There is no sum of money great enough to convince us to relive our high school years (time travel restraints aside).

Though many high school-era memories are tinted with a rosy glow of nostalgia, the reality is it’s a turbulent time of self-discovery, confusion and learning from mistakes.

For LGBT teens, those qualities are amplified by social stigma, constant ‘covering,’ and in many cases homophobic family and peers.

We wanted to get an idea of what gay teens are currently going through in high school, and our friends at Whisper dug through their data to find out.

Here’s what they uncovered:

Being a gay guy in high school sucks because I can't be myself although I did find out I'm an amazing actor

It's so hard trying to figure out who else is gay at my high school. I should just give up on finding a boyfriend.

Being picked on for being  gay is not fun. Nobody  really knew until I came  out and I'm still in high school. Maybe I should  have stayed in the closet

I pretend I'm alright being gay and single. Truth is I really want someone to spend my highschool years with and make everyone jealous of how cute we are together ?

I'm gay in high school and I'm thinking about telling people I'm bi. I feel like people would be more accepting of that.

I dumped my girlfriend and admitted to her that I'm gay. She just outed me to the whole high school. I'm terrified

The hardest thing about being a gay guy is falling  for a straight guy... high school is hell

Being a gay guy in high school is so hard... I have  a lot of friends but I'm  still lonely.

I hate being in the closet.  I also wish gay romance was more socially accepted in high school. I just want to wave a flag saying: I'M GAY!!

Being gay in high school has given me sexual desperation.

I'm gay and in high school, I've never even held another guys hand before... FML

No one at my high school knows I'm gay and I play football.

For the first time in my 3 years of being physically and verbally bullied in high school for being gay, someone stood up for me. They don't know how amazing that made me  feel.

You don't  know the struggle  of being gay,  in high school, and in a gym locker  room with sooo many straight  hot guys...

Being gay in high school sucks. There are no gay guys at my school to hang out with. I've literally  been single forever ????

I'm in hs. I have to wait until I'm done with college before I can come out as gay otherwise my parents would not pay tuition

Whenever I see a gay couple at my high school, I feel jealous because I'm still in the closet.

Being gay sucks in highschool. My sister and all our friends are going to have dates come prom and I am just going to have to tag along. Alone. Like usual :/

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