men kissing in public for shock value and showing “behavior.” It disgusts them, or at least turns them off. I just can’t understand why that’s so hard for most of you to get. I just can’t.

  • Jasun Mark

    @Isaac C: They’re doing it for “shock value?”

    They’re doing it because they’re happy to see each other. And it doesn’t look like anyone in that picture is disgusted or even gives a shit. Seems like it’s upset you more than anyone else.

  • Chris


    No it doesn’t. I had 2 girlfriends growing up and I know for a fact I’m a homosexual. Just cuz someone once had a girlfriend or boyfriend doesnt make them any less a homosexual

  • Joseph

    I think Isaac is sadly misinformed and plays a key role in the generic stereotype of morons. If straight people can kiss and public, then so can homosexuals. And, we can do it just as proudly as anyone else, if those true feelings are there. If was away from my man for more than a week, the first chance I saw him there’s no way I wouldn’t kiss him even if Rick Perry or that dickhead Santorum was there watching. The world is changing, and your fear of raising “flames of bigotry” only shows that you have some things to work on. That’s all I have to say.

  • Isaac C

    @Joseph: “That’s all I have to say.”

    Good, because you haven’t said anything that hasn’t been said a million times before. “The world is changing” for who exactly? If you haven’t noticed, Santorum is a frontrunner in the polls, whether or not he gets the nomination or the presidency. He ran on a completely anti-gay platform. In 20-freakin-12. That means a cool half of the country still thinks we’re disgusting perverts and don’t deserve any rights. SSM marriage itself is banned 40 states and isn’t even an issue at the federal level. Teens and gay adults continue to kill themselves at a much higher rate than hets. Worldwide, gays are continually beaten, tortured and killed in the majority of places, and often in the U.S.

    And you have the nerve to write some bullshit like “If straight people can kiss and public, then so can homosexuals.” What planet do you live on? No matter how much you think and say crap like this, you know it isn’t true. Straight people still think it’s disgusting. They’re just being more polite about it. But douches like you and these two showboating fools in the article aren’t doing anyone in the gay community any favors by encouraging this. You only risk the health and well-being of others.

    And that’s all I’LL say.

  • RedAssault

    Rick Santorum isn’t a front runner, he’s a fringe freak and his success based solely on the fact that he’s not a Mormon.

    the majority of America DOES support marriage equality now. And many regret the votes they made otherwise 8-12 years ago.

    And in the end, it doesn’t matter. If you are going to blame gay hatred on two men who love each other, you’re no better than Santorum himself. I’m that that’s all you’ll say. You need to shut it.

  • Isaac C

    @RedAssault: You are completely deluded. I feel sorry for you.

  • RedAssault

    I doubt that. I think it’s pretty clear to us all that you’re devoid of feelings of any kind.

  • Isaac C

    @RedAssault: That’s a horrible thing to say. How dare you.

  • Lisa C

    @Isaac C: yes he was married to a women thats just becuz he didnt kno he was gay so no we do not choose who we love we only choose to act on that love i like men and women and thats normal my bf dosnt care that i like both and if str8 couples can PDA then gay men and women can too if ppl dont wanna see it they can close there narrow minded eyes not that hard

  • Khaymyn

    At first I supported the story, and thought, “That’s great!”

    Then I saw the full picture.

    What they were doing was disrespectful to everyone else in and out of uniform and in and out of the closet.

    It would be one thing if they shared an embrace and kiss.

    That queen done jumped on her man and straddled him getting him in a leg lock.

    For anyone to do that, esp. in uniform (hetero or homo) is disrespectful.

    Save it for the room, no one else needs to see all that.

  • Jasun Mark

    @Khaymyn: he’s a marine.

    I dare you to call him “her” and “queen” and “she” to his face.

    Show some respect yourself. He was over fighting a war. He’s earned the right to lip lock on the white house lawn if he wants. With whomever he wants. Giving him shit for it is the equivellent of wiping your ass with the American flag.

  • CBRad

    @Khaymyn: Well…the guy WAS over there in the midst of warfare and, don’t forget, you really don’t know if you’ll be making it home alive after all. I understand your point about dignity-and-the-uniform, but I think what he did was fine.

  • jason

    The Democrat-owned New York Times still refuses to publish the male-male kiss. Interesting, isn’t it?

  • axon

    @Isaac C: I’m straight, and I don’t find it disgusting. Neither do a lot of straight men I know. The first Pride parade in my home town (European capital) went past a café, and an elderly gentleman with his wife stood up and said, quite exited: “Great! They too should demonstrate for their rights!” More people than you think have common sense.

    As for Romney-Sanctorum-other very odd people: Even Reagan’s economic adviser said on the The Daily Show: “One party is insane, and we know which one.” GOP are currently digging their own grave with their bigotry.

    I think the two men in the pictures flew into each other’s arms because they have been longing sick for each other, and they had every right to kiss, just like everyone else. You can’t constantly look over your shoulder, calculating the effect of what you are doing.

    I am happy every time I see a bastion of prejudice fall – homophobia, racism, sexism. Most ordinary mainstream people can get used to the idea that blacks, gays and women are persons worthy of equality, when they actually witness something like the scene above taking place. So the image of a gay man in the Marine does break down barriers and shatters stereotypes.

    Sadly, there will always be die-hard morons. But we don’t have to arrange our lives around their ideas.

  • Isaac C

    @axon: Sadly you don’t speak for the vast majority of straights who more than likely do find it offensive but won’t say anything. But if it makes you and others feel better to keep believing delusions then cool, be my guest and continue. And watch as Queerty and other news outlets print yet another story on gay bashings.

  • eggsel

    So we should praise a closeted guy who toyed with a girl (yes she has feelings) and all is OK just cuz he claims he gay n proud? something wrong is going on here… btw if u have sex with a woman and a man = bisexual. at least thats the definition in the dictionary

  • RedAssault

    There is nothing more tedious than bisexuals who keep trying to convince us all that everyone is bisexual.

  • pdxWoman

    @Isaac C: I don’t know where in America you live, but I think you might like living somewhere else better. Where I live, I regularly see same sex couples in public holding hands, hugging, kissing… holding public offices… and none of the heteros I hang with are disgusted. I guess it’s kind of like racism in the parts of the country that are way behind in understanding that we’re all deserving of respect as human beings, all deserving of the same basic human rights, all deserving of equal treatment under the law. I didn’t think Brandon & Dalan’s story reinforces negative stereotypes at all, except to people who see what they want to see instead of the facts of a situation — they knew each other for four years before they even told each other how they felt and this was their first kiss. I thought it was incredibly romantic and sweet. And things HAVE changed. When I was a teen, there’s no way this picture would have ANY positive press outside of the gay media stream. Brandon’s fellow Marines knew he was gay, and if you look at the pics, you’ll see them in the background, milling around, kissing their own partners and kids, not giving two-cents care that Brandon and Dalan are doing the same thing. Do I think things still need to get better? You bet. I’m looking forward to the day that this picture gets no more positive or negative attention than any other military homecoming picture. As for him being bisexual, not gay? Please, all my gay friends in high school and college had girl friends. A couple of them married their beards, too. It didn’t make them bi, it made them closeted.

  • Isaac C

    @pdxWoman: *Sigh*

    There are no words…

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Isaac C: Actually, there are plenty of words. But we all know you had a shoddy education. Care to go for that GED? Moron.

    (Oh, and in case you bother replying: Fuck you.)

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Jasun Mark: … more dietary fiber … —– BRILLIANT! LOL! Well done! Now I have to wipe up the coffee I just laughed spew on my computer monitor.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @jason: Well, jason, next time you want to check whether the NY Times has published the marine kiss, also check to see whether they have yet published the Gaeta Snell Kiss (you know, the navy lesbian kiss you have been bitching about your fucked-up “double standard” blather). To date, the NY Times has published NEITHER photo, so your bullshit “double standard” is just that bullshit, or in your case, brain-matter.

  • Reichmann

    Over the hills and far away…..pansie marines come to play….jumping on each other like ecstatic apes…..flying through the air without their capes…..wearing a uniform that stands for the best….being a sissie and shaming the rest….do not embarrass the children again…think about your fagisms before you begin….do not flail and flop like a freak…go somewhere private and be discreet…..the god of war Mars is unhappy today….the marine should have gone somewhere else to be gay……ahahahhahahahahahha..cough…too funny….SS Von Reichmann

  • Reichmann

    Listen carefully and you shall hear….the airport flaunting of the silly queer….no place to run except in the arms…of his tootsie companion while causing alarm….in the terminal with children and people around …ashamed to look or make a sound……shocked at the sight of pansies sash….like a two weak sissies at a fruitcake bash….if this tutie fruiti marine would just stop for a second and take a look at how the uniform of the US Marine Corps has been disgraced, he (she) might possibly get disturbed…probaly not…..ahahahha…SS Reichmann

  • Reichmann

    These two clowns look like the idiots they portray …. weak pansies who should behind doors and be gay…..don’t swish the spit in front of the crowd….your mental disease is offensive and loud….ahhahahah….SS Reichmann

  • Reichmann

    Fruitcakes oh fruitcakes don’t do this….running and jumping in your fagism bliss….trading saliva in an airport lounge….flaunting and flailing with small children around….give it break and control your urge….to freak in public with your faggot urge….disgracing the uniform is bad enough….why must you publicly diplay this fluff?….go find a hole to swill in next time…manage your passions and your frilly mind….in other words take some where…ahhahahahahahaha…too funny…cough…SS Von Reichmann

  • Wes

    I find Reichmann’s rhyming to be a tad bit disturbing…too much energy focused around a crazy train of thought that is overflowing with Ignorance, Fear, and Hatred. His words are very judgmental about two people he knows very little about…assumptions that are less than evolved. The “spontaneous” expression of love between two consenting adults is never a disgrace to the uniform.

    Reichmann does spend a good bit of time (it appears) focusing on Gay issues. I think that says more about some inner conflict over his own sexual orientation than it does about the sweet expression of love between these two men. With respect, I do recommend he see a therapist.

  • Reichmann

    Tooties tootsies not in here ….go someplace else and be a queer…..children in the terminal don’t need to see…the unnatural way you flaunt your glee….show some control and move quickly away….find a place where you have to be gay…..not in a public place as you have displayed…leaving poor parents confused and dismayed……at what should they say to inquiring minds …..when asked the question: are these fruits Blind?………ahahahhaahhahah…cough….SS Reichmann

  • Reichmann

    petunia wes petunia wes…..your effort to explain fags is pathetic at best…slobber with with gays behind closed doors….not in public like fruity whores……what say to children now that they’ve unfortunately seen….a marine in uniform being a queen….ahahahhahahhahaaa….to friggin funny…..SS Von Reichmann

  • Wes

    Your effort to grasp an explanation for love between two men is…just a tad weak and simple. Steroids, Other Drugs, or just Agressive Ignorance? I really don’t care. You know sweety, this is a Gay website. I wonder why “you” want to spend so much time with “us.” Again, what does that say about “you” cupcake? Quit drooling over your keyboard and get a life. Really I feel sorry for you. Instead of focusing on these two loving men, you should be spending more time trying to figure out what makes YOU tick. Take my advice, my little confused friend, see a good therapist. Many of them work for a sliding scale. Homophosia (towards others or internalized homophobia) is a social disease. Don’t share your cooties with us. Get some professional help if you can wrap your tiny head around that concept.

  • SS

    Gather around readers and you shall hear….about the flaming gay sissy that jumped on his que-r…sissy gay lips locked in spit changing vile….witnesses upset with some sour stomach bile….two pansies with uncontrollable needs….sickening and gross like a snotty nose wheeze…why can’t they do this away from nice folks ….scaring little kids like a slimy hoax….a uniform symbolizes honor no less…except when worn by an ape in distress….a fruitcake jumping like a monkey in heat…in the arms of a pinko waiting to meet….remove the uniforms if you must be a frillie….ahahahahahhaaaaghgh…..cough…too, too funny….. SS Von Reichmann

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    that made me a little bit horny. next time i’m fucking your momma. i’ll invite you to join us.

    it’s your mom who suggested it. but i was tired, from having to dig up your grand parents and fuck their mouldering holes.

  • CBRad

    @SS: But I bet they could kick YOUR ass. (Whether they’d want to f–k it or not…depends…)

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    @SS: c’mon bitch respond!
    you ain’t yella now, is you, son?

  • Wes


    To SS Von Reichmann,

    You keep mentioning “the children, the children.” Tell us, were you ever molested as a child? What is it about male-to-male intimacy that really scares you? Many of the biggest homophobes have something really twisted in their past that tortures them. All of your blathering on this website really say more about you darlin’. You go into such detail with your descriptions of disgust. Is it really exciting to you or does Gay sexuality really disgust you…or is it some really twisted mixture of both? Keep talking and we will all have a psych profile on you…or you could just spill your issues all over a therapist’s desk. I guess it would have to be a female therapist because male authority figures must really frighten you…or do they turn you on with the offer of laying on their couch? You poor, lost, twisted soul…

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    SS, your dick’s restlessness prompts porny wordplay….You think same-sex urges are purged if one seems anti-gay?….Your’e not foolin’ anyone except for yourself….Vile masturbator resorting to child porn you keep on a shelf!

    SS, your’e obsessed with “the children”:THAT gave you away!….I implore you to abjure, oh cruel carnivore with your innocent prey.….go find you some grown-ass cock for you to adore….Or at least one who’s owner’s exceeding a height north of 5 ft 4.

    Or, failing that shoot your self, you sick fucking prick….to think, all this came about ’cause you cannot admit to craving big dick.

    That’s how it’s done, bitch.

  • SS

    Was machs du?… the words of a great man….”can’t we just, just, all get along”?……ahahahhahahhhhahaaa…’s over…movin on…SS Von Reichmann

  • SS

    I’m back on this website and I’ll tell you why….there were some comments i feel that made some of you cry…you lashed out with bad words in terrible reply …to the points I made about the pansie gay guy…..I’m back on this website because I must say…..I hope that these comments will not ruin your day… … desire to make my point is quite clear…when a uniformed marine goes and acts like a queer….in front of a crowd unsuspecting of this…..a fruity marine jumping in bliss…slobbering all over another mans face…..sealing his fate as a petunia case….it’s all over the media as you very well see….if the scene doesn’t fit you must agree (Cochran?)…i have a statement to be posted here….about the flying fruitcake who jumped on his queer…leaving the populace so stunned and freaked out….wondering what in the hell these fags were thinkin about….ahhahahahahahhahahhahaaa…ohhhh..cough…too hilarious…SS Von Reichmann

  • Jasun Mark

    Can someone else please comment on the irony of someone blathering on about people acting “like a queer” while he’s posting rhyming poetry about slobbering on another man’s face?

    I’d do it but i’m too busy going “AAWWWWW” at the handsome men kissing each other at the top of the page.

  • prince of snides aka divkid


    i knew you’d be back you just couldn’t resist….like the pleasure YOU feel as you sit on your fist….but why all the jealousy do YOU want to be kissed?….’cause you realised you’ll die and won’t even be missed?….but, hell, there are websites with webcams to watch sexy men….nordics with short dicks or hung mexican….but don’t show your face ’cause it’s not halloween….and don’t act too proud for you’ve got a small peen.

    (till the next time, fräulein.)

  • SS

    Gather around readers and you shall hear….a few more words about the airport queer ….wearing a uniform of the marines that day….jumping and straining to prove he is gay….it looked like the circus was back in town….when he jumped on his fruitcake with a leaping bound..…what else can be said of this disgusting scene….two tulips face sucking-one a marine ……time to think what the corps will do now…. with a marine who wallows in slime like a sow…..ahahhahahaa…cough…SS

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    Dear officer Reichmann i feel I must say….though this will annoy you I think you are gay….this is your third visit and that makes things clear….there’s a scroll in the mail saying: “officially queer!”….I wont tell no body if you won’t tell on me..…we can do jazz hands while watching some glee….proud and alive we could find big marines….glide into their arms like ape-powered flying machines.

    but I know that your’e lonely and just want to reach out….or eager to blow me and drink from my spout….but I’m into the rough stuff like fighting and drugs….I’ll put you through hell if you want that, but there’ll be no hugs!….Jason and Freddy, those guys I admire…..say to fuck you, hose you in gasoline, set you on fire….so, Cupcake (my name for you) I’ll keep you in chains….and jerk off as you’re screaming:“Sweet Jesus an end to these pains!”?
    Officer Reichmann I think you’ll admit….fairly and squarely I’ve bettered your skit….but let’s make amends now….don’t act a shit….don’t hold it against me….like I held your moms tit….?I’m part of your family….I fuck every one….Mum Dad and Sister….especially SSON….I visit your old folks….at night in their graves….rip up there insides …. abuse them like slaves?….I love all your pets….and even your dog….I’m boning her carcass….she’s nailed to a log.

    I have to go now….the nurses are here.… to force feed me mind drugs…. I won’t let them near!? .…I crowbar a window….no noise or alarm…. I sit on this bus now… next stop: it’s your farm!

  • SS

    Prince of Darkness ,correction prince of snides……..what in the hell did you just say…it sounds like your doing illegal drugs today….you need to dispose of your mind altering dope….so you might be adjusted and able to cope….after reading your obviously wacked out response….it shows the truth invariably haunts ….the story known well of the flaming marine…that jumped into history by being obscene…the last sentence you wrote is extremely confused….its end result did however amuse…ahahahhahahahhhahhaaa….outstanding …….SS Von Reichmann

  • prince of snarkness aka divkid


    herr reichman, herr reichman….now my true form unmasked….it’s time to reveal now….my diabolical task:

    ….i’m here to assist you….in your nazi world view….my infernal kingdom…..really likes what you do….like how you’d turn flame-throwers.…on a brave u.s. marine….that really is daring, delicious, obscene….

    ….you’re my little hob goblin…. of you i approve… make me so horny…..and cloven of hoof….your ubermensch menace….has gotten to me…. i ‘ve fallen for you.…like you’re zyklon B

    ….so fire up my ovens….and turn up my gas….while i gets to subhuman shovin’….up your degenerate ass

    heil shitler.

  • Paul

    @MickW: WHAT??? If I was married to a woman I would not be gay?? Sorry, that’s incredibly stupid. I’m calling that stupid. Yup.

  • Wes

    @Paul: Hey Paul, on the one hand I can see your logic. Married to a woman and Gay as “sounding” stupid. Although, let me ask you to think about this…I’m from Florida and come from a small town. I grew-up in small Southern towns. Now, I have grown-up and learned to like many things about being a Southern but I have a cousin who I believe is “living THIS lie” to himself and everyone else from our hometown. It’s still what many people from small towns (with even smaller minds) expect of Gay people. When you grow up with everyone in your tiny neck of the woods expecting you to be something you are not, you try to convince yourself that you MUST BE some kind of mixed-up heterosexual or (at some point) you DO realize you love someone of the same sex but get caught-up in keeping up appearances and living the lie. Does it sound stupid…ABSOLUTELY!! Does it happen…ABSOLUTELY!!

    From the 1984 movie of The Karate Kid, Mr. Miyagi once said something very wise that ABSOLUTELY applies to this kind of situation: In life, you encounter three kinds of truth, the truth you share with everyone, the truth you share only with yourself, and the truth you deny from yourself…..

    We all live with different kinds of truth and each of these truths shape our lives. It’s also been said that “Secrets keep us sick.” I have nothing but praise for this Gay Marine and his boyfriend for finding it in themselves to live openly with their truth. There love isn’t in the closet and neither should our praise for these two brave men. They are keeping the right kind of truth alive and (by their own very spontaneous public reactions) helping to make OUR world a better place. They went into the military to defend our country but their example is defending the place of the GLBT community in today’s society. Come on, let’s all welcome them HOME.

  • Paul

    To Wes: Thanks for your thoughtful and sharing response, but the truth is that I’ve never been on this site before and didn’t really know how to respond to a particular comment when I added mine. I was actually addressing comment #5 by MickW: “If he was married to a woman he was not gay..”, and I see that you are kinder than I but that you agree with me that gay people, for a variety of reasons, get married to opposite sex spouses all the time. This does not make them bisexual. Marriage doesn’t make you anything but married. The tone of my comment is very much a result of my disgust with a homophobic Subway sandwiches commercial I had just seen. I got on line to see how many others were offended by the “pepperoni” ad with two men riding in a gondola in Venice, listening to their beautiful gondoliero singing (horribly) as they pass under a bridge, chomping on their “footlongs”. It’s all too romantic and they panic and start talking about sports. STUPID and homophobic and did I say ABSOLUTELY STUPID? But then I saw the Marines’ homecoming kiss photo and my faith is humanity was restored. And I’ll never buy Subway again.

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