Guess Which “News” Channel Barely Mentioned Yesterday’s DADT Repeal?

C’mon, you knew it was gonna be Fox “News.” They mentioned it 16 times yesterday between 12 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. while CNN mentioned it 66 times and MSNBC mentioned it 84 times (of course, CNN and MSNBC are owned by that there durned liberal lamestream media). But downplaying gay news isn’t a first for Fox.

According to Igor Volsky at Think Progress:

Fox offered slim coverage of the certification of repeal in July, underreported the passage of New York’s historic same-sex marriage law, and remained mostly silent after a major law firm reversed its decision to defend an explicitly anti-gay law in March. Last year, the network failed to report that former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman — who had orchestrated President Bush’s gay-bashing 2004 re-election campaign — had come out as gay.

Maybe Fox News has been listening to their psychopath psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow and are worried that covering gay news will turn all their viewers gay, the same way Chaz Bono doing the cha-cha is gonna make all American kids go transgender.

Image via mikebaird

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