Gay Stairwell Lover Claims He Was Booted From Straight Bar Over Homophobia

gabriel-dion-montreal-barA gay Montreal man is demanding an apology from a popular neighborhood bar in the city’s Latin Quarter for allegedly throwing him out because he was kissing another man.

Gabriel Dion tells CTV Montreal that he began “making out” and “hugging” another man while attending a University of Montreal orientation party at Bar Saint-Sulpice last Friday.

He describes the atmosphere in the bar as being highly sexual to begin with — “everyone was kissing,” he says, and “some people didn’t have a lot of clothes on.” Oh, Canada.

Dion says that he and his makeout buddy were aware that patrons in a straight bar may feel uncomfortable around their locked lips, so they took it to a stairwell “to be as discreet as possible.” He says that he and his partner continued “hugging” in the stairwell until “a security guard came in and just told us to leave.”

“I definitely felt disrespected,” he said. “I felt that there was a lot of prejudice, basically.”

But there are, of course, two sides to this story, and bar owner Maurice Bourassa has a completely different perspective on the situation. He tells CTV that homophobia had nothing to do with the couple’s ejection from his bar, and that they were thrown out for conducting themselves in a manner “more appropriate for a bedroom than a public place.”

Bourassa claims that the couple was in a fire escape stairwell that was to be kept clear, and was discovered “with one man lying on top of the other.” He says he would have kicked out a straight couple under the same circumstances.

Several students from the University of Montreal are now planning a “kiss-in” at the bar.

Can somebody save us a seat right next to Gabriel, please?

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  • seaguy

    HAve some class and take it home queen.

  • money718

    Ugh. Another false homophobia claim. Please stop with the nonsense.

  • Gigi Gee

    I go to the Saint Suplice whenever I’m in Montreal. They’ve got a huge front patio that’s great for people-watching. I’m inclined to believe the guy when he says that he and his boyfriend was targeted because they are gay. They were right to call it a “party bar” in the article. It’s always jam packed with young, drunk university kids. Later in the evening pretty much anything goes, except two gay guys kissing in a dark stairwell it seems. If it was two pretty girls they could have made out in the middle of the bar and on one would have said anything.

  • Gigi Gee

    Damn I hate typos! Last line: on one would = no one would.

  • Paco

    The bar could have just chased them from the fire escape stairwell. I don’t see a reason for making them leave the bar unless they were having sex or got lippy with the staff when told to get out of the stairwell.

  • michael mellor

    Liberals will tolerate male-male kissing but only if it is ‘out of the way’ and hidden. This is probably why the two guys had to hide their affections in the darkness of the stairwell.

    Also, it was probably a woman who reported them to security. Women find the mainstream presence of male homosexuality unsettling.

  • Paco

    @michael mellor: You really should seek some therapy for this unhealthy jealousy/hatred you have of women. It’s creepy.

  • Cy

    Get a room boys! And play nice in other people’s sandboxes. While these two may not feel they did anything wrong, they did, and they should apologize to the owner.

  • Saint Law

    @michael mellor: It must be awful to be nearing fifty and your balls still not dropped. Til they do tho best not to opine on grown up matters like sex.


  • mullo64

    @michael mellor: Did you go to High School in Portsmouth UK? Think I know you.

  • michael mellor

    Women fear the idea of male homosexuality as something that all men can opt into. This idea empowers men because it weakens a woman’s ability to control male sexual behavior. When women see male homosexuality in the mainstream, it reminds them of their vulnerability as women.

  • DarkZephyr

    @michael mellor: WHERE do you GET this CRAP about women? Why are you SO convinced of this? Are you sure you aren’t just inventing this whole scenario about women hating and fearing gay men in your head?

  • Black Pegasus

    @michael mellor: lol that’s an interesting perspective to say the least. But I find this to be true only among women who truly believes homosexuality is a CHOICE. Those women are typically religious, under socialized, under educated and lack self esteem.

  • michael mellor

    Black Pegasus,

    All sexual behavior is a choice.

  • lcandela123

    @Cy: ugh, your preachy tone is annoying.

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