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  • Cam

    Reichen can complain all he wants, but the fact that he wanted to put out a record, and couldn’t sing a note, yet seemed to think he was a great singer shows me the guy has absolutly zero self awareness.

    As to his complaint that the show didn’t show his good moments only his bad. I have to say…hey, they can only work with what you give them. You were there on camera, it isn’t as if they had a Reichen puppet and faked the behavior.

  • Dwayne420

    I’m…well…underwhelmed ;-)

  • jwrappaport

    Law school, eh? I’d let him adversely possess me anytime.


  • jwrappaport

    I’d also plead no contest to his ejectment action.

    (OK – I’m done for real this time.)

  • NormdePlume

    An A-list celebrity? I realize that’s the name of the show, but just because you stand inside a garage doesn’t mean you’re a car.

  • Cam


    I think that he would need to take your 9/10ths of the law.

  • PornForPatric

    Reichen was not forced to appear on CAM4 masturbating for the world to see. He wasn’t forced to appear on reality TV shows. Nobody held a gun to his head and said “Sing or I’ll shoot”. He made his own choices in life and they were more about finding fame and fortune than anything else.

    That article makes him come off as a bitter queen who stayed too long at the ball and now that he’s stepped on all the toes and barfed in every bush, is screaming for the cleanup crew to notice him and tell him he’s pretty.

    Oh, Reichen, one more thing. I know you’re obsessed with beauty, but if you insult everyone you don’t want to fuck, who doesn’t want to fuck you and/or anyone without a sixpack and 5% body fat …well, you can’t really be surprised when that comes back to bite you on the ass and they write unflattering things about you.

  • Sammy Schlipshit

    @NormdePlume: Now, that’s funny.

  • Cam


    said…. ”
    “a bitter queen who stayed too long at the ball and now that he’s stepped on all the toes and barfed in every bush, is screaming for the cleanup crew to notice him and tell him he’s pretty.”

    Probably my favorite comment read on here in the last month. LOL

  • yaletownman

    OMG what a victim and narcissist! An A-list celebrity? In what universe has that happened? Reichen, stop the grandiosity and take a good look at yourself. Nobody is so disliked without sharing some responsibility in it. There are so many gay celebrities that are mostly beloved by the intelligent universe (and not only gay one) to for your whole “woe is me” crap to hold up in court. You will be a terrible attorney because victims don’t make great fighters. The fact is that you represent everything that the male portion of the gay community is trying to overcome and a terrible role model for our youth to aspire to being like
    when they get old.

  • ChristopherM

    I love that he’s behaving as though he is suddenly too dignified to be on reality television when in fact his show was cancelled. I wonder what kind of fourth-tier for-profit law school is going to admit this hot mess of a fame whore?

  • Owen

    Law school. But isn’t he, well…sorta stupid..?

  • Chris

    This just in: Lehmkuhl to help fund University of Phoenix’s new law curriculum. Aims to be first graduate.

  • balehead

    This man can fly a fighter jet!!

    Not surprised he has to tweet like that with all the hate on here.

    At least he’s good looking…what do you have?

    Good Luck with the law studies!! Reichen!!

  • mlbumiller

    So, how many read the full article? This isnt even the full qoute. The press as a whole does tend to spotlight people’s worst moments, and gloss over the positive good they choose to put in the spotlight.

    Now I never watch that reality tv… I can see that shit going out to the clubs. Never heard of this guy until this article.

    1. Was recruited to the AirForce Academy at 16
    2. Five years active duty in AF
    3. Post AF, spoke out for GLB in Military
    4. Spokesman for the Servicemembers Leagal Defence Network (SLDN) an importment leagal support for GLB memebe in military now and during DADT.
    5. Started jewlery line with procedes going to SLDN.
    6. Starred in My Big Gay Italian Wedding, an off-Broadway production from A percentage of ticket sales promoted legalization of same-sex marriages in the US through Broadway Impact.
    7. Reichen The Fragrance: Proceeds from the sale of this fragrance will be sent to AmfAR and the Gay and Lesbian Center of NYC and Los Angeles.
    8. Autobiography of his AF experience under DADT.

    Would like to know what all you haters out there are tring to do to be positive person in society and our community! I think that is his beef with the media. He is trying to positive things in and for your community and the media and those that follow their negative slate on peoples live rather than the good.

  • Chris


    lol how fun is it to be that shallow you brainless mook? You’re probably a gymrat too who stares at himself in the mirror all day. Flying aircraft is really not that difficult, all you need is training, just like with everything else. Unfortunately Lehmkuhl has trained more in the arts of being a self-absorbed douchebag, so he’s much better at that than he is flying fighter jets.

    Make sure to use aloe vera when you shave your chest so your pores don’t clog and plague your chest with vanity zits, pretty boy.

  • Chris

    @mlbumiller: @mlbumiller:

    You seem to be missing the point entirely about why he is criticized. Anyone can have proceeds of their endeavors go to a charity but such generosity tends to be nullified when he:
    a) Sells out by going on a reality show for purely self-promoting reasons
    b) Makes a complete ass of himself on multiple occasions
    c) Reveals how thin-skinned he truly is by flaming out in response to criticism
    d) After bombing out of his F-list status as a reality show reject, he attempts a music career for, again, purely self-promoting reasons
    e) Generalizes the entire blog culture by painting them as bitter haters when the vast majority of them have done nothing but expose the truth
    f) Boasts about how attending law school will heighten his pedestal above all the “haters” i.e. becoming a classist prick

    I’m sorry you were fooled by his once commonplace charitable efforts when they served no purpose other than to put him in a position to worship himself. You wouldn’t know a shallow human being if you let it fuck you every night for 20 years.

  • tidalpool

    my apologies, but who is this? I am not into TV, nor colognes so I must have missed this man’s 15 Warhol minutes. I’d google him but so many here seem to know who he is…

  • Aidan8

    As a lawyer and someone who doesn’t even know who Reichen is… I can’t give a shit.

  • robco

    He’s really not very bright is he? Has he seen the career prospects for new law graduates lately?

    His 15 minutes were up a long time ago…

  • Shadeaux

    You bitches are going off! LMAO! I’m having my coffee and this is like reading a good book.., and we all know, “reading is fundamental!”

  • Cam


    Yawn……….Oh, sorry, I just get so bored when people like Reichen come in here under different names. I especially love the “I never watch reality TV line” That was a nice touch.

    Again, sorry if people didn’t like you after seeing you on the show. The cameras can only work with what you give them. And if it’s any consolation, I think you’re still more popular than that girl who was on the show “Pretty Wilde”

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @Aidan8: Try a laxative.

  • Xtian99

    Great- as if the legal profession doesn’t have enough of a stigma (and yes I am a lawyer). He does realize that the bar exam does not involve an actual “bar” right? No drinks, no go-go stands, no paper cuts on your weenie from too-crisp dollar bills in ur

    The thing that gets me is when half wits go on reality televison, which documents the reality that they are indeed half wits, and then are all bummed out they look like half wits – for which they blame editing. I watched a few eps of that show and law degree is a stretch – most of them look like they couldn’t spell G.E.D. let alone obtain one.

    As for the boinking a boy band member, flying a plane, having a company name a fragrance after you, having a ghost writer right a book about you, having a jewlery maker make jewlery with your name on it, getting bit parts in movies… all great that the proceeds go to charities, but this are all ancillary to the fame-whore aspect. Those activities get press which is the end goal, just as the A-List show was – and the “proceeds to charity” is the nice “well im doing something good with the money so my egotistical actions are ok”.

    You want to impress me? Shut up and disapper and show me that you really can turn your back on this attention you pretend to despise. Now what I want to know is where is poor Rodney?? Does he have his own telethon yet for whatever he had? Single-Cell Brain-e-mia? Oh wait, Star magazine says he is in rocket science school.

  • Tessie Tura

    @Chris: Assuming that he knows how to get on teh internets.

  • miniskull

    Well, Reichen can say all he wants about his “haters”. But at least he should be thankful that someone is paying attention to him. I don’t love nor hate Mr. Lehmkuhl, I just really don’t give two piece of horse’s crap about his life or “career”. Even if he died tomorrow, I may not even spend more than 10 mins thinking about him. I’m sure majority of us are feeling the same, too.

  • Mjl-428

    I can’t sympathize with him at all. If you want people to know you for the good that you do, then why the hell do you join a reality show, when you know damn well from all of the 100s of reality shows back then that it’s gonna be about making a spectacle of yourself?

  • mlbumiller


    i never heard of the man until this article. About making fool of himself on realality show… isnt that the point of the producers fo the such shows? I can think of a lot of people in the public eye that have done so.


  • mlbumiller

    Yawn……….Oh, sorry, I just get so bored when people like Reichen come in here under different names. I especially love the “I never watch reality TV line” That was a nice touch.
    Again, sorry if people didn’t like you after seeing you on the show. The cameras can only work with what you give them. And if it’s any consolation, I think you’re still more popular than that girl who was on the show “Pretty Wilde”


  • Scotty B

    He doesn’t crave fame and fortune, and he’s going to release a public statement telling you how much he doesn’t need the attention. I mean, only a moron could buy this.

    In the world of gay celebrity, Reichen stands out uniquely as someone who appears to believe he deserves praise, accolades, adoration, and, yes, fame and fortune, for, well, being good looking. He can’t sing, but he sings. He can’t act, but he acts. Now he’s doing something to rise above it all – going to law school – which plenty of (gay) people have done much earlier in life and to much success without thinking they are a martyr. In the end, Reichen has no demonstrated talent in any of these areas, but he IS very good looking. Apparently, his looks are supposed to keep us interested in his life and force the collective gay community to politely sidestep the fact that his attempts at various vehicles for fame and fortune have been misguided. Now we’re supposed to buy that fame and fortune were never important to him. Apparently getting naked on television and being on a reality show were huge priorities in themselves, instead of the attention they would generate. Get serious already.

    It’s a sad commentary that looks in general, with specific emphasis in the gay community, carry that much weight. There are good looking guys. The best ones take their aesthetic gifts in their stride. Others think you should worship at their feet for it. Take a guess at which ones I, and most other people, prefer.

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