Gays More Likely To Vote For Tree Hugging Candidates

Gay and lesbian voters are more likely to vote for candidates whom make the environment a priority, claims new research from Harris Interactive, which found 45 percent of queer respondents classify green issues “extremely” or “very” important when voting, while just 25 percent of breeders care about politicians giving a damn about global warming. Does that mean gay voters are more likely to vote for Green Party candidates? Hah, no. We like voting for winners like anyone else.

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  • globo

    Aww I love us queers :) some breeders should be wanting to be more like us instead of bashing.

    I for one definitely care about the enviroment.

  • Rossi

    This “commentary” is a waste of bytes. We need to conserve our webspace.

  • Steve

    In other news, gays and lesbians are more likely to self-identify as “liberal” than “conservative”.

    Seriously, the linkage to “green” issues is not much of a surprise, but I don’t think it had been measured or confirmed previously. Measuring (and confirming or refuting) things that are already widely accepted, is an important function of actual research.

  • Daez

    I don’t really get this. Most of us don’t have children to worry about. Why bother leaving some green when I’m dead?

    I’ve never really made green issues a huge priority. The vast majority of “green tech” is nothing more than fantasy (lets us solar panels in Cleveland…yeah!), and most green issues just don’t matter. However, I still tend to recycle and at least worry about the environment. Oddly, it wasn’t until I met my current man and step children that I started worrying about green issues more. I would think that every time straight parents looked at their children they would think…green!

  • Jeffree

    Daez wrote: “Why bother leaving some green when I’m dead?” proving his lack of maturity and information.

    Answers: because many of us have nieces and nephews, younger siblings and friends with children. Many of us do plan on raising offspring. Many of us believe that global warming is real and may affect us in our lifetime.

    @Daez: you’re stooopidiy and selfishness seem to be on the upswing. Perhaps it’s time to read more and post less?

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