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Gus Kenworthy shows off his British side with a thirsty Instagram reel

Gus Kenworthy
(Photo: @guskenworthy/Instagram)

Former Olympic medal-winner Gus Kenworthy has prompted a storm of approving comments with his latest Instagram reel. He sits in his parked car and slowly peels off his tank top to reveal his bare chest.

In the background, a female voice says, “I have this theory that if you cut all her hair off, she’d look like a British man.”

Oh yes… it looks like Kenworthy has shorn his hair. We were kind of distracted by his body there for a moment.

Can you place the movie quote?

It was said by Lindsey Lohan as Cady in the 2004 classic, Mean Girls.


Kenworthy is, of course, half-British on his mother’s side. He was born in Chelmsford, England. His family relocated to Colorado in the US when he was three. He holds a British passport.

Kenworthy skied for Team USA at the 2014 and 2018 games. He came out as gay in 2015 and announced in 2019 that he would be switching to Team GB for the 2022 games in Beijing. He competed but a bad crash meant he didn’t make the medal podium.

Body dysmorphia

Since that time, he’s been looking to carve out a career as an actor. He appeared in American Horror Story: 1984, and the movie 80 For Brady. He recently featured in a music video by the singer Karin Ann. Speaking to Attitude to help promote the video, he spoke out about experiencing body dysmorphia.

“I don’t think I have the perfect body. I have absolute body dysmorphia, the same way that every gay person does.”

He says he takes photos of himself when he’s happy with his body to post to Instagram. However, he doesn’t always feel comfortable with the way he looks.

“There are moments where I’m, like, super happy with how my body looks and I’m being stricter about what I’m eating and better with my training. And then there are moments where I’m not feeling good about it. And the way that Instagram works is that’s probably not the time I’m going to post a photo. So it creates this kind of distorted version of reality.”

He said he was flattered by the attention he received.

“In terms of being viewed as sexual, I don’t care. I’m flattered and fine with it. I’m a very, very sexual person and I’m very open about it.”

His latest posting certainly prompted plenty of flattering comments.

Gay scientist Rob Anderson summed up the feelings of many by saying, “How was it possible for u to get even hotter, Gus?”

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