begging to differ

Guys reveal the ‘hot’ male celebrities who just don’t turn them on

There’s no accounting for taste, and some people just don’t get the appeal of Hollywood stars others find hot. And in a recent Reddit thread, guys offered their dissenting opinions, the “hot” male celebrities who don’t get them going. Here’s a smattering of responses:

Johnny Depp
“Reminds me too much of a Jack Sparrow: an unwashed drunkard pirate who reeks of alcohol and has many STDs.”

Justin Bieber
“I’d rather kiss a moving train than see him naked.”

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Benedict Cumberbatch
“While I definitely am not ATTRACTED to him, I am definitely AFRAID of him. So if he wanted it, he’d get it.”

Noah Centineo
“He has a wide neck.”

“His face is butters but he does have a nice body to me.”

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Shawn Mendes
“I realize that he’s objectively attractive, but he does absolutely nothing for me. Not his music, not his face, not his abs. Absolutely nothing.”

Justin Timberlake
“He’s so plain, it feels like he’s a sibling. Zero attraction.”

Jason Momoa
“I once told my family I didn’t find him attractive and they questioned if I was really gay.”