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GOProud’s CPAC Sponsorship Is Threatening to Undo Anti-Gay Conservatism


We’ve argued that GOProud joining hate groups like Focus on the Family and the National Organization for Marriage to sponsor the Conservative Political Action Conference was actually no big deal to gays. But it is a big deal to raging homophobes!

The Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber (pictured here with a limp wrist) is threatening to boycott CPAC if the “social liberals” at GOProud remain a sponsor, reports stand-up comedian Peter LaBarbera.

GOProud — a running joke among gay conservatives — isn’t just tearing apart the Republican gay community. It’s responsible for the possible civil war among heterosexual Republican zealots.

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  • terrwill

    This is genius!! We should ALL form conserative Gay groups
    and ally ourselves with the mother ships!!! Figger having
    a few thousand homos attending their meetings should be fun
    to watch their heads explode one by one!!! :P

  • Cam

    YES! Where can I send a donation. LOL!!!

  • ksu499

    Call me psychic, but I figured this would be the outcome. There is no way many of the right-wing fundies will share the stage or billing with any group of avowed homosexuals. I am pretty sure GOProud knew what they were doing.

  • Steve

    I see three possible outcomes, all of them good.

    1: The presence of gay people at a conservative conference could cause the conference to fail, as some people choose not to attend, and others are so distracted by the presence of the gay people that they cannot accomplish anything useful.

    2. The presence of gay people at a conservative conference would introduce some of those conservative people to actual, live, gay human beings. Some of them might even realize that those actual human beings are not all so evil, after all.

    3. Support for individual rights and freedoms really is a conservative value. Some of the conservatives might begin to see that gay people should have the same rights and freedoms as everyone else.

    These outcomes are not mutually exclusive, of course. They could happen in various combinations, depending on the people involved in each situation.

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