OutFest 2011

Going Down in LaLa Land this Summer: Never Date Someone Much Hotter!

We recently posted our “Top 10 Festival Movies to Watch this Summer,’ and now that L.A’s Outfest 2011 has released its lineup for next month we’ll add three more picks and make it an unlucky thirteen… August is a sexy L.A. drama about ex’s who have unfinished business. Hunky Troy is back in former boyfriend Jonathan’s life after a long ago but still painful break-up. Over the course of a hot summer things get messy – especially as Jonathan now has a new boyfriend waiting at home – proving why you should never break up with someone much hotter than yourself. Carrie’s Aussie GBFF from ‘Sex and the City’ plays Troy.
It doesn’t seem right that Brit boys flick Weekend is getting all the attention when its teammate Break My Fall shows that the girls can be just as hip. The action also takes place over three wild and emotionally charged days as girlfriends Liza and Sally enter relationship meltdown while trying to keep their band and their friends together, but revelations and a night of drug-fuelled partying are about to change things forever…

Finally, Longhorns is worth mentioning for its use of the The Plane’s tune ‘Come Along Mate (Watch Porn With Me).’ This raunchy campus comedy from the producers of BearCity and Fruit Fly takes us back to 1982 and into the dorm room of horny Texan frat boy Kevin. Mystified by his lack of a girlfriend, Kevin’s habit of “lending a helping hand” to his dorm buddies takes a twist when new roommate is openly gay César. Kevin escapes to a remote log cabin in order to forget about his sexual stirrings, but things don’t quite go as planned.


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  • EdWoody

    Oh, Murray. I heart you so. I would stalk you mercilessly given the chance.

  • Mike in Asheville

    I miss OUTFest!


    If you are planning a visit/vacation to LA this time of year, do check out the festival: the best and brightest of the recent year’s gay/lesbian feature and short films, tons of people watching (lots of eye candy for boys and girls), very fun venues including, essentially, taking over the Directors’ Guild of America’s theaters, fun sponsor parties, etc.


    In the early-mid 1990s, my hubby and I were corporate sponsors — well before mega companies became involved. So, our ads were briefly featured before each movie. It was much fun to be the butt of a Bruce Vilanch joke: “So, who the hell is Mike?”

  • Mike in Asheville

    Ooh, forgot a big fun activity: spot the celebrities! So many of those who Queerty, among others, rail against for not being “out”, rubbing elbows with everyone else, are there, out and proud.

  • Yawn

    What a predictable lot: soft core porn masquerading as film (just watch the real stuff online and save yourself the burden of bad plotting and worse dialogue) and pretentious melodramas that try to turn breakups into high art. I hope these are the best offerings. Cripes! Not only are these films walking on well-trod paths, but they don’t even seem interesting.

  • scott ny'er

    I think Troy is cuter than his ex. IMHO. Next cutie is the new bf. So, that makes the one in question, the least hot.

    The movie seems to move a little slow from trailer. I hope it gets better.

  • Joe Clark

    The plural of ex is not ex’s any more than the plural of half-assed subliterate blogger is Queerty.

  • Nick

    Would it have killed them to cast someone attractive?

  • Lucky Luke

    The guitar makes it look like a Melrose Place episode.

  • Dumby

    I love how inclusive the white gay community is with it’s storytelling of gay life. Such a diversity of different cultures and race. LOLZ

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